Fully Funded University Of Copenhagen 2023 PhD Scholarships for International Students

Written by David on June 26, 2023

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Flag of Denmark

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    Ph.D. scholarship
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    Faculty Of Law University Of Copenhagen Karen Blixens Plads 16 DK-2300 Copenhagen S

The European Research Council and the Danish National Research Foundation have both contributed to iCourts’ Centre of Excellence status. The goal of iCourts 2.0 is to make sense of the complex relationship between national courts, international institutions, and international law. While we find the present pushback against international courts and law to be fascinating, we tend to favor projects that investigate the international courts’ influence in other areas of law, politics, and society.


About the Scholarship Provider:

The Danish capital city of Copenhagen is home to four separate campuses belonging to the University of Copenhagen (UCPH). Among Danish universities, the University of Copenhagen stands out as the largest. There are eight departments and more than two hundred majors and minors available in areas like religion, sociology, physics, biology, and pharmacy. It also features a school of health sciences. When visiting Copenhagen, students often choose to live in student dorms or shared apartments. Students are expected to think critically and independently when completing assignments. Departmental students regularly host a social event on Fridays called the “Friday bar,” which has become a campus tradition. It’s an opportunity for students (and teachers) to network with one another outside of the classroom. The University is conveniently located in the heart of Copenhagen, the Danish capital. The city, which has grown to house over 1.7 million people since its founding in 1167, has maintained the charm that attracted so many people to it in the first place. Due to its low levels of pollution, reasonably pure air, and availability of possibilities to participate in cultural activities, Copenhagen is widely regarded as one of the world’s most livable cities.

 Every year, almost 1,700 international students from all corners of the globe enroll at the University of Copenhagen. Students from other countries enrich campus life with their unique cultural perspectives. The institution offers a wide variety of social events for international students during orientation in addition to helping with things like admission, housing, and counseling. The University of Copenhagen is the largest and most prestigious academic institution in Denmark. In addition to theology, law, physics, the humanities, and the social sciences, the six colleges provide close to two hundred distinct areas of study to its students. The institution’s goal is to equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in a variety of fields, including the public and private sectors. Because of this, students at universities learn specific skills and scientific methods in addition to more theoretical knowledge that will help them build their resumes. In order to reach this objective, research and classroom instruction must work hand in hand. One way to ensure that both research and teaching are given equal weight is to base classroom instruction, whenever possible, on findings from previous studies.


The university’s eight schools and colleges provide more than two hundred majors and specializations in fields as diverse as theological studies, sociology, chemistry, biology, pharmacy, and physics. It also has a humanities division in addition to its health sciences division. Students in Copenhagen typically choose between living in student dorms or in shared apartments. They must always have a methodical, self-motivated approach to their schoolwork.

A long-standing tradition at the school is the weekly “Friday bar,” an informal gathering planned and hosted by students from all departments. It gives them a chance to talk to their classmates (and professors) in an atmosphere that encourages conversation. It’s possible that the University of Copenhagen might be located right in the middle of Denmark’s largest and capital city. The city, which was established in 1167 and is now home to almost 1.7 million people, has managed to preserve the allure it had upon its inception. Copenhagen is often cited as an example of a “perfect city” thanks to its low levels of pollution, relatively clean air, and abundance of opportunities to engage in cultural activities. The University of Copenhagen welcomes approximately 1,700 international students each academic year. These pupils hail from every corner of the globe. Students from other countries enrich campus life with their unique cultural perspectives.


In addition to providing assistance with things like admission, housing, and counseling, the institution also hosts a number of social events as part of its orientation programs for international students. This is in addition to the support provided in areas such as admissions, housing, and mental health services for students. When it comes to higher learning in Denmark, the University of Copenhagen is widely considered to be the best option. The six institutions collaborate to offer students a total of around two hundred unique degree programs. These courses are offered in many different academic disciplines, from religion and law to physics and the arts and social sciences. 

Attending this school will prepare students for a wide range of careers in both the public and private sectors of the economy. This means that graduates will be able to increase their level of certification as a direct result of a university education covering not only general abilities but also specific talents and scientific procedures. This goal can be accomplished through a combination of in-class learning and individual investigation. In the first place, this is achieved by having academics and scientists devote equal time to both teaching and research, and by basing classroom instruction on empirical findings whenever possible. To ensure that all bases are covered, academic and scientific staff allocate equal time to each task.


Lawyers Looking at Divorce Paper
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SeNSS is one of only 14 Doctoral Training Partnerships in the United Kingdom that is sponsored by the ESRC, and they will be offering a handful of fully-funded ESRC doctoral studentships beginning in September 2023. SeNSS is one of the only 14 Doctoral Training Partnerships in the United Kingdom that is sponsored by the ESRC.


Scholarship Sponsor(s): University of Copenhagen.

Scholarship Country: Denmark

Scholarship Worth:  Fully Funded

Study Level:  Postgraduate

Nationality: International Students


Scholarship Offer:

  • The salaries of PhD students will be determined by an agreement reached between the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations and the Ministry of Finance. The successful candidates for this position will be paid according to the terms of this agreement. If you are given the opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree, you will be entitled to a monthly income in accordance with the laws of Denmark as well as an annual research budget if you accept the position. The Faculty does not make any accommodations for its students.


The Gustafsson & Skrondal Visiting Scholarship is administered by the University of Oslo’s Centre for Educational Measurement (CEMO). As part of the visiting scholar program, CEMO and the University of Oslo host a number of young researchers from Norway and elsewhere each year.


Eligibility for Scholarship.

Brown Wooden Gavel on Brown Wooden Table
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  • Candidates must demonstrate that they satisfy all of the standards listed below in order to be considered eligible. You must:
  • Have submitted an application for, and been extended an admission offer to, a taught Master’s degree program at the University of Birmingham UK campus, in order to begin studies during the academic year 2023–2024.
  • Have your “primary residence” (also known as “domicile”) in one of the countries that have been chosen. Please look at the list that follows.
  • For the purposes of determining tuition fees, the university will consider you to be an overseas fee payer.
  • You will begin your studies at the University in September or October 2023, and you will be enrolled in a full-time program that will be taught at the University’s campus in the UK. 
  • Applicants are required to have earned a degree that is comparable to the Danish Master of Laws or qualities that are equivalent to this degree. Study in Denmark can be found at the following URL: studyindenmark.dk. In accordance with the Danish grading scheme, applicants are required to have earned an 8.2 or more as their minimum overall grade average while pursuing their Master’s degree.
  • In order to demonstrate that they are up to the challenge of writing a PhD thesis, applicants are required to provide evidence of their proclivity for research in the form of a meritorious evaluation of their final thesis, publications, or academic recommendations.
  • Applicants are required to have a high level of proficiency in the English language as well as strong communication abilities. The ability to teach at an academic level in either Danish or English and to follow PhD courses in English are both requirements for applicants.
  • For instance, a high score on either the IELTS or the TOEFL might serve as documentation of one’s degree of English proficiency. This link provides access to additional details.
  • Candidates for the PhD who are successful are expected to 
  • Participate in international conferences, classes, and meetings that are pertinent to their research subject; actively participate in the research environment at the University of Copenhagen.
  • Maintain the level of professionalism demanded by the PhD program’s formal criteria.
  • Participate in the instruction of courses in Danish or English at the undergraduate and graduate levels that are provided by the Faculty of Law.
  • Carry out research that is both autonomous and of a high quality while being supervised by an experienced member of the academic staff at the Faculty.



The University Of Copenhagen 2023 PhD Scholarships for International Students   is open to all International Students


If a student enrolls in one of the degree programs offered by SOAS University of London, they may be eligible to receive a fee waiver award in the amount of £5,000. This award is available to students who are interested in receiving a degree from SOAS University of London.


Application Procedure

  • Please visit the UCPH website for further information.


Application Deadline

The application deadline for the University Of Copenhagen 2023 PhD Scholarships for International Students is December 1, 2023.

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