Scholarships question: How and when to report at university?

Written by Yusuph on July 24, 2022

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How and when to report at university?


Hi. You report at the university when they call you or you receive a letter from them by postal mail or by email that they approved you for the scholarship. Any other false claims of being approved for a scholarship or to a university you should know they are valid or true, so you shouldn’t take them for granted.

Only an official email from an University that you see it is written seriously and the from field domain in the email header is genuine and belongs to that university for sure it’s a genuine approval email. Otherwise, it can be a scam or just spam email.

And if it’s a call or postal mail letter the chances that is something real are even higher, because the scammers and spammers usually use only email as their channels of communication. They don’t bother to send a formal letter through the postal mail or really call you about it, so take that in consideration also when you have to distinguish between a real valid letter from an university or some scam, joke or spam email.

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