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Written by Michael Nz. on November 13, 2022

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Studying abroad these days seems to be the most sought-after event for so many students from different parts of the world, there are many reasons why we would all love to study abroad, for some the very feeling of exposure to a new and diverse environment and culture could be your reason;

For some, they are just looking for a good and quality education, some would also like to see the world from a different perspective and know how things are done in other parts of the world, etc. There are endless reasons why studying abroad has been of paramount importance.

In some parts of the world, students enjoy the freedom of being able to work while at school, that way they feel this same sense of responsibility as they earn to take care of themselves.

These privileges are simply not available in most of their home countries, in other regions of the world, jobs are available to most students who study in countries that have a good market for qualified and unqualified people.

We also understand that studying abroad has its own challenges. I mean, how are you supposed to feel going to a completely different country where you don’t know anyone to spend a reasonable part of your life studying?

Usually, there is this feeling of uncertainty, which many academics experience to varying degrees, this worry about how one would survive and cope in that country, all this together with the financial implications of studying abroad.

Getting a Visa, processing your documents, and all that until you get admission can also be a process you hardly want to experience, but don’t worry, this article will address these challenges and also give you tips on everything you need to know to study at the abroad and in the end, provide value-added solutions to keep you at peace and enjoy any academic activities you want to do abroad.


It is true that most of the people we may meet on the path of pursuing the dream of studying abroad will definitely tell us that studying abroad is the best thing that has ever happened to them, while others might give a million and one of the reasons why they could not make him study abroad.

Some may say it is due to the eligibility requirement and some may say it is due to scheduling conflicts etc but all this should not be a problem as most international students according to our research have continuously reported that the cost of studying abroad seems to be the concern a lot.

There has been a great degree of confusion and exaggeration as to how much it costs to study abroad, although most of this cost depends on the university and field of study, therefore it goes without saying that one cannot be as far as at the cost of studying abroad, we can only derive an average cost that will cover everything related to studying abroad. Often this cost of studying is deeply reflected in tuition, housing, transportation, etc.


The main point of concern for study-abroad students is usually the cost of tuition, which seems to be the key that determines whether or not you will progress abroad.

Tuition for different programs and degrees varies with universities, but having an idea or estimated range will go a long way in making decisions about tuition. Some selected countries, mainly in Europe with excellent public education systems, may charge a fee affordable for tuition, while other countries might charge a price beyond your estimate as well, so tuition can never be overlooked unless you are trying to study in a country with a tuition-free education system, which often seen in Germany.


After a long day of encountering academic schedules abroad, and perhaps after days of part-time work that students do while studying abroad, it is very necessary for one to arrive at a place of rest, a place to call home.

This brings us to the next important aspect of study abroad program financing, which is accommodation. There are options to stay home or stay in the school dormitory, whichever the students prefer, adequate provision must be made financially to Carter for accommodation.


The cost of the trip is also a point of great concern, especially when you have to bear the cost of traveling to your host country. This will ask you to know in advance the cost of the program you are traveling to.

Beyond the simple flight to your host country, you should also keep in mind that you will likely use public transportation on a daily basis and also travel sideways while abroad.

These costs (such as rent and other daily expenses) are much cheaper in certain parts of the world than others, depending on the economic situation of the host country.

Even though all of the points mentioned above are major points of concern, there is no harm in making sure that you are adequately informed about how to get the scholarship and get the right answers to all your questions about studying abroad, something that makes me happy. love Describe how to do proper consultation to avoid making unpopular decisions.

To guide you on this path, we have previously brought you an article on Important Questions to Ask Before Heading to Study Abroad in this article, we have addressed so many questions that study abroad students often ask and also provide suitable answers for you. help you in your search for answers.

Choosing a study abroad destination can also pose an ongoing concern for most students looking to study abroad, there are several factors that generally affect the destination where one would love to study.

These factors can include location, language, culture and tradition, climate, and even career and job opportunities, so students traveling abroad to study should take the time to evaluate these things and make the best decision. as far as they and their loved ones are concerned.

Don’t worry though, just as we promised earlier to provide the value-added solution to all your study abroad challenges, we have also given you a guide on how to choose the best study abroad destination for you in this article A Guide. detailed guide how to find the perfect destination to study abroad. This article is sure to address most questions about study-abroad destinations.


It has been said that “proper preparation prevents poor performance”, this is not only applicable in exams but also in every one of our human endeavors, including studying abroad.

We have heard that students are stuck abroad for not being able to meet the requirements for their studies, we have also heard that due to the inability of a student to provide certain documents upon arrival at their destination, it has delayed the start of the academic career a semester with your colleagues.

This, to a large extent, is unpleasant and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. We wrote you an article on Study Abroad – Preparation and Requirements to make sure you are familiar with the preparations and requirements for studying abroad.

How can I get a scholarship to study abroad? 

Finding a Free Study Abroad Federal Student Aid program can’t work, which is why searching the database of scholarships from around the world can be a daunting task. We have made this easy by providing you with lists of free scholarships and grants for students abroad.

Many educational institutions and universities provide free scholarships and grants to students from all over the world who are studying abroad in countries like the UK, Austria, Australia, China, Canada, the US, etc. This includes virtually all accredited public, non-profit, and private entities. – For-profit post-secondary institutions.

We urge you not to let the cost of studying abroad weigh you down because there are over a million study-abroad scholarships waiting for you to apply. And who doesn’t love free money? We all get those heart eyes emoji vibes just thinking about it.

But being smart with your money. Studying abroad is just a stepping stone on the road to bigger and better adventures. Smart savings tactics combined with financial aid (like scholarships to study abroad) mean you’ll *finally* be able to reach your travel goal—as long as you’re willing to work on the application!

However, as we are committed to ensuring that you achieve your dreams of studying abroad, we also bring an article to guide you properly on how to get a scholarship abroad and put an end to the question. How can I get a scholarship to study abroad?


Many times, students who want to study abroad, seem to have put a lot of work and effort into applying to study abroad, for they have done everything necessary to be rejected, but this same result does not come. easy for students, especially when they have committed a lot financially to make sure they get ahead.

But unknown to many, there are so many reasons why students are rejected when they apply for a scholarship to study abroad, these reasons would include the following:

  • Lack of space available for the program or school to absorb more students
  • The requested program may not be one that is available to non-host country students
  • Level of competitiveness of the program, as this will result in consideration of only students with high standing in their previous academic records, this may also be a result of the program being too small for the amount of demand and therefore the spaces they are a rarity. Other schools have large amounts of space and take people up to almost the last minute.
  • Timing of application can also be a factor in why applications get rejected, most of the time we see students applying last minute and hoping they will drop out, but a late submission only makes the school a limited time to review your application and most of the time they would not be able to complete it before the deadline, so try to apply early
  • Most of the universities abroad consider the GPA to be a primary factor in granting you admission, and most of the time, when students do not meet this criterion, they tend to be rejected by the same program, or even by another one. choice as to the program or field of study.
  • A provided financial statement can also be a reason for rejection and this is why it is recommended that students have reasonable financial backing just to make sure they can take care of themselves during their study period in their hot country.
  • Information provided during the visa application if perceived to be inaccurate may lead to rejection. A student who is going to study is expected to apply for or have a student visa, but there are often cases of students applying for a visa that does not correlate with studies and this will also lead to being denied study abroad.

There are also many other factors that depend on the style of operation of the school. Generally, the acceptance and rejection of students applying to study abroad usually vary depending on the schools and programs the student applies for.

Against the challenge and everything that has been listed above, we also want to allow you, year after year, students to travel abroad to study on the basis of scholarships, some of which are fully funded and some of which are tuition waiver opportunities.

Therefore, we encourage all students looking to study abroad but don’t know how to handle the finances involved to hurry up and apply for one or more of these.

Full MBA Scholarship for International Students in Sweden

The Stockholm School of Economics is pleased to invite applications from eligible candidates for the SSE MBA Corporate Partner Scholarship to study in Sweden for the year. International students can apply for this scholarship program.

MBA Scholarships for International Students in Germany

Applications for scholarships for international students in Germany are currently being accepted, and submission will continue until July 31. The European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) is pleased to make use of these scholarships for international students.

International MBA Scholarships for Women in Germany

Applications are invited at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) for the International MBA Scholarships for Women in Germany. The MBA scholarship is designed for female international students. Each award is worth €5,000.

Harvard Business School MBA Scholarships (USA)

Harvard Business School offers one of the largest scholarship funds of the top 25 MBA schools, with 65% of MBA students receiving some form of financial aid.
Need-based awards in the form of scholarships and scholarships can be found in the range of $5,000 to full tuition plus monthly stipends.

Wharton Business School MBA Scholarships (USA)

Wharton Business School is an MBA scholarship for international students that primarily provides merit-based MBA Scholarships that are accessible to all candidates admitted to its full MBA programs.
Its wide range of scholarships targets students of all backgrounds and can cover tuition fees in the amount of $20,000 up to full tuition plus living expenses.

scholarship link

Warwick Business School MBA Scholarships (UK)

Warwick Business School has £2 million+ WBS scholarships for the most talented applicants to enter the Warwick MBA, its Doctoral Programme, and its Master’s postgraduate courses.
MBA scholarships are available for full-time study, distance learning, executive MBA, and global energy MBA. Available MBA scholarship opportunities range from 50% of first-year fees to full tuition plus a stipend.

scholarship link

Cranfield School of Management MBA Scholarships (UK)

Cranfield School of Management offers Merit Scholarships and Needs-Based Scholarships to the value of £7,000 at full tuition fees, categorized by gender, nationality, and sector.

scholarship link

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