$70,000 Harvard Full Scholarship for Ph.D. Students – USA 2021

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Harvard University presented an excellent opportunity for all academics in the world to fulfill their goals on foreign soil. The international full scholarship project in USA 2021 covers the doctoral and post-doctorate (Ph.D.) course, it is open to applicants from around the globe who demonstrate a high competitive academic level, all those who have knowledge in Social Sciences and / o Right, command of another foreign language, history or culture, will have a better chance of being one of the winners of the full scholarship at Harvard.

Called Academy Scholars, it is the program promoted by Harvard University, this institution is one of the most recognized worldwide for being the training entity of important world leaders throughout history.

This Ph.D. Fellowship for International Scholars at Harvard is an encouraging and optimistic opportunity for them to begin their careers at the prestigious world institute. As a scholarship student, you will have the opportunity to make valuable contributions to the institution with your knowledge in the field of Social Sciences and/or Law.

Excellence scholarship program in the USA 2021

Institutions where the studies will be carried out:

Harvard University, United States.

Levels and areas of studies:

Full-time doctorate and post-doctorate (Ph.D.) in specific areas. Check out the official Harvard University website to learn more.

Who can participate?

Students who demonstrate academic excellence.

Endowment of the scholarship:

Harvard University, through the international Academy Scholars full scholarship program, will grant the following awards and benefits to the winning students:

  • Annual stipend of $ 70,000 for PhD students and $ 35,000 annually for PhD students. (In both cases, they will get the award until they meet the time allowed in the university or until they complete their course).
  • Financial assistance for research and travel.
  • Health insurance.

Conditions to be met by participants

  • Students of any nationality can apply, but must be recently graduated to pursue a doctorate or PhD.
  • Academics with knowledge in Social Sciences and Law will have a better chance of being shortlisted for the award.
  • Doctoral students must be in the thesis writing phase to be eligible for the program.
  • If the candidate is a recent PhD student, the completion date must be within three years after October 2021 or the PhD must be completed after September 30, 2018.
  • Submit a formal course registration through Harvard University’s online entry system. After successfully completing this process, the evaluation committee will determine if you are a valid candidate for the international 2021 Academy Scholars project.

Instructions to apply:

Supporting data: Transcripts and academic records, a cover letter where it must include (the academic field, country or region where you obtained your degree), curriculum, research proposal that must not exceed 2,500 words, copy of the doctorate transcript, three (3) letters of recommendation, each document must be sent in PDF format.

If you found this 2021 International World Scholarship of great value, visit the official website of Harvard University to learn about each step and requirement that you must follow to be a happy winner of this great program of excellence.


Until October 1, 2021.

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