What Are “Fun” Scholarships?

Written by K Fisher on December 22, 2021

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What does it mean when a “fun” scholarship can be applied to? Let alone what is a “fun” scholarship? These colorfully named scholarships don’t fall into any traditional academic or merit category. That’s why they have developed the title “fun” scholarships over time. Instead the best category these scholarships fall into would be considered unusual or weird.

However, these off the wall scholarships can actually carry some of the most rewarding aspects like full tuition, full travel coverage, or offer a duration of a full year worth of living expenses if a recipient wins. Another great aspect about “fun” scholarships is that any student, no matter where they may be from, what grade or degree, or typically age can apply. That’s why these scholarships tend to go under the radar, it’s all because without the academic element to search for, these scholarships can be hard to come by.

A Few Examples:

The Doodle 4 Google Scholarship

Which is available from the company Google. Yes! The company we use as our own personal and business related browsing service when we go online each time. This scholarship tends to be found out by creative students looking to go into a higher education that involves illustration. However, technically anyone can enter no matter their major or degree background. The big catch with this is the fact that only an adult, specifically a teacher or a parent can only submit a student’s design idea, concept, and artist statement.

All accredited universities look out for this scholarship and the recipient that wins because the cash prize (which can go towards anything not just tuition) is a staggering $30,000 check.

Create A Greeting Card Scholarship

Imagine being able to create a greeting card that would be used worldwide! The only real rule that is involved with this scholarship is that students must be 14 years and older when applying. Otherwise, high school students or college students can send in applications. The company looks for original art, concept, and even comedy when it comes to this type of design. And designs are not limited to being create on InDesign or Adobe, students can send in sketches, paintings, or ink drawings.

This scholarship carries at $10,000 cash award with an added $1,000 tuition only award. Making a total of $11,000 for the recipient to receive in total.

Gamers Helping Gamers Scholarship Award

Now this scholarship is for a specific person, or in the case a fan of Magic: The Gathering. Top players of Magic: The Gathering set aside a foundation and scholarship each year that will help cover tuition for 4 years. That is $5,000 in tuition will be taken care of each year.

This scholarship award was created in the pretense that this could easily help a struggling student who needs more financial funds to cover tuition payments. Along with finding highly intelligent students that could really benefit from a 4-year divided payments to use for tuition. Now, students will need to consult with their university to see if the institution will take the amount and be able to credit it each year to the students college account.

The Evans Scholarship

For those that have been involved with golf since they were youngsters, or have become a golf caddie can benefit in a huge way from this scholarship. The Evans scholarship offers full room and board, with full tuition coverage included. Students would need to provide their records for being a golf caddie (preferably students who have a long standing record that shows they have been a golf caddie for two or more years). These individuals who apply must show that they have kept up great grades and would be in need of finial assistance, which is where the free room and board comes in.

Stuck At Prom Scholarship Contest

This scholarship is a contest that searches out the two high school students who can best show their ability to create a prom attire from scratch. This is the contest we see yearly where a student has either created a complete prom look out of recyclables, duck tape, or candy wrappers. However, this scholarship is quite lucrative since they had out $10,000 for each winner.

But the catch is that students have to make the majority of their outfit out of Duck Tape. Students are allowed to document their journey to prom via either a video montage or a written account in the form of an essay. Then this scholarship enters the contest round where people get to vote through a polling system that the company sets up on their website for the best dressed curation.

Annual Halloween Costume Scholarship

Didn’t know their was a an annual $1,000 prize Halloween costume scholarship? Well, there is and it is as competitive as one might think. Since the prize amount is a total of $1,000 students go into creative mode when it comes to presenting the best costume the judges could see for that year.

Pokemon Club Scholarship

This club has an incredible account of gifting $25,000 to one student who is chosen out of a batch of newcomers. However, the only way to receive this massive grand prize amount is to compete against other Pokémon TCG and video game players in the Pokémon Championship Series. What students need to do is show up with a valid Pokémon TCG deck or video game and system. All applicants will go through a series of tournaments and eventually these players will reach the Regional level. Each year posts a different set of rules and registration details that need to be followed, so each potential application needs to read up on what the 2022 rules would consist of, as well as understanding the type of competitive card style that will be needed.

This scholarship is still considered one of the grand prize top 10 when it comes to unusual scholarships that offer an incredible amount reward.

You Cannot Fail Scholarship

Worth up to $5,000 of this scholarship will be for the student who shows the most and discovers their own heroism. This scholarships has also become known as the Superhero scholarship. Students are awarded up to $5,000 for their heroic efforts.

Ira Mitzner Collegiate Boxing Scholarship

If a student can show their love and determination through the sport of boxing, the name on this scholarship Ira Mitzner which Ira’s family dedicated to their memory. A college student will need to show why boxing means the world to them. Since Ira was majorly successful on stage and with boxing, that what a college student who shows the same aptitude.

Triple-Impact PCA Competitor Scholarship Award

This scholarship is solely for PCA high school athletes and what they understand about Elevating Your Game: Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor by PCA founder Jim Thompson. This scholarship award is very simple but high school students must be able to show their wit and knowledge on the subject.

Exercise For Life Athletic Scholarship

This is for undergraduates as well as high school students who wish to send in an application but each applicant needs to know that the only way to secure this scholarship is by addressing the basis or demonstrated financial need, academic accomplishment and athletic ability in the area of running. An incredible amount of $10,000 is awarded to only one chosen student.

The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship Award

After receiving an incredibly massive donation a handful of years ago, this resource group gives back by offering $20,000 to one student who has promoted vegetarianism in their schools or communities. That $20,000 goes to paying off college tuition and all universities accept this scholarship award towards paying off tuition. The better the way a student can show that they have tried to share with their community, would be best, by having some type of recorded account.

The Minecraft Scholarship

It does exist! Follow players of Minecraft can apply for a $2,000 scholarship to help pay off school tuition. The student drawing for this scholarship commences in August of each year, this way students will be notified by the end of Summer if they have be chosen as the recipient of this award. All interested students will be required to write a short essay about their opinion on how Minecraft can be a positive influence within their education and career development.

Prom Guide to Cutest Couple Scholarship Contest

For $1,000 a cute couple who poses for prom photos can easily send in those prom photos and win $1,000 towards their tuition scholarship. If a couple wants to enter this scholarship contest, they can apply via Instagram (according to Instagram votes on the prom photos shared) a couple will be able to win this award from Prom Guide magazine. Individuals will need to use the appropriate hashtags needed to fully enter this contest.

Tattoo Journal Ink Scholarship

For a grand prize of $1,800 in the first place position, and up to 3 individuals can win a first, second, and third prize. Individuals will need to write an essay on the mythology that surrounds tattooing. Students will need to identify the myths and reality that surrounds this at times taboo subject, however, tattoo enthusiasts would have a better chance at securing this scholarship prize.

The Asparagus Club Scholarship

No, no, this doesn’t mean a person has to be part of an asparagus club because they love asparagus. Now this is an actual club for grocers. For graduate students or upperclassmen that are studying towards becoming an independent grocer. The grand prize for this is $2,000.

Miller Electric International WorldSkills Competition Scholarship

For welders or amateur welders that want to go pro with this $10,000 grand prize. Now this $10,000 amount will go towards a 4-year program that are going towards a welding-based career (which the winner of this prize can only go towards a higher education involved with welding) this is the scholarship for you!

The National Potato Council Scholarship

Did you know the National Potato Council offers awards that surround an incredible scholarship that is annually given out? Only graduate students pursuing advanced study in agribusiness that enhances the potato industry may apply. The grand prize is a total of $10,000 of more depending on the individuals financial situation.

Rolex European Scholarship

Now prepare for the beginning of this scholarship because they ask you only one question… are you part mermaid? Yes, this is actually asked from this scholarship. If the college a student attends, provides studies that bring underwater research at all… and student may be eligible for this scholarship for “underwater-related” disciplines. This covers underwater photography, or any other underwater activity that can be studied towards. The total prize is an amazing $25,000 to be used towards college or living expenses.

Tall Clubs International Scholarship Award

That’s right, if a student has height on their side then this is the $1,000 scholarship award for them. Serving the financial-needs of “exceptionally tall people.” Meaning that there are multiple Tall Clubs International awards available via its scholarship to students who meet its minimum height requirements: 5′ 10″ (178 cm) for women and 6′ 2″ (188 cm) for men.

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

Yes, the ultimate time has come for the student who is ready to write a full proof plan to convince judges that as a student you could survive a zombie apocalypse, then this is the scholarship for you. This is an annual scholarship that has thousands of entries sent in per year, not only is it a clever way to test student’s problem-solving ability but it allows the judges of this contest to test whether or not the student would be able to practically handle tough work situations. The total prize amount is $2,000.

A Voice for Cats Scholarship Essay Contest

Have you noticed that a lot of these fun scholarships tend to be competitive essay scholarships? These scholarship contests allow students to show off their knowledge and practical skill when applying. Like this one, A Voice for Cats Essay Content Scholarship that focuses on feline welfare where a student will win $1,000 towards the school of their choice, and another $1,000 to the donation charity of their choice.

Donations, Charities, and the Well-being of Students

If you haven’t noticed yet, but a lot of these scholarships tend to be aimed at creating a fun atmosphere to allow the applications to apply skill and creative initiative to answer the essay content or questions. Most of these fun scholarships will allow students to send a portion of their grand award amount to be used for donations or charity. Essentially these fun scholarships are available to teach and education students about common sense and the term “what is a real world changing goal” to help shape the future of society and the world.

No matter what, students can always fall back on applying for these fun scholarships if their academic career is not as strong as they had hoped. However, these students will find that they may excel in a whole other section within life, for instance, most people draw as a hobby. However, if you were to win the Doodle 4 Google scholarship, this could start a new career within creative drawing.

Depends On What a Student is Looking For

When the traditional research for finding scholarships that a student qualifies for or has the qualifications to apply for, these fun scholarship tend to be passed up. Because mostly individuals know of merit-based, need-based, or academic scholarships solely. Based on that previous sentence, that is why these unique, weird, and fun scholarships exist. It’s to allow either a student to express their love for video games, an athletic sport that may be overlooked, or a creative skill that students may possess.

Nevertheless, all students should simply research out what hobbies they have and search for scholarships to see if any match any skills they have acquired. This will be a quicker way to access fun scholarships.

How Can Students Research Fun Scholarships?

In reality this is way easier than necessary, but simply by typing in fun scholarships will bring up a whole new world of opportunities. Also, students can search for drawing competitive scholarships, or creative scholarships, which will bring out a new set of searched scholarship material that can be combed through.

Searching for scholarships does not need to be a hardened task, instead, it’s about finding the best fun scholarships that a student could easily apply for and win. The number of unique scholarships that really, only a few people qualify for just narrows down the fact that a student can go in with the mindset that they will be able to win a scholarship. This also allows for a more stress-free advantage when applying for scholarships.

However, students will be able to find comprehensive lists showcasing all of the varied types of fun scholarships that are still active and available. Like above, we show a comprehensive list that differs from the next to give a decent variety and different choices to choose from. Nonetheless, all students have access to applying for a fun scholarship, because they are not limited to a certain academic quality. These fun scholarships play on skill and character.

In conclusion, to the scholarships above being shared it should be noted that those are not the full listed requirements or even all of the fun scholarships that are out there. It takes very little to start searching out comprehensive fun scholarship lists to see a whole wide world of possibility. Keep searching if you haven’t come across one that you feel confident in, or take a risk and apply to one with the best abilities you have. Either way, students will discover how rewarding it is to step outside of their comfort zone to accomplish a new possible outcome.

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