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When it comes to looking for scholarships of a specific destination can be a difficult task but, it doesn’t have to be. We can narrow down scholarships based on the countries in which they are gifted by or gifted to study. In this installment we will be focusing on scholarships in Serbia and Montenegro. Where students who are interested in studying abroad or has always wanted to study while living in Serbia and Montenegro.

Serbia and Montenegro have many universities to pick from when it comes to applying for admissions. Luckily students will be able to identify which higher education institution has the best fit program for their own skills and interests.

We will go through what scholarships are available for Serbia and Montenegro citizens who wish to study abroad and for international students who want to study in Serbia and Montenegro.

Without a doubt higher education in Serbia and Montenegro can prove to be influential and actively provides the best experience when it comes to studying abroad.

When looking for higher education schools, students should look for these various names:

  • Univerzitet (University)
  • Fakultet (Faculty)
  • Umetnicke akademije (Art academies)

The list below is combination of both for international students who want to study in Serbia and Montenegro and domestic citizens looking to have extra funding for their college experience.

Scholarships in Serbia and Montenegro:

  • Full Tuition for The World Scholarship
  • Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students
  • Hubert Humphrey Fellowships in USA for International Students
  • Transform Together Scholarships for International and European Union (non-UK) Students
  • UWE Millennium Scholarship for International Students

We will spotlight The Studenica Foundation Scholarship Award:

This scholarship is specifically for Serbian citizens and students who are looking to have enrolled in their final years of studying. And these students must be studying within the Republic of Serbia.

Around 40 students will be picked from the applications sent in, this scholarship is for the last two years of a student’s undergraduate studies. However, this scholarship can be renewed even for postgraduate students. Luckily, this is an annual award option for students that continue to meet all of the eligibility requirements.

Some of the requirements are for full-time students that are in their 3rd year of undergraduate studies. Students will be asked to provide other forms of academic excellence, such as awards or achievements. Volunteer work will be seen as evidence of academic excelling students who are helping their community. Also involved or needed upon turning in the application would need a cover letter that clearly states when financial funding is needed. The student will need to submit a through letter of motivation for the university of their choice.

Now the routine for higher education institutions in Serbia and Montenegro involves students receives an excellent education. Normally courses do not last longer than 2 years. This is two college duration years in total.

Doctoral studies will last for a total for 3 years, and since the education system has had a makeover that began in 2001, the system has incorporated more liberal arts degrees.

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