$15,000 AECID scholarships for the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, 2022-2023

Written by Michael Nz. on March 30, 2022

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Ph.D. scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    > 12000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Spanish Agency For International Development Cooperation (AECID) Https://www.aecid.es/ Address: Avenida De Los Reyes Católicos, 4, 28040, Madrid, Spain. CIF Q2812001B Department Of University And Scientific Cooperation Telephones: Telephone Service Hours: Monday To Friday, From 09:00 To 13:00 (AECID Electronic Office Hours) (+34) 91 583 82 98 Postal Address: Av. De Los Reyes Católicos, 4, 28040 Madrid E-mail: [email protected]

Scholarships for the training of creators, restorers, and researchers at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome.

The purpose of the MAEC – AECID scholarships for the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome is to grant aid for each of the following programs: The artistic and the research residency program at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (RAER) for Spanish citizens and the European Union. (ROMA Program) Annex I and Program of artistic and research residencies at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (RAER) for Ibero-American citizens (ROMAIB Program). Annex II.

The MAEC-AECID scholarship and assistantship programs, in their seventy-fifth edition, have established themselves as one of the most valued instruments of Spanish foreign policy.
This program offers opportunities for creation and research in certain artistic disciplines to be developed at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome.

Scholarship holders must participate in the specific activities scheduled for scholarship holders, as well as in the Open Studios, final exhibition, visitor program, etc. They will also participate in other cultural and dissemination activities that the Academy’s Directorate could program.

Scholarship holders must, in addition to the report indicated, submit to the Directorate of the Academy a report of the project carried out, in the format determined by said Directorate, within a period of three months from the date of completion of the scholarship.


Scholarship holders, at the end of their scholarship, are obliged to deliver through the Academy, for donation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, the corresponding work or works, in accordance with the provisions of article 15.2 of Royal Decree 813/2001 and always in coordination with the instructions given by the Director of the Academy and subject to the acceptance of the donee.


The studies, research, or works produced by scholarship holders at the Academy during the scholarship period may not be used or left the Academy without express permission from the Management.

In all those professional activities carried out during or after the stay at the Academy that are specifically related to the work carried out during the artistic residency or research period, explicit mention of said circumstance must appear, whether in an exhibition, concert, publication, etc.

The Academy will provide the official text that must be included as credit.
The scholarship holders authorize the Academy, and where appropriate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, and the AECID, to use the rights of public exhibition and reproduction of the work, artistic works, research, or articles produced at the Academy during the period of enjoyment of the scholarship.


a. Creative artistic projects.

b. Research projects that have a link with Italy or with the Academy itself. both ways of request are mutually exclusive.

The projects will be carried out as a residence at the Academy, during the scholarship granting period.

The development of the artistic/research project may be affected by the rehabilitation works planned for the monumental complex of the Academy.

1. Plastic and visual arts (sculpture, painting, engraving, comics, photography, installations, urban art…)
2. Audiovisuals (cinema, video creation, experimental technologies, videogames…)
3. Design and other creative practices (fashion design, graphic design, product design, gastronomy…)
4. Performing and performing arts (theater, performance, dance…)
5. Literature (poetry, novel, essay, theatre, graphic novel, dramatic text…)
6. Music (musical creation, musicology, sound art, and performance…)
7. Architecture (architectural studies and projects, urban planning, landscaping, urban ecology…)
8. Cultural assets (Archive, library, and documentation; conservation and restoration,…)
9. Theoretical studies (aesthetics, art history, and criticism, museology, curatorship, artistic and cultural mediation, philosophy, anthropology, sciences, and humanities…)


Applicants, in the corresponding scholarship application form, must choose, from the list of specialties indicated, the one that best represents the area of ​​the main activity of their project, without prejudice to the fact that, in accordance with current artistic practices and research, this includes the production of supports related to other disciplines.

Who awards the scholarship?

AECID – Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development|Government of Spain

What benefits do the MAEC – AECID Scholarships offer for the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome?

1. Monthly endowment:

1.1. Depending on the scholarship program chosen.

1.2. The scholarship payment period will be the one corresponding to the existence of the subsidized activity within the award period.

1.3. Payment of the monthly amount of the scholarship will be made:

1.3.1. For the ROMA Program by bank transfer to the account indicated by the beneficiary in a European Union bank.

1.3.2. For the ROMAIB Program by bank transfer to the account indicated by the beneficiary in a European Union bank. In case of manifest impossibility on the part of the beneficiary to open an account in the European Union, payments may be made through the Academy, which must justify the payments made to the beneficiaries within the agreed period. The funds released in favor of the Academy will be made in any case based on Royal Decree 640/87 of May 8, which regulates payment releases to be justified.

1.4. Payment will be made from the 25th of each month when the scholarship holder has justified his incorporation into the destination

1.5. Payment may be made at a later date for reasons of non-budget availability.

1.6. The AECID may split the payment of the monthly payments into fortnightly periods in relation to the following scholarship circumstances: in the event of a justified delay in joining, the fortnight in which said joining takes place will be paid

1.7. The payment of last monthly payment will be conditioned to the presentation of the memory

1.8. The legally established tax retention in the corresponding programs will be deducted from the monthly payment.

2. Insurance: Travel assistance insurance and accident insurance under the conditions set out in the policies signed by the AECID with the corresponding insurance company, for illnesses not contracted prior to the start of the scholarship. The monthly amount of the policy for each beneficiary is as follows:

2.1. Accident insurance coverage, whose fee per person and month is up to 2 euros.

2.2. Coverage of health care insurance abroad whose fee per person and month is up to 145 euros. 23.
The monthly amounts of the policies for each beneficiary may be reviewed in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding contracts.

3. Production costs:

3.1. The production expenses will be covered by the Academy in charge of its chapter II. The amount allocated to each project may not exceed €20,000. The maximum expenditure amounts will be:

3.2. the Year 2022: up to €5,000

3.3. the Year 2023: up to €15,000

3.4. Only the expenses necessary for the production of the project selected by the Board of Trustees may be made, except for material that can be inventoried. Material that can be inventoried is understood to be that whose useful life is greater than the scholarship granting period.

3.5. The Academy will be in charge of managing and justifying the funds for the production of each project. The scholarship holder will necessarily need the authorization of the Academy before committing any expenses. Any production expense corresponding to material that can be inventoried or not approved by the Valuation Commission in the budget cannot be made.

3.6. The start and end dates of the scholarship may be modified by resolution of the Directorate of Cultural and Scientific Relations, prior authorization from the Directorate of the Academy; provided that the change does not significantly affect the objectives and fulfillment of the project for which the grant was awarded.

3.7. The amounts granted for each project expense item that appear in the grantee’s budget, as well as the items themselves, may be modified upon request and subsequent approval by the Academy’s Management; provided that the change does not significantly affect the objectives and fulfillment of the project for which the grant was awarded.

3.8. The transport of personal belongings that are not essential for the development of the work and that have not been foreseen in the production budget approved by the Valuation Commission cannot be charged to production expenses.

3.9. Once the project for which the grant has been awarded has been completed, the grantee is also obliged to provide technical justification for it, submitting a report in accordance with the provisions of Rule 7.3 b). In the aforementioned report, the amount related to the production expenses used in carrying out the project must be specified

4. Exhibitions:

4.1. Charged to this scholarship, it is planned, depending on budget availability, to carry out an artistic coordination project and curatorship of the residency program of which the artists and researchers awarded scholarships are direct beneficiaries.

Said project must include a public presentation at the Academy, a specific publication, and all those activities whose design guarantees the revitalization of the residency program and the international visibility of the artistic and research projects developed during the period of stay of the respective scholarship holders. Scholarship recipients, as part of their scholarship, are required to participate in the said exhibition.

The budget for this concept may not exceed €50,000 in the 2023 financial year. This amount will be paid to the Academy, which will be responsible for the management and justification of the funds. The Academy must present to the Department of University and Scientific Cooperation the justification of the fulfillment of the purpose and of the application of the funds received for these purposes.

IMPORTANT: Bank commissions or other expenses that could originate transfers to bank accounts abroad will be fully assumed by the beneficiaries.

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