€14,400 per year from DAAD Scholarships in Germany, 2021

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The DAAD scholarship is basically for anyone anywhere in the world who wishes to carry out research (i.e. Maters’ or Doctoral Studies) in Germany. Over 100,000 (one hundred thousand) Germans, researchers and international graduate students from across the globe are being funded and supported every year; making DAAD scholarship the world’s largest scholarship funding organisation. DAAD typically awards Research funding in specific area of studies; Short-Term Grants for PhD students; Postdoctoral fellows are also availed with sizeable Research grant for a 1-year term. There is also availability of one-Year Grants for Doctoral Candidates from virtually any country on the planet. For a language course in Germany, you can apply to the University Summer Courses and University Winter Courses programmes. A grant for a full doctoral programme in Germany is offered primarily to applicants from developing and threshold countries (based on the OECD-DAC list). Scholarships for a Master’s degree in Germany are available, in particular, for persons from industrial countries.

Scholarship Value / Benefits

– A monthly stipend (scholarship payment) for all awardees. 861 for graduates and € 1,200 for doctoral/PhD students.

– A one-way Airfare, from the awardee country of origin to Germany. The Airfare allowance is usually a flat-rate travel allowance i.e. every awardee regardless of their country of origin get the same travel allowance.

– DAAD also provides awardees with health, accident and personal liability insurance. In some cases though.

– Depending on scholarship programme, there are also additional benefits such as a one-off research allowance, family benefits or funds for language courses. The benefits offered by the respective scholarship programme are described in the call for applications in the scholarship database.

The DAAD scholarship is a financial aid that does not have to be paid back.

– In some cases, allowance is given for accompanying family members.

– Monthly rent subsidy.

            Also available under the DAAD scholarship scheme is the Sur-Place and Third world Country programmes. This programmes allow awardees to complete their Masters’ or Doctoral studies in their countries of origin; while funding them maximally.

You are eligible if:

  • You have completed your first degree or your Bachelor’s program as at the time of the commencement of the award and course term.
  • You have excellent Academic standing; depending on your school and program of choice.

Scholarship Duration

  • Maximum of 2 years (24 months) funding for all Masters’ program scholarship. If you’re already in Germany in the first year of your program, then the scholarship might be available for the second year. Not extendable.
  • between 10 and 24 months depending on the length of the chosen study programme
  • The scholarships are awarded for the duration of the standard period of study for the chosen study programme (up to a maximum of 24 months).

For more information on DAAD and how to apply, visit https://www2.daad.de/deutschland/stipendium/datenbank/en/21148-scholarship-database/?status=&origin=&subjectGrps=&daad=&intention=&q=&page=1&detail=50026200

7 thoughts on “€14,400 per year from DAAD Scholarships in Germany, 2021

  1. I just wanted to ask if you offer culinary arts at you school and a scholarship for those classes

  2. I just wanted to ask if you offer culinary arts at your school and a scholarship for those classes

  3. Pls am a bachelor’s degree holder in Educational psychology and I wish to further my masters study in clinical psychology, I wish to hav your assistance,to study at your institution am not financially vaible to fund my studies ,I wish my request is granted

    1. You can use our site to search for relevant scholarship for you. Use as area of study, “Psychology” and click search then after.

  4. Now i have Msc degree in physics with CGPA of 3.80(great distinction), excellent thesis result and the thesis is in the way of published. Here after i need to learn PhD.

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