Top 10 Universities in Cyprus for International Students 2022/2023

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Cyprus is a great alternative for international students due to the high quality of its education and the low cost of living there. Cyprus’s universities provide a wide range of degree options, from associate’s to master’s. As a direct result of the government’s choice to invest more money in its educational system, students may rest assured that the high-quality teaching methods that are applied in the country will be beneficial and useful to them when they graduate and receive a degree. Here we will explore some of Cyprus’s most illustrious educational institutions.

We have produced a list of some of the best universities in Cyprus for prospective students to attend, as the first step in beginning your studies, there is to select the educational institution that will allow you to make the most of your time there.

1. University of Cyprus

The University of Cyprus is generally considered to be the best educational facility on the island. After opening its doors in 1989, it admitted its first students in 1992. Nearly all first-year students at colleges and universities in Cyprus are admitted based on their performance in exams conducted by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus. For students with special needs or backgrounds, universities provide a wide range of accommodation options.

When the University of Cyprus first welcomed its first students in 1974, there were 486 of them. A total of 4691 first-year college students attended the various guides offered by the 21 departments during the 2010-2011 academic year. Additionally, there were 1,549 people enrolled in graduate school programs at that time.

The University of Cyprus (UCY), which has its main campus in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is a relatively new institution, having been founded only three years ago. The University of the Caribbean at Young was the first institution of higher learning to open on the island. Because of its dedication to excellence in teaching, study, and discovery, it has risen to become one of Europe’s most prestigious institutions. One of UCY’s long-term aims is to become a role model of progressive clinical thought, diversity, inclusion, fairness, and creativity within the larger Euro-Mediterranean region, where it hopes to become a dominant organization in the near future.

2. Cyprus Institute of Technology.

By offering undergraduate and graduate degrees that aren’t given by the University of Cyprus or other schools that provide superior education, CUT was founded to fill a void in Cyprus’ higher education system. The goal was to broaden the scope of Cyprus’s tertiary education. The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) aspires to be a forerunner in higher education and a global leader in technological innovation. 

The organization’s stated goal is to improve the quality of higher education in Cyprus, the European Union, and the rest of the world by encouraging students to pursue advanced degrees in cutting-edge fields that have significant scientific, technological, and economic implications. More than 340 projects and the education of the workforce at CUT are supported by more than 50 million euros in funding and contributions. 

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3. European University Cyprus

EUC (Greek:) stands for the European University Cyprus, a private university in Nicosia. EUC is the best university in Cyprus; it was founded from Cyprus College, the country’s first college. The admissions process at EUC is highly competitive and heavily weighted toward a candidate’s academic record and past academic success. 

EUC is well-known for the high quality of its graduates, the amount of money it spends on research and development, and the number of partnerships it has with businesses and other institutions. The Start-up center powered by Microsoft may be found on campus; it is the bureaucratic successor to the venerable Microsoft Innovation Center. Students, teachers, researchers, IT professionals, and investors can all take advantage of this resource, which provides funding and other forms of aid and encourages collaboration between local businesses and entrepreneurs. Assisting tech marketers in creating and refining their ideas, as well as communicating those ideas to the market via providing the required connections and tools, is a major benefit of the program.

4. University of Nicosia

Established in 1980, the University of Nicosia serves as a public research university for the city of Nicosia and the surrounding area. It has a campus in the middle of Nicosia. The University of Nicosia is the top private university in Cyprus, according to the QS World University Rankings. This accolade was bestowed by one of the world’s most recognized university ranking agencies. Following an impartial evaluation by the Commission for the Evaluation of Private Universities, the Republic of Cyprus has acknowledged all bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees granted by the University of Nicosia (ECPU).

Currently, UNIC is home to over 12,500 college-level learners from more than 80 different nations. UNIC has spent time and resources cultivating specialized applications and building academic abilities in the areas of science, technology, engineering, medicine, law, and business.

Whether you’re looking for a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree, the University of Nicosia (UNIC) has you covered.

5. Open University of Cyprus

Distance learning credentials were a major gap in the Cypriot higher education system when the Open University of Cyprus (OUC), which began operations in 2002 and is the country’s second public university, was founded. Every which way you look at it (undergraduate, grasp and doctoral). With its foundation as the simplest college in the United States committed to giving education through distant learning, OUC has grown to unexpected academic prominence and international renown. Due to the current climate, OUC has broadened its scope of what it hopes to accomplish, and this is helping Cyprus get closer to its strategic goal of becoming a regional center for education and research and a hub for students and college students from all over the world located in the Eastern Mediterranean basin.

The Cyprus Open University supports the goals and aims of all academic institutions, both locally and internationally. OUC’s exam offerings are comprehensive, well-organized, and career-oriented. These qualities meet or exceed the standards demanded in the United States and are tailored to the needs of the students.

6. Frederick University

As a private university located in the Republic of Cyprus, Frederick University is a dynamic and multifaceted organization. The University has a rich history of offering higher education that spans over forty years, despite the fact that the current organization has only been in existence for a brief length of time. Cyprus is home to two campuses of Frederick University: one in Nicosia, the country’s capital, and another in Limassol, the island’s second-largest city and principal port. Despite the increasing diversity of college students and faculty, the University network remains focused on the individual, and on the needs and goals of that person. The two campuses each provide modern centers that are designed to satisfy the educational, study, social, and leisure needs of the University’s community. You’ll locate these facilities on either of the campuses. Frederick University is widely recognized as one of the world’s finest educational institutions, making it an attractive option for students from the Republic of Cyprus and elsewhere.

 The quality of the education is exceptionally good, and it leads to internationally recognized credentials that will help graduates find rewarding careers in Cyprus and beyond. Frederick University is a great place for young people to get the education, training, and spirit of inquiry they’ll need to take on the problems of the modern world. Frederick University is a great fit for these students because to its emphasis on experiential learning, cutting-edge research programs, and commitment to academic quality.

7. Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics (CING)

By fusing its three pillars—services, research, and education—the Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics (CING) aims to produce innovative knowledge in biology and diseases with the ultimate goal of improving the already-satisfactory quality of life for its patients. Therefore, the goal of the institute is to raise the standard of living for those who are treated there. For the past three decades, the company has worked to fulfill its initial objective of serving the needs of its customers, the community, and the country at large in the United States of America. To put it another way, this is well inside the bounds.

As a result of its foundation on CING’s success, the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM) is now well-positioned to play a catalytic role in the Institute’s pursuit of its purpose by enhancing its research output and clinical applications. Contributing to the Institute’s work was the key to success in this case. Our graduate programs provide students a one-of-a-kind education in neurology, genetics, and biomedical sciences that may be immediately put to use in the Health sector. Like CING, CSMM is an institution built from the ground up in accordance with international benchmarks for quality education.

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8. University of Chicago Paphos

The University of Chicago Paphos, located in the heart of the interesting city of Pafos on the west coast of Cyprus, has been open since 2010 and is a youthful, active, and constantly developing college. Paphos, Cyprus, is a Mediterranean destination. Neapolis provides courses for students at all levels of education, from undergraduate to PhD, in both Greek and English. The city’s biggest strength is the caliber and perseverance of its faculty, the vast majority of whom have taught and studied at top institutions in both Europe and the United States. Using the aforementioned strengths and a proactive expansion strategy, the University of Neapolis has quickly risen to the level of one of the most prestigious private universities in Cyprus.

There are dorms, a main library, a primary library, a computer lab, a tutoring lab, a study lab, and a lecture hall on the University Campus. Facilities available to both students and staff include a café or restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating in the style of a hotel, a swimming pool with a snack pool bar, a fitness center with an indoor pool and a gym, floodlit tennis courts, a parking lot, and a 24-hour security service. The college’s proximity to the beltway and an important coastal highway in the western coastal Kato Paphos area makes for quicker and less polluting commutes for both students and faculty. Employees and students can also take advantage of the many services available in the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the school.

9. Cyprus Institute

The Cyprus Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to scientific and technology research and teaching. Its focus is on interdisciplinary study and international cooperation to find solutions to problems that have not only local but also global implications. The company was formally founded in 2005, and operations began in 2007.

The Cyprus Institute is in the midst of a development process that includes the creation of new research centers. These centers will focus on solving pressing problems with regional and international relevance. To assure the highest standards, its research centers are built in partnership with world-class organizations. 

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10. University of Central Lancashire Cyprus

The University of Central Lancashire Cyprus (UCLan Cyprus) is not only the first Branch Campus of the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom, but also an independently accredited institution of higher education in its own right. 

Our “mother university,” the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom, has been around for more than 190 years and was founded on a firm scholarly footing. The University of Cambridge is one of the largest and most progressive educational institutions in all of England, with a student population of over 35,000 students from over 150 different nations. The institution is in the top three in the UK for hospitality and tourist management (Guardian University Guide 2021) and in the top 6.5% of all universities worldwide (Center for World University Rankings, 2020/21).

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