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Students who are interested in studying in Angola will find reason information that will help them to navigate this country. From the official language to others languages routinely spoken throughout the country, to what to expect for a month-to-month rent living situation.

We will even cover what universities are currently open to the public and private institutions that are still open. There are a few universities that some students will find within their internet search that have closed down in Angola. But we have the currently open universities list below.

Along with living costs, we have provided an annual tuition cost section that will detail a bit about what a student can expect to spend in tuition per academic year. There is an average cost along with a maximum amount that can be expected with more needed resources topics such as medical.

We always suggest that within the student’s study search, or where to study and at what university to look through each university website and utilize the contact information to gain more insight.

Universities in Angola:

  • Jean Piaget University of Angola
  • Methodist University of Angola
  • Agostinho Neto University
  • The Technical University of Angola
  • Mandume ya Ndemufayo University  
  • Catholic University of Angola
  • Private University of Angola
  • ISTA – Technical University of Angola Luanda
  • Cuito Cuanavale University
  • The 11 de Novembro University

This is not an entire list of all of the available colleges in Angola.

Cost of Living

Back in 2015, Angola’s top city Luanda was deemed this most expensive city to live in the world. However, in 2022 to 2023, we will take a look at what living costs are available. Normal costs with rent included and utilities, groceries, transportation, phone, internet expenses. Students can expect to need around $1,129 USD per month to get by. This is to just live comfortably with the city center. Outside of the city center students can expect the rental price to come down about $300 to $400 USD.

Annual Tuition Cost

Angola has a standard tuition cost that ranges from just under $20,000 USD to $22,000 per academic year. To most citizens in Angola this is reasonable and affordable. Which may seem like that U.S. cities who charge around $40,000 USD per academic year… the citizens of Angola are correct in that regard. But this $20,000 USD per academic year may seem to be too much for some.

Main Languages Spoken in Angola

What are the main languages in this country? Tha mina languages spoken in Angola include Portuguese and a lot of Bantu languages.

English is not widely spoken here, and any English native speakers will come to understand that learning Portuguese will be the better bet to understanding and navigating the country. As a matter of fact, most international students will be tested on their Portuguese language proficiency before being admitted to a university in the country. So, students should start studying and learning Portuguese before they leave their own country to fair better in a whole different cultural lifestyle.

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