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Are you a young student from Colombia, Brazil, or Mexico and want an internship in Canada? The Mitacs Globalink Research internship project is a perfect initiative to train and educate foreign students on Canadian soil. This program only benefits applicants of some nationalities, including Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico in Latin America.

Mitacs Globalink Research lasts twelve (12) weeks and takes place at more than 70 Canadian universities subscribed to the fully-funded internship. Therefore, the applicant will not have to bear any kind of cost to receive the award. You should only be pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or master’s degree at a world-renowned university and reside in the (Latin American) nations listed above. It should be noted that careers must be related to the field of Social Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, and Humanities.

The higher education internship in Canada will provide different benefits to applicants such as new project ideas, skills in high-level areas, and more. As a world-class award, it works in conjunction with a large number of institutions and universities around the globe, including Araucaria Foundation of Brazil, China Scholarship Council, Fulbright Canada.

The main mission of Mitacs Globalink as a global internship is to attract international researchers of high academic levels who are interested in promoting their careers through this medium in order to open a link between Canada and the nations of the world, in conjunction with more institutions, private and government foundations.

Complete internship for Colombians, Brazilians and Mexicans

Institutions where the studies will be carried out:

Canadian universities subscribed to the full Mitacs Globalink Research internship.

Levels and areas of studies:

Internship in areas such as:

  • Social Sciences.
  • Engineering.
  • Math.
  • Humanities.

Who can participate ?:

Foreign students of the following nationalities:

  • Colombia.
  • Brazil.
  • Mexico.

Endowment of the scholarship:

As a fully-funded internship for Latino students, Mitacs Globalink Research will consign these awards:

  • Stipend for accommodation.
  • Health insurance.
  • Tickets for events and personal development courses.
  • $ 300 dollars to complete the registration process.
  • Round-trip airfare to your country of origin.
  • Transportation from the Canadian airport to your accommodation.
  • Certificate of participation in the Mitacs Globalink Research funded global internship.

Conditions that participants must meet:

  • Be a national of Colombia, Brazil or Mexico.
  • Be of legal age when submitting your admission.
  • Since they only benefit currently undergraduate, graduate, or master’s degree students, they should be one to three semesters away from graduation by fall 2022.
  • Register for the funded internship in Canada through the Mitacs Globalink Research online entry system.
  • It is recommended to complete the application two business days before the end of the selection process.
  • Mastering the English language, it is unknown if you must present a certificate proving your knowledge of that language.

Instructions to apply:

Supporting documents: Transcripts and academic records translated into English or French, curriculum, one (1) letter of recommendation, valid passport, demonstrable research experience, among others. If you found this Fully Funded Global Internship Award in Canada helpful, check out the official Mitacs Globalink Research website.


Until September 22, 2021

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