Can I apply for Diploma in Medical laboratory?

Written by Okello Fredrick nyanzi on July 24, 2022

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Can I apply for Diploma in Medical laboratory?


Hi. Yes, you can. You just have to apply to the correct and relevant college for that. More than that you can also find a scholarship in that field, Medical Laboratory, to help you get a degree, which is a diploma. For example, you can go to this page: https://www.pickascholarship.com/find-scholarships/ and select as area of study, Medicine, because that is the most close match we have on our website for the field of “Medical Laboratory”. After selecting the area of study, you can click Search. It will find for you only Scholarships in the Medicine field from any Country.

So, now, you have a more narrow filter of scholarships that you can browse and search for your needed Medical Laboratory field. You just have to browse them one by one and see which one has the closest match to what you need. Then later on, after choosing one, you can apply to that Scholarship so you could get your Diploma in Medical Laboratory.

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