Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship

Written by Michael Nz. on July 6, 2023

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

    Architecture and Environmental Design, Art History, Arts and Culture
  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Master's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    $7000 - $9000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    1300 575 803

Applications Open for the 2023 Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship!

Calling all aspiring designers! This is your chance to shine and make your dreams come true. The prestigious Billy Blue College of Design is thrilled to announce that applications are now open for the highly coveted 2023 scholarship program.

Here’s the best part: if you’re selected, the scholarship will cover a whopping 100% of your Diploma and Graduate Certificate fees. For those aiming higher, it will also cover a generous 33% of your Bachelor’s and Master’s degree fees. This is an incredible opportunity to pursue your passion without worrying about the financial burden.

Why is this scholarship so special? Well, let’s paint you a picture of what lies ahead. Imagine yourself as a graduate of Billy Blue College of Design, equipped with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the creative industry. You’ll have a ticket to a career where you get paid to do what you love.

Designers like you are in high demand in today’s world. Whether you’re passionate about fashion brands, communication design, digital media design, or interior design, we’ve got you covered. At Billy Blue College of Design, they pride themselves on guiding talented individuals like you toward their true calling.

Picture this: instead of dreading the thought of another monotonous day at the office, you’ll be embracing the excitement of each new project. As a designer, your days will be filled with innovation, creativity, and the satisfaction of bringing ideas to life. Plus, let’s not forget the good living that comes with it. Designers earn a handsome salary, making your career both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

So, what are you waiting for? Seize this golden opportunity and apply for the 2023 Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship today. It’s your time to shine and show the world your incredible talent. Let us help you find your path to success in the world of design. Don’t let this chance slip away – apply now and let your creativity soar!

Table of Contents.

  • About Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship
  • Who is eligible for the Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship?
    • Level/field of study
    • Host Nationality
    • Eligible Nationality
    • Scholarship Worth
    • Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship Eligibility
    • How to Apply for the Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship
    • Deadline for application

About Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship

Fees and Scholarships | Students Working Together | Torrens University Australia | Large

Image source: Torrens University

Once upon a time, way back in 1987 (before Photoshop was even a thing), there was a design agency in Sydney called Billy Blue Creative. These creative minds were on the hunt for talented individuals to join their teams and work on exciting client projects. And guess what? They did something pretty remarkable – they decided to open a design school.

What began as a simple magazine transformed into a thriving design agency, then blossomed into a full-fledged school, and now stands proudly as a renowned university. The Billy Blue College of Design was born from the minds of designers, for the benefit of designers.

Fast forward to today, and Billy Blue College of Design has earned a well-deserved reputation for its trailblazing spirit and remarkable success in preparing students for careers in various design fields. Their programs cover a wide range of disciplines, including the captivating worlds of fashion branding, communication design, digital media design, and interior design. The courses are carefully crafted by industry-leading designers and instructors who are actively involved in the field, working with top agencies.

But Billy Blue College of Design offers more than just classroom education. They understand the importance of practical experience and real-world connections. That’s why they provide internships and work-integrated learning programs that bring students face-to-face with some of Australia’s most prestigious design firms. Imagine having the opportunity to collaborate on live projects and gain invaluable insights from professionals who have already made their mark in the industry.

At Billy Blue, students are immersed in specialized design courses, carefully tailored by designers themselves. These courses are taught by industry experts who serve as mentors, passing on their knowledge and providing practical career advice. Students learn the ins and outs of the industry, gaining relevant skills that will set them up for success in their future careers.

One of the most exciting aspects of studying at Billy Blue is the strong connection they have established with the design industry. Students have the chance to grow both personally and professionally, working on real-world projects while still in class. They also have the opportunity to build their network of industry contacts and potential clients, laying the foundation for a thriving career even before graduation.

So, if you’re passionate about design and seeking an education that goes beyond theory and textbooks, Billy Blue College of Design is the place for you. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and equipped with the skills you need to make your mark in the design world. Join the ranks of those who have come before you and embark on a journey that will shape your creative future. Apply to Billy Blue College of Design today and let your design dreams soar to new heights!

The Eligible Level & Field of Study

This scholarship is available for you to pursue your studies at the graduate level. These scholarships cover a wide range of subjects offered by the university. So, regardless of your field of interest, you have the opportunity to apply for and benefit from these scholarships.

It’s an excellent chance to further your education and achieve your academic goals. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity – start exploring the available scholarships and take a step towards a brighter future today!

Host nationality

The scholarship offers an incredible opportunity to study in Australia at Torrens University. Yes, you heard it right – you have the chance to pursue your education at Torrens University, situated in the beautiful country of Australia. This renowned institution is known for its quality education and vibrant learning environment. So, if you’re dreaming of studying abroad and experiencing the rich culture and academic excellence that Australia has to offer, this scholarship is your ticket. Take the leap and seize this amazing opportunity to study at Torrens University in Australia. Your educational journey awaits!

Eligible Nationality

The scholarship is available for all eligible foreign students who qualify for graduate studies at Torrens University.

Scholarship Worth

This scholarship award applies only to domestic students, 18 years of age and over, who wish to enroll in a full-time course at the Billy Blue College of Design campus.

Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship Eligibility

Are you eager to stay ahead of the competition and enhance your skills in your chosen field? Perhaps you’re seeking formal qualifications to advance your career or itching for a fresh start in a new profession. Well, we’ve got great news for you – this opportunity is tailor-made for individuals just like you. It could be the key to unlocking your newfound success and career satisfaction!

To be eligible for this industry scholarship, you’ll need to submit a written presentation explaining why you’re interested in pursuing this particular course of study. Additionally, you must meet one of the following criteria:

1. Demonstrate your ability to undertake studies at the required level.
2. Showcase your relevant work experience by providing a comprehensive CV.
3. Currently employed in the design industry.
4. Present two arbitrators from your current employer or manager who can vouch for your skills and potential.

These criteria ensure that passionate and dedicated individuals like yourself have a fair chance at securing this scholarship. We believe in recognizing both academic capability and practical experience, so don’t hesitate to apply if you meet any of these requirements.

If you’re ready to take the next step and want more detailed information about this opportunity, we encourage you to visit the provided link. This is your chance to seize the opportunity and set yourself on a path toward personal and professional growth. Don’t let it slip away – find out more and make your application today!

How to Apply for the  Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship

Before you proceed with your application, we kindly request that you carefully review their portfolio guidelines and terms and conditions. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with these documents to ensure a smooth application process.

To submit your application, please send it to Make sure to use this designated email address when applying for the scholarship.

Here’s an important note: all scholarship applicants are required to apply for their chosen Billy Blue course as well. This step is necessary to reserve your place. Don’t worry, the application process for the course is quick and easy, taking just 5 minutes. To apply, simply click HERE.

Once you have submitted your course application, one of our Course and Career Advisors will reach out to you. They will provide you with further guidance and information to assist you in making the most of your educational journey.

Please keep in mind that after the scholarship closing date, they will notify you about the outcome of your application. If you have been successful, they will be sure to inform you promptly.

We encourage you to follow these steps diligently and take advantage of this opportunity to pursue your dreams. Good luck with your application.

Deadline for Application

To ensure your application is considered for the June 2024 intake, please submit it by 11:59 pm AEST on Monday. For the September 2024 intake, the deadline is 11:59 pm AEST on Monday, August 29. Lastly, for the February 2024 intake, kindly submit your application by 11:59 pm AEDT on Monday, January 15.

For more information and to access the scholarship link, please visit the provided website.

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