Drake $32,600 Scholarships in 2023 | How to Apply

Written by Michael Nz. on June 20, 2023

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    Bachelor's scholarship
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    > 12000
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    E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 515-271-2905; Or Toll Free At 1-800-44-DRAKE (Option 3) Fax: 515-271-4042

Attention, college students! Paying those hefty tuition fees can be quite a challenge, but fear not, for there are plenty of scholarship opportunities out there. One such opportunity that deserves your attention is the esteemed Drake Scholarship.

Imagine yourself on a quest for a degree without the burden of tuition expenses. The Drake Scholarships, created by the brilliant minds at Drake University in Iowa, USA, can make that dream a reality.

Drake University is committed to recognizing and rewarding talented students, regardless of where those talents shine. They offer a diverse range of scholarships that are not solely based on financial need but rather on various criteria specific to each scholarship.

The best part? These scholarships are not a one-time deal. They are renewable for up to four years or until you earn your bachelor’s degree. As long as you maintain your academic reputation and grade point average, the financial support will continue to be there.

This article isn’t just here to inform you about this fantastic scholarship opportunity. It’s here to guide you through all your requirements to be eligible.

So, stick with us as we unravel all the essential details about the Drake University Scholarship and much more.

While you’re at it, take a glance at the table of contents for a quick preview of what’s in store in this engaging article. Let’s get started on your path to educational success!

Table of Contents.

  • About Drake University
  • Drake Scholarship | Frequent questions

About Drake University

Top Private University in the Midwest | Drake University

Image source: Drake University

Drake University, nestled in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa, is a gem in the Midwest. Renowned as one of the finest universities in the region, it seamlessly combines the advantages of a larger institution with the warmth and personal touch of a smaller school.

At Drake, students can explore a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including prestigious offerings in business, law, and pharmacy. They’re equipped with the resources and opportunities typically found in larger universities while benefiting from smaller class sizes that foster close-knit relationships and personalized attention.

As an institution with a rich history, Drake stands proudly among the 25 oldest universities in the United States. Its story began in 1881 when George T. Carpenter, an esteemed teacher, and pastor, joined forces with Francis Marion Drake, a heroic Union general from the Civil War era, to establish the university.

Originally affiliated with the Christian Church, Drake University has evolved over the years and now embraces a diverse community with no official religious affiliation. It symbolizes a vibrant, inclusive environment where students from all walks of life can thrive.

A cornerstone of Drake’s campus is the iconic Old Main, which has stood tall since its completion in 1883. This historic building not only houses administrative offices but also serves as a reminder of the university’s enduring spirit. Adjacent to Old Main is Levitt Hall and Sheslow Auditorium, where countless significant events, including United States presidential debates, have taken place.

Drake’s School of Law is the second oldest law school west of the Mississippi River, preceded only by Saint Louis University School of Law. The school has a long tradition of embracing international students, dating back to 1886 when it welcomed students from China, Persia, Armenia, and Japan, fostering a global community of learners.

On June 16, 1908, Drake celebrated the grand opening of its first-ever campus library, marking a pivotal moment in its commitment to academic excellence and scholarly pursuits.

Today, Drake University thrives with over 3,000 students and 1,800 doctoral candidates hailing from 45 states and 42 countries. It also extends its educational offerings beyond degree programs, providing various training programs tailored to professionals, community members, and regional businesses.

Drake University is not just a place of learning; it’s a vibrant community that nurtures growth, celebrates diversity, and inspires its students to pursue their passions with determination and zeal.

How much financial assistance is available

Drake University understands the financial challenges that can come with pursuing higher education. That’s why they have put together a comprehensive financial aid plan to support their incoming students. In fact, a whopping 100.0% of new students at Drake receive some form of financial aid. Now, that’s an impressive commitment!

Regarding financial aid, Drake goes above and beyond by offering scholarships and grants, which are essentially free money you don’t have to pay back. These generous awards help reduce the overall cost of attending college, making it more affordable for students and their families.

It’s important to note that student loans are also considered a form of financial aid, but they come with different considerations. Unlike scholarships and grants, loans require repayment, which means they can add to your financial obligations in the long run. Drake University wants you to be well-informed about the potential impact of student loans on your college expenses.

So, before taking out any loans, assessing how much student loan debt you might accumulate during your time at Drake is crucial. By understanding this aspect, you can make informed decisions about your financial future and manage your college costs effectively.

At Drake University, they are committed to helping students navigate the complexities of financing their education and strive to provide the best possible financial aid options. They believe everyone deserves a fair chance to pursue their dreams without overwhelming financial stress.

Remember, at Drake, financial aid is not just about numbers. It’s about empowering students to focus on their education, explore new opportunities, and create a brighter future. So, let Drake University support you on your academic journey and help you make the most of your college experience without breaking the bank.

Number of Drake Grants and Scholarships

Let’s take a closer look at the impressive statistics regarding the financial aid provided by Drake University. These numbers truly highlight the university’s commitment to supporting its students in their educational journeys.

Drake University takes pride in ensuring that its freshmen receive the financial assistance they need to pursue their dreams. In fact, an astounding 100.0% of incoming freshmen, totaling 758 students, were awarded scholarships from Drake University.

On average, these scholarships amounted to a generous $22,437 each, demonstrating the university’s dedication to making education accessible and affordable. With such remarkable figures, Drake University ranks among the top percentile of all universities across the nation in terms of scholarship provision.

Additionally, Drake University understands the importance of federal aid in further easing the financial burden for its freshmen. Out of the 758 freshmen, 140 students received federal aid, further emphasizing the university’s commitment to supporting its students.

This aid came in the form of grants, which were awarded to approximately 18.0% of the incoming class. On average, these grants amounted to around $5,512 per recipient. Such financial support allows students to focus on their studies and pursue their passions without the added stress of overwhelming financial obligations.

These statistics truly reflect Drake University’s dedication to providing its students with substantial financial aid opportunities. By offering scholarships and grants to the majority of its freshmen class, Drake ensures that students can pursue their education with confidence and peace of mind. With its commitment to making higher education accessible, Drake University is indeed a remarkable institution that believes in investing in the success of its students.

Financial Aid Information at Drake University

For more information on available financial aid, visit the Drake University Financial Aid Department website.

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