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What does it take to study in Bolivia? What can be expected of the cost of living along with the annual tuition cost for a public university in the country. Students will be able to learn enough information to start looking forward to potential studying in Bolivia. There are multiple languages spoken throughout the country and learning anyone of the them can greatly benefit a student’s time spent traveling a studying in Bolivia.

Universities in Bolivia:

  • Higher University of San Andres
  • University of Saint Francis Xavier
  • Nur University
  • Tomás Frías Autonomous University
  • Public University of El Alto

Cost of Annua College Tuition

The typical outlook of semester tuition for a higher education in Bolivia goes between $450 USD to a near $3,000 USD for each semester. However, this is a better tuition cost than most countries offer. Bolivia has one of the more substantial options when it comes to learning and earning a degree in Bolivia.

The annual tuition cost does depend on what subjects are being studied. Normally, medical programs will cost expositional more than humanities or a liberal art subject. This is solely based on what resources need to be available to students to complete and accurately study the program they have signed up for. Routinely medical based programs will need more space to practice this field study with medical tools and equipment which can be quite costly.

Cost of Living

What can student expect with living costs in Bolivia? Living costs are broken down into various sections such as rent, utilities, transportation passes, and daily needs. To live efficiently comfortable in Bolivia will need only $800 to be on the higher end of comfortable living in the country. Effectively Bolivia has been ranked as the cheapest place to live in South America.

Rent can be as low as $200 in Cambodia but is does depend on which city or town the student decides to live in. Transportation costs are quite reasonable and students will normally choose to live within a 10-mile radius of the college they are attending. The University of Cambodia does have accommodations that students can ask for as well as pay for too. Accommodation is grouped in with tuition costs for each student, however, a student can receive a scholarship that will cover the majority of their accommodation costs as well.

Main Languages Spoken in Bolivia

There are several languages spoken throughout Bolivia, such as Spanish, Baure, Tacana, Guaraní, Chiquitano, Aymara, Quechua, and many other dialects and languages that have graced the country for generations.

Learning any language mentioned will always help students to better navigate a country they are not originally from. Also, learning a language from a new country that the student wishes to study in can open many opportunities to receiving full ride scholarships that can help pay for their tuition.

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