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Studying in Somalia can give students a great chance to experience life in a whole new country.   Somalia has been known to inspire international students to continue further with their college career to achieve Ph.D. status. We will provide the number of universities in Somalia, along with what language would be best to learn before arriving in the country.

We will also provide valued information on annual tuition costs and in Somalia costs are broken down into semester programs. Another provided cost breakdown will involve cost of living situations that are a month-to-month budget investment.

Universities in Somalia:

  • Somali National University
  • University of Somalia
  • Mogadishu University
  • Kismayo University
  • Benadir University
  • Indian Ocean University
  • East Africa University
  • Burao University
  • Sanaag University of Science and Technology
  • Amoud University
  • Gollis University
  • University of Hargeisa
  • Nugaal University
  • Maakhir University
  • SIMAD University
  • Puntland State University
  • Admas University College, Hargeisa
  • Somaliland University of Technology
  • Jobkey University
  • Somali International University
  • Jamhuriya University of Science and Technology
  • University of Southern Somalia
  • Hope University
  • University of Bosaso
  • Horseed International University
  • Eelo University
  • Galkayo University
  • Admas University College–Garowe
  • Global University
  • Civil Service Institute
  • Global medical College
  • St. Clements University, Somalia
  • Al-Tiba University

This is not a complete list of all of the available colleges and higher education centers available in Somalia.

Top careers in Somalia that are top rated amongst students include:

  • Advisor
  • Financial Officer
  • Manager
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Registered Nurse
  • Physician
  • Pharmacist

When it comes to education-based careers or medical based careers in Somalia, the best way to find these careers are through the health and education private sector. These jobs are best worked towards earning the highest degree possible and then afterwards the student can progressively move forward to earn the best top position of that career they have just earned a Master’s or Doctorate degree from.

Cost of Annual Tuition in Somalia

Students can expect annual tuition in Somalia to be decent on their budget expenses. On average a whole year costs only $1,000 USD per academic year.

It is even stated that all Master’s courses/programs are only $1,000 per semester per year.

Cost of Month-To-Month Living in Somalia for Students

When it comes to students learning to budget what they will need based on month-to-month finances, students will notice that in Somalia. The cost of things without including rent will come to a total of $470.

With rent added to that $470, students can expect a monthly total budget of only $700 per month.

Main Languages Spoken in Somalia

What main language is spoken in Somalia? The main language spoken in Somalia is Somali. There are other languages spoken throughout the country such as Arabic, English, ‎Italian‎, ‎Swahili, Soqotri (‎Puntland‎), ‎Boon, and Yemeni Arabic.

While there are various languages spoken throughout Somalia, students are expected to know the region’s main communicative language. This way the student will be able to navigate the country along with being able to understand the lectures and course work that is presented in all of the Somalia universities and higher education centers.

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