$500 3rd Place Courageous Persuaders Award Dangers of Underage Drinking in Online Universities

Written by admin on February 11, 2019

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Underage drinking has been a huge problem to online universities, not only in the United States, but all around the world. Most Basing on the fact that these accredited schools online doesn’t have physical connection with their students in day to day basis, they have lesser ability to monitor and manage these young individuals. With minimal guidance, these teenagers have the tendency to be pressured by their peers and join the crew, without having second thoughts of the outcome of their actions.

Education acts as a shield for the younger generation for them to be able to handle every battle they will be thrown upon in the future.  This is the reason why, for parents, giving the best college education to their children is one of the best gifts they can ever give. However, when these younger individuals start to start making friends with the wrong crows, this is where the problem gets in.

Online universities put effort in educating their students the pros and cons of their actions. Getting an college education in accredited schools online for children to have a brighter future is one story, and preventing them from doing things they might regret, is another. One  or two individuals alone cannot make this happen, nevertheless, it is the responsibility of everyone to keep these teenagers safe. Do you ever think of the best way to persuade underage teenagers not to drink alcohol? Set a good example for them. Take big steps and make actions in avoiding this habit. Telling them not to do this or that is only a fraction of your involvement in making this big change happen. Always remember that action always speak louder than words. So, as adults, it is one of your responsibilities to draw a straight line for the younger individuals looking up to you. Be a role model. Encourage fun activities for them, which does not involve drinking alcohol. Surely, there are a lot more activities that are more suitable for their age.

It would take a lot of patience and courage to manage these children, for sure. But in the end, all those hardship will pay off. When these teenagers grow up to be helpful beings of the society, everyone can tap their backs and say they did a great job in leading and guiding these, once hard headed teenagers, but now lawyers, doctors, engineers, nurses and the list goes on. For more information, visit http://courageouspersuaders.com/scholarships-awards/

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  1. I have registered a foundation even though I have not been able to get funds, but I help the orphans, now it’s heavy and difficult cause they are supposed to be at university. I’m not working but they depend on me. Put your hands please

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