What International First Year College Students Need To Have Before They Arrive In a New Country – The Video Version

Written by admin on July 1, 2022

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9 thoughts on “What International First Year College Students Need To Have Before They Arrive In a New Country – The Video Version

  1. Bonjour Monsieur, je suis un étudiant diplômé en licence professionnelle météorogie BAC+4, je souhaite être repêché faire partir des admis de votre campus . Merci pour votre compréhension

    1. Morning Mr I’m student for my first year at Bujumbura but I’m congolese i want to get that scholarship unfortunately I don’t get it help me please

  2. Good evening l am student at BUJUMBURA CHRETIAN UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Theology Bac1,My father was died,l am not able to continue,l need a help.

  3. Hello, I ‘m a student from Liberia, and I did apply for park university scholarship. Please! What are the required documents do I need to come.

    1. Congratulations on your application for the Park University scholarship! Your ambition is admirable, and you should be commended for taking this first step in pursuing higher education.

      When applying for any type of scholarship, it is important to make sure that all required documents are included with your application. In the case of the Park University Scholarship, these documents include an official transcript from high school or college courses; proof of financial need; two letters of recommendation from teachers or counselors; a resume highlighting academic achievements and extracurricular activities; a statement outlining educational goals and interests; and a copy of personal identification.

      In addition to these basic requirements, you may also have to submit additional information depending on other specific criteria listed by Park University. For instance, they might require applicants attending rural schools to provide evidence of internet access or students attending non-traditional schools to submit an assessment form from administrators.

      It is also beneficial if you can show proof of any honest attempts made at securing funds outside the university such as grants offered through private organizations and businesses in Liberia as well as overseas donors looking to support Liberian students in their pursuit of higher education abroad. Additionally, if accepted into a program at Park University after being granted a scholarship, it would be helpful if you had some information ready about how you plan on financing living expenses such as housing costs while studying – this could include potential internship opportunities or part-time jobs available within campus and community resources that will help offset those expenses during studies.

      Overall there are many factors that come into play when considering what documentation is necessary when applying for scholarships like the one offered by Park University – but knowing which ones will really depend on individual circumstances like academic background/experience, family income levels etc., so make sure that all paperwork needed is complete before submitting your application package! Good luck with your applications!

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