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Studying in Yemen can give students a great chance to experience life in a whole new country.  Yemen has been known to inspire international students to continue further with their college career to achieve Ph.D. status. We will provide the number of universities in Yemen, along with what language would be best to learn before arriving in the country.

We will also provide valued information on annual tuition costs and in Yemen costs are broken down into semester programs. That means a full semester of one class being paid in full.

Universities in Yemen:

  • Sana’a University
  • Yemen University
  • Queen Arwa University
  • University of Science and Technology, Sanaa
  • University of Aden
  • Ibb University
  • Hodeidah University
  • Taiz University
  • Hadhramout University
  • Thamar University
  • Al-Ahgaff University
  • Iman University
  • Lebanese International University (Yemen)
  • College prospects of Medical Sciences Sana’a

If students are interested in Medical Schools, Yemen has 7 schools that are being ranked as some of the best. Students will come to understand that their academic background will be asked for when they intend to apply for admissions at a Yemen medical institution. Yemen has some of the brightest medical minds in the world and there are strict guidelines to follow to be the best academic medical student.

 Some of the best careers in Yemen are:

  • Lawyer
  • Surgeon
  • Judge
  • Bank Managers
  • College Professors

Cost of Annual College Tuition in Yemen

Here are a few courses and their costs in Yemen:

  • Art classes cost around $960
  • Any technology class will cost around $973
  • Management classes have totaled to around $1,165 per semester
  • Education and teaching programs are around $980

It’s safe to say a rounded annual estimate would cost a  student around $2,000 unless that student is taking a management class then that estimate would be more near $3,000 with added tuition fees and admission fees.

Cost of Month-to-Month Living

The cost of Yemen is a bit on the cheaper side when it comes to some expensive countries. Without rent, students in Yemen can expect to send on groceries, phone bill, and other necessities around $535 in USD.

However, rent can be as much as a near $800 when a student lives near a city center. Yemen by far would cost a student on average around $1,250 to $1,300 a month to live incredibly comfortably.

Main Languages Spoken in Yemen

What is the main language spoken in Yemen? Arabic is the number one main language spoken throughout the country. International students would do far better in Yemen if they take Arabic language classes while in Yemen or before they arrive. This will help students to better navigate the country.

Other dialects spoken throughout the country include Western Maghrebi, Northern Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Levantine, Southern Peninsular Gulf, Hejazi, Najdi and Yemeni.

Any of the languages above can be learned before a student arrives wish can allow students to apply for Yemen international scholarships solely based on understanding the language. There are no English proficiency tests in Yemen instead Arabic will be tested to see if the student can understand their classes.

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