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Why should students choose to study in Argentina? What does the country have to offer when it comes to work-study programs, courses, online learning, and higher education all around? We will explore these themes and actions for everyone, just keep reading!

First, we will provide a list of what Argentine universities are available that fall into the public and private spectrum:

Public Universities

  • Autonomous University of Entre Ríos
  • University of Buenos Aires
  • National University Arturo Jauretche
  • National University of Avellaneda
  • National University of Catamarca
  • National University of Chilecito
  • National University of Córdoba
  • National University of Cuyo
  • National University of Formosa
  • National University of General San Martín
  • National University of General Sarmiento
  • National University of Patagonia Austral
  • National University of La Plata
  • National University of La Rioja
  • National University of Lanús
  • National University of Lomas de Zamora
  • National University of Luján
  • National University of Mar del Plata
  • National University of Misiones
  • National University of Río Cuarto
  • National University of Quilmes
  • National University of Rosario
  • National University of Salta
  • National University of San Juan
  • National University of San Luis
  • National University of Santiago del Estero
  • National University of the South
  • National University of Tres de Febrero
  • National University of Tucumán
  • National University of Villa María
  • National Technical University

Private Universities:

  • Adventist University of Plata
  • Austral University (Argentina)
  • Catholic University of Santiago del Estero
  • University of Belgrano
  • University of Flores
  • University of Cuenca del Plata
  • University of Palermo
  • University of the Argentine Social Museum
  • University of the Latin American Educational Center
  • Juan Agustín Maza University

Argentina has so many national universities that we could not fit all of them into this introduction. This means that international as well as domestic students will be able to really look at which university has the necessary programs for their field study.

When it comes to studying in Argentina, a few questions arise as to what programs are available for international students that wish to earn a higher education abroad?

Programs available are liberal arts, public health, Spanish language, finance, architecture, economic sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, veterinary sciences, law, biochemistry, humanities, pharmacy, engineering, medicine, psychology, dentistry, nursing, computer science, business administration, education, political science, and technological research.

One can tell that Argentina offers quite an expansive range when it comes to study fields that can receive a Master’s or Ph.D. degree.

According to reports and statistics from 2018, Argentina has become a mecca for ever expanding colleges and institutions in Latin America. As a matter of fact, Argentina has become the number one spot for international students to finish their Master’s or Ph.D. level degrees.

One of Argentina’s colleges is ranked within the Top 100 global colleges ranking, which is the University of Buenos Aires. This university is ranked within the Top 10 in Latin America.

Affordable Cost of Tuition

Amazingly, students do not pay tuition costs in Argentina! This is for international and domestic students that go to a public university. However, if international students wish to attend a private institution, they will expect to pay a minimum of $5,000 per academic year.

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