$87,400 Dato’ Kho Hui Meng Scholarships

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Local and International Students are welcome to apply for the Dato’ Kho Hui Meng Scholarships offered by the Singapore Management University. The Scholarship will help the students nurture their talents and help them with their financial burdens. Initiated and established by the Board of Trustees at Singapore Management University for the students who wants to commence their undergraduate degree at the university.  
Singapore Management University is one of the best public research university and being ranked in the 2021 QS Global World Rankings. The University provides every student an opportunity to gain an exposure and develop their skills. The students can take a various internship and get a chance to earn while gaining a valuable indigent for their career. The Singapore Management University commits to an interactive and participative technological experience to be enabled the students advance learnings.  
Dato’ Kho Hui Meng Scholarships will be awarding a total of $87,400 for the deserving students tuition fees and other study related expense for up to four years of the undergraduate program. The numbers of award for the scholarship are not yet announced by the university.  
All International students especially Singapore and Malaysia are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The subject or course will be depending on the university offered for the undergraduate level or courses. The candidates must meet all the eligibility and requirements given by the university. The students must be enrolled in any degree program in a full-time undergraduate degree.  
 Students can access the Singapore Management University Online Application and must be able to complete the process. From the application form, the students must indicate their interest. There is only one online application form for the scholarship offered by the university. The students are also required to submit their supporting documents upon applying for the scholarship. 
The documents for the applications are:  
-A passing score in a national or international examination in minimum of twelve years of a formal education.  
-Secondary school transcript of records 
-An examination certificate on secondary school 
-Results of examination 
-Awards received 
-School testimonials 
– Records of Extracurricular Participation 
-Students Special Achievements 
-Passport copy 
-Students medical records 
The university admission requirements are a score minimum of 1350 and 29 for SAT or ACT to be admitted at the Singapore Management University. The students must also submit an English language proficiency tests.  
The deadline for the Dato’ Kho Hui Meng Scholarships is still open for the academic year of 2021-2022.  


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