$6000 Infineon Scholarships in Italy

Written by admin on June 14, 2021

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The Infineon Scholarships offered by the University of Padua in Italy invites all international students to apply for the scholarship program for the academic year of 2021-2022.  
The candidates who are willing to start their master’s degree program at the University of Padua in Ingegneria Elettronica will be qualified to receive a $6000 US Dollars in an installment basis towards their tuition fee at the university. The international students who are currently enrolled or will be admitted in a bachelor’s degree is also eligible to apply for the scholarship. 
The University of Padua aims to provide the students a strong academic background and will make sure to give an excellent training for the students to have a brilliant success with their future professions. The University also offers a comprehensive and broad portfolio on their programs with an interconnection that will make them more different. Their educational techniques will generate a good and vibrant learning environment.  
Candidates must meet all the criteria given by the university. The international students must be a local in Italy and other EU and non-Eu countries. The candidates must be enrolled and already applied for the eligible course offered by the university which is a Master’s degree in Ingegneria Elettronica.  
The applicants who will be admitted at the University of Padua must be holding a foreign or Italian bachelor’s degree in Engineering fields to get into a masters degree program at the university. To apply  for the scholarship, the students must be register at the University of Padua Online Application 
They must be registered and create their own login that will also be used for their scholarship application.  
The documents that will be needing to further your applications are the students copy of valid ID documents and a valid passport for the international students, Bachelor’s degree certificate with the student’s final grade, Academic Curriculum in a Euro pass format, Students CV, and a cover letter that explain why you are interested to apply for the master’s degree and for the scholarship. Candidates must be good in oral and written English, for the students whose first language is not English they are required to submit an English proficiency test. 
Two numbers of awards will be given for the academic year of 2021-2022. The two deserving students will be awarded a total of $6000 US dollars toward their tuition fees for the Master’s degree program at the University of Padua.  
The deadline for the application is until November 2, 2021. 

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