$2,000 WalGreens Expression Challenge

Written by Michael Nz. on August 31, 2022

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Are you willing to influence your community with your artistic talents? The Expressions of Walgreens Challenge. The 2022 application was started at the suggestion of your Wal Greens Community Task Force.

The group had been alerted by the increasing incidences of sexually transmitted infections (STDs), including HIV and AIDS, among students aged 14 to 18.

How, the group wondered, could students find creative ways to express themselves on some pretty serious issues while staying more connected with their own peers in the process?

About Expressions Challenge  Initiative

At its core, the Expressions Challenge 2022 is about guiding students to make smarter life choices about their overall wellness.

There is no more personal or self-revealing form of reflection in relation to art.

By combining artistic saying with individual student study, the student enables students to positively influence their peers, both at school and in the community. 

Teens are invited to use their own voice during the art to communicate their own perspective on issues related to bullying, self-esteem, and sexual responsibility.

About  Walgreen

Walgreens, a company dedicated to helping people live well, stay and live well, is excited to help students find their authentic voice on these sensitive issues. We’re equally pleased that Expressions has come to be a counterweight to its sometimes idealized images and unrealistic expectations around personal relationships.

Students have never been given unlimited access to information and the ability to broadcast this information globally. 

We believe that the peer-reviewed messages that students are now sending through the Walgreens Expressions Challenge are on point and are being heard loud and clear around the world.

Scholarship Eligibility

The Walgreens Expressions Challenge is for legal US residents residing in the Chicago metro area and residing in the St. Louis MO metro area, teens currently enrolled in high school.

Scholarship/Field Level

The Wal Greens Expressions Challenge Scholarship is a self-help contest for high school students who are willing to use their artistic talents to influence their school and community while communicating their perspective on the topics listed below.

Entry categories include the following

Creative writing
  • poetry
  • Trial
  • Story
visual arts
  • Graphic design
  • Paint
  • sculpture
Media Arts
  • Recorded song/rap
  • Spoken Word
input topics
  • anti bullying
  • Self-love
  • Prevention of teenage pregnancy
  • Respect
  • Self esteem
  • sexual responsibility
  • Abstinence
  • sexting
  • STD awareness and more

 Host Nationality

The Challenge will take place in the United States .  

If you are an international student and you wish to study in the United States, check out the best scholarships available to study in the United States of America.

Eligible Nationality

These Walgreens Expressions Challenge 2022 are available strictly to all US citizens. Also read if you want to study outside your country Simple and detailed answers on how to apply and win a scholarship.

Scholarship Voucher

Current high school teens while in the Chicago or St. Louis metro areas can enter to win up to $2,000 cash.

Three first and three second place winners will be selected from each city.

scholarship number

The number of scholarship offers was not verified.

Scholarship Application Procedures

Are you currently a high school teen in the Chicago or St. Louis area? Do you have an opinion about sex, self-esteem, bullying, teen pregnancy, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, abstinence or awareness of sexual responsibility or maybe something else?

Have you ever discussed these problems with your friends? What are your thoughts on such topics? How would you creatively express your vision to educate your friends, as well as other teens, about these vital concerns that some teens may face and develop awareness?

We want to understand your thinking! We ask that you creatively express your opinion on issues that impact you or your co-workers. Please use the questions above as a way to form your comment. Your input will likely help start an inspiring movement among your associates and other teens across the country to encourage healthy choices for a healthy future.

All entries must be in English. Only original music or music licensed by the participant will be allowed in their video.

All persons depicted in submitted videos or photos must be 13 years of age or older as of the date of entry for the Entry to participate in the Contest. Entrant and all persons appearing in the video or photograph must confirm that he/she has read, understood and agrees to these Official Contest Rules.

Individual Entrant, not entering the contest as a Group, must be able to provide a release form for each person appearing in their video or photo submission of their Entry. Sponsor must be able to contact each person featured in the potential winner’s video or photo. Download the appearance publication form in the “Downloads”.

Limit of four (4) people other than the entrant [five (5) people total] may be represented in one video or photo submission.

Entries must not have been previously published where the public could see them.

Entrants may submit one entry per category, either as an individual or with a group of up to five (5) people.

A group of up to five (5) people total is welcome to participate. Each group must download the “Group” Entry Form(s) in the “Download” section. Each team member must be listed on the downloaded Group Entry Forms. A group can submit entries online or by mail. 

If a group submits their entry online, only one member of the group can submit the entry on behalf of the group. This group member will need to select the “Group” tab on the online entry form, and will then be prompted to upload the Group Entry Form(s), which will verify the participation of all four Group members. (4) additional. The prizes will be shared equally among the members of the group.

Entries will be judged based on category, originality, writing style, and quality of work.

Submissions with explicit images and/or profanity, nudity and any form of discrimination are not eligible for entry and will be automatically disqualified.

The use of Walgreens branding at the entrance is strictly prohibited. Entries that feature and/or mention the Walgreens logo or brand in any way will be disqualified.

Scholarship Application Deadline

Walgreens Expressions Challenge kicks off November 1st -30th

You can start the scholarship application, and also learn more about the Official Rules, by clicking here.

See the Official Contest Rules for complete details. www.expressionschallenge.com/contest

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