Study a bachelor’s degree at the University Center for Marketing and Advertising – Mexico 2021

Written by admin on October 17, 2021

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What career do you want to study? What profession do you want to dedicate the rest of your life to? Get to know the degrees and opportunities offered by the Centro Universitario de Mercadotécnica y Publicidad (CUMP) in Mexico.

Why study at CUMP?

Starting one of the most important stages, which is also perhaps the one that will mark the lifestyle, the successes, and experiences that will shape the future always represents a very special emotion.

It is important that you remember that you will never stop learning or preparing. College is simply the time to hone the way you will continue to learn throughout your life.

Ideally, during your career, you will cultivate a philosophy of life and an ethical perspective of the world and civilization, with which you will contribute to the betterment of society and the future of the country.

Being part of an educational community sounds… classic, but being part of the most recognized creatives sounds… CUMP.

Therefore, at CUMP we offer you that, belonging to the group of outstanding creatives that supports and encourages each of its members to be better every day.

At the University Center for Marketing and Advertising, we fervently believe that creativity is the force that has driven human beings for hundreds of thousands of years, cultivating and appreciating it has always brought and will bring benefits and success to those who do.

We believe that creativity is wasted if there is no passion for oneself and the environment, that it is not worth promoting it if one is not willing to challenge paradigms and break schemes.

That is why we strive to promote the creative development of each and every one of our students throughout their careers, convinced that their performance today will bear fruit tomorrow.

What are the advantages of studying at CUMP?

In the last 20 years, we have developed a learning philosophy based on the following principle:

“Creative achievements define our individual and unique way of living”

One of the great advantages of studying at the University Marketing and Advertising Center is the way in which class by class they enter the world of work since through practice and professional exercises they make you fall in love with each career and This is where the university’s best-known project arises: “The Semester Campaigns”

One of the best options to study and know what you will do when you work is the CUMP. Well, it brings you closer to professional reality through constant practices with core academic objectives.

At CUMP, we embrace the educational revolution based on experiential learning, and we have developed programs that value individual growth, criticism, and sharing to encourage students to discover their talents, develop their potential, expand their vision, and challenge the way they feel, think and work. So much so, that to date the University Center for Marketing and Advertising holds the recognition of “Most Awarded University” in Design, Marketing, and Advertising, in our country.

Our students have treasured endless awards from the creative industry: Effie, Caracol de Plata, IAB, Tótem, Victoria Alada, AMAPRO, Pinino de Oro, IMU, Cannes Lions, Creativiña, UN, and many more.

What degrees does CUMP offer?

Our university center offers three-degree programs where you can launch your career to success and develop your talent. Do you want to be part of the #creativosCUMP? Get to know our degrees:

Benefits of Studying a Bachelor’s Degree at CUMP

One of the main benefits offered by the Centro Universitario de Mercadotécnica y Publicidad at this time is a 100% discount on registration for the first semester (terms and conditions apply).

Additionally, CUMP offers different scholarship plans for students who want to study at the said institution.

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