Adelaide Scholarships International for Masters and PhD Students, 2024

Written by Ethan Gray on February 9, 2024

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Adelaide Scholarships International for Master and Ph (Incomplete information)

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    The University Of Adelaide AdelaideSouth Australia 5005 Australia

The University of Adelaide, through its Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI), aims to attract exceptional international students to pursue advanced degrees in its research-rich environment. These scholarships underscore the University’s commitment to fostering global research collaboration and academic excellence. By offering financial support to Masters and PhD candidates, the ASI program enhances the University’s research capabilities and contributes to a vibrant and diverse academic community. The scholarship recipients are expected to be ambassadors of the Adelaide research ethos, contributing significantly to the University’s academic output and reputation.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the ASI is quite specific, ensuring that scholarships are awarded to individuals who are most likely to excel in and benefit from the University’s research programs. Applicants must not have Australian or New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency status and should have completed an equivalent to an Australian First Class Honours degree. This academic achievement indicates a high level of competence in independent research and study, which is essential for success in a research-focused Master’s or PhD program. English proficiency must ensure that scholars fully engage with their research, peers, and the broader academic community. Additionally, the eligibility criteria ensure that scholarships are awarded to those who do not already possess a qualification that would render further research study redundant.

Field of Study

The fields of study covered by the ASI are broad, encompassing the University of Adelaide’s key research areas. These areas are identified based on their research strength and alignment with global and national priorities, ensuring that scholarship recipients work on projects of significant academic and practical value. Potential applicants are encouraged to explore the University’s departments and research groups to identify where their interests might best align, and to consider how their work could contribute to the development of their field, the University’s research goals, and broader societal challenges.

Scholarship Benefits

The ASI covers essential expenses to alleviate the financial burden on international students and allow them to focus fully on their research. This includes tuition fees, which can be a significant barrier to international study, and a generous living allowance, ensuring that students can maintain a reasonable standard of living while pursuing their studies. Health insurance is also provided, covering both the scholarship holder and their dependents, which is crucial for ensuring that international students have access to healthcare without incurring prohibitive costs. These benefits collectively make the ASI a comprehensive support package for international research students.

Application Process

The application process for the ASI is designed to identify candidates who are not only academically talented but also a good fit for the University’s research environment. Applicants must submit a detailed research proposal outlining their proposed study’s aims, methodology, and significance. This proposal is a critical component of the application, as it demonstrates the applicant’s research ability, creativity, and alignment with the University’s research strengths. Academic transcripts and references provide further evidence of the applicant’s suitability, while English language proficiency documents ensure that the candidate can effectively communicate in an academic setting. The process is competitive, with applications assessed on merit, research potential, and alignment with the University’s strategic research areas.


The ASI program has specific deadlines that are strictly adhered to, reflecting the competitive nature of the scholarship and the need for timely planning and enrolment. These deadlines ensure that applicants have sufficient time to prepare their applications and that the University can process applications and make awards promptly, allowing recipients to begin their studies without delay. Prospective applicants must carefully note these deadlines and plan their applications accordingly to avoid disappointment.


The Adelaide Scholarships International program is a cornerstone of the University of Adelaide’s strategy to enhance its global research impact and academic community. By providing comprehensive support to international Masters and PhD students, the ASI facilitates high-caliber research and fosters a diverse and dynamic academic environment. The ASI represents an unparalleled opportunity for ambitious international students to advance their academic careers, contribute to meaningful research, and experience life in one of Australia’s premier universities.

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