Québec Government $30,000 Merit Scholarship

Written by Michael Nz. on August 23, 2023

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Ph.D. scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    > 12000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Michel Garceau Program Manager FRQNT Training Awards Phone: 418 643-8560 Ext. 3459 Email: [email protected]

The Québec Government Merit Scholarship Program for 2023/2024 is currently accepting applications. This program is designed to provide support to foreign students (PBEEE) with the aim of enhancing international research initiatives within Québec’s higher education institutions. The goal is to attract top-notch foreign researchers and students, all while promoting Québec’s universities and colleges on a global scale. This initiative also plays a crucial role in facilitating technology transfer (CCTT).

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To ensure a successful application, reviewing the information presented in this article thoroughly is important. By doing so, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the scholarship’s eligibility criteria, requirements, application deadlines, and more. This opportunity could be your pathway to becoming a recipient of this esteemed award. For a quick overview of what lies ahead, refer to the table provided below.

About the Québec Government Merit Scholarship Award

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The program has a broad scope, encompassing higher education in its entirety. It allows researchers and administrators engaged in technology transfer (CCTT) to participate actively.

In a more general sense, the program’s distribution of scholarships to foreign students establishes cultural connections and facilitates collaborative scientific research endeavors.

Furthermore, the program functions as a tool for the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEES) to align with the scientific objectives of the Government of Québec and provide the necessary support.

The Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students is structured into three main components:

  1. Ph.D. Research Grants encompass various categories such as V1, 1B, 1C, 1I, 1IS, 1M, and 1W. These grants are tailored to support doctoral research initiatives.
  2. Postdoctoral Scholarships: This component includes categories V2, 2B, 2C, 2I, 2M, which are specifically designed to aid postdoctoral researchers in their academic pursuits.
  3. Short-Term Research or Professional Development Grants: Under categories V3, 3B, 3C, 3I, 3IS, 3M, and 3W, this component provides funding for short-term research projects and professional development opportunities.

Who Is Eligible for the Québec Government Merit Scholarship?


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These scholarships are designed for foreign students or researchers from all research fields, including health, humanities and social sciences, arts and letters, natural sciences, and engineering. They are preselected by various organizations, such as Québec universities, Synchronex, the China Scholarship Council (CSC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico (SRE), or the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT).

These scholarships aim to support individuals in starting or continuing their studies or research endeavors in Québec. Importantly, no specific research sector receives preferential treatment; the program is open to applicants from all areas of study and research.

Eligible Candidates That Can Apply

The eligible countries for this program are all international communities, meaning that students and researchers worldwide can apply.

Scholarship Location

The program pertains to universities in Quebec, Canada. This indicates that the educational institutions located in Quebec are the ones offering this opportunity to potential applicants.

Level of Study

The program covers various levels of study, including:

– Ph.D. (Doctoral) level
– Research activities
– Postdoctoral studies

This means that individuals pursuing a Ph.D., engaging in research work, or pursuing postdoctoral studies can all find relevant opportunities within this program.

Québec Government Merit Scholarship Award Value

Here’s the breakdown of the financial support provided by the program:

  • Ph.D. Research Scholarships: Successful candidates for Ph.D. research scholarships will receive $25,000 per year. The scholarship spans three years, and there’s a chance for an extension of up to 12 months, which includes a monthly allowance of $1,000.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships: Postdoctoral fellows will receive $35,000 for one year of their studies. Note that this fellowship cannot be renewed beyond the initial year.
  • Short-Term Research or Professional Development Grants: Those receiving short-term research or professional development grants will be granted $3,000 monthly. This funding is available for a period of up to four months.

Furthermore, in addition to the financial support, the program offers several additional benefits:

  • Tuition Fee Waiver: Scholarship recipients are granted a waiver for higher tuition fees typically applicable to foreign students.
  • Health Insurance Coverage: Recipients also receive health insurance coverage provided by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ), ensuring their well-being and health needs are cared for during their time in Québec.

Québec Government Merit Scholarship Selection Criteria

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To be eligible for consideration, it’s crucial to meet all the following conditions by the competition closing date. Here’s what’s required:

  • University or Synchronex Shortlisting: You must have been shortlisted by a university or Synchronex, which is a CCTT (College Centre for Technology Transfer). This shortlisting is an important step in the eligibility process.
  • Québec-China Scholarship: For the Québec-China scholarship, it’s essential to be shortlisted by the China Scholarship Council (CSC). This shortlisting is specific to this scholarship category.
  • No Previous Merit Scholarship: If you’ve already been a recipient of a Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students from MEES (Ministry of Education and Higher Education), FRQNT (Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies), or the Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC) research funds, you won’t be eligible for consideration.
  • Not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident: To qualify, you cannot hold Canadian citizenship or be a permanent resident of Canada. This scholarship opportunity is specifically aimed at international applicants.
  • No Application for Permanent Residency: If you’ve applied for permanent resident status under Canadian immigration law, you won’t be eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

Ensuring that you meet these conditions is vital to successfully applying for the scholarship program.

Restriction for Study Programs

Two important additional points to note are:

  • Exclusion of Double Doctoral Programs: Double doctoral programs are not eligible for this scholarship opportunity. Applicants pursuing double doctoral degrees won’t be considered for this particular program.
  • Specific Requirement for Québec-Wallonia Scholarship:  In addition to the previously mentioned conditions, it’s also important to have a Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ) issued by the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion. Additionally, possessing a valid study permit issued by the Canadian Consulate for the entire duration of your scholarship is equally essential. These documents are necessary to ensure your eligibility and participation in the scholarship program.

Recipients of doctoral research scholarships must:

  • Have a Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ) issued by the Quebec Minister of immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion and a study permit issued by the Canadian Consulate valid for the entire duration of your scholarship.

Postdoctoral fellows must:

  • It’s necessary to hold a valid work permit issued by the Canadian Consulate for the entire duration of your scholarship. This work permit is a requirement to ensure your eligibility and participation in the scholarship program.

Short-term research or professional development grant (recipients must:

  • Another requirement is a temporary resident visa or electronic travel authorization allowing you to travel to Canada. This is important to ensure you have the authorization to enter the country as part of your scholarship participation.

Award Duration:

  • Ph.D. research scholarships:  The maximum duration of the scholarship is three years (nine semesters), with a possible extension of up to 12 months.
  • Postdoctoral fellowships: The duration of this fellowship is one year. This scholarship is not renewable.
  • Short-Term Research or Professional Development Fellowships: This fellowship lasts four months. The scholarship is not renewable. A shorter fellowship may be awarded if the duration of the research is less than four months.

How to Apply for the Québec Government Merit Scholarship

Before submitting your application, it’s vital to thoroughly review all the application requirements provided on the award’s official website. This step ensures that you meet all the necessary criteria before proceeding with your application.

To initiate your application, kindly click the button below. This will lead you to the application process.

Apply Now

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