Fully Paid Diploma in Human Rights in American University of Washington – USA 2021

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The Academy of Human Rights in conjunction with the School of Law of the American University of Washington will award a scholarship to international students who are interested in continuing with their international preparation in this field. For this, it will be necessary for you to present an essay explaining why you are trained to face problems related to human rights and how you will provide feasible solutions to such behavior.

This award of high academic level is complete, therefore the student who is selected among the winners of the same will receive important benefits such as roundtrip passage to the United States, accommodation, personal expenses, and more. With all this support, you will be able to prepare without worry.

Since its founding, the Academy for Human Rights has been eager to promote a practical approach in this field and strengthen connections between various educators, experts, and organizations. The institution also offers training for those interested in the program, as well as broadening the vision of human rights and related laws around the world.

It should be noted that it will make it easier for candidates to deepen their knowledge in order to enrich their skills in specific areas. This will help defer judgments, promote clear ideas, project execution, quantitative work completion, and more.

Diploma in Human Rights in the USA for free

Institutions where the studies will be carried out:

American University of Washington School of Law, United States.

Levels and areas of studies:

Diploma in advanced studies of Human Rights.

Who can participate?:

Students must have a law degree in order to participate.

Endowment of the scholarship:

The American University of Washington in conjunction with the Academy of Human Rights will award the following awards to selected participants:

  • Round trip travel allowance to the United States.
  • Accommodation.
  • Maintenance.

Conditions that participants must meet:

  • Be an international student with a university degree in Law.
  • Not have previously won an award or scholarship.
  • Record all academic records.
  • Create an original essay, free of plagiarism and errors. This should consist of 35 pages. It is important that you follow each instruction established by the evaluation committee. Some of the guidelines to follow are: Authors should not write their names or other identification, written in Word , the citation of sources should be done in the footer of the page, among others.
  • In case of breaking rules, your final score will be affected.
  • Only one essay per person will be accepted.
  • If you were the winner of the award in previous years, you can no longer participate in it.
  • Submit a formal registration to the Human Rights Diploma through the online entry system of the American University of Washington.

Instructions to apply:

Supporting data: Transcripts and academic records, curriculum (no more than 3 pages), copies of passport, personal statement, copies of the submitted essay, detailed personal information, application forms, among others. It is important that you consult every detail of the page to know each step and requirement that you must fulfill in order to be a happy winner of the Human Rights Diploma in the USA, for this, visit the official website of the American University of Washington.


Until January 31, 2022.

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