$6,000 Outreachy Remote Paid Internship 2022

Written by admin on August 27, 2021

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

    Computer Science
  • Country of the Scholarship

    United States
  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Vocational scholarships
  • Scholarship amount given

    $5000 - $7000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

    Private sponsor
  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details


Internship and internship program in Outreachy programming worldwide for foreign and domestic students 2022. With the sole purpose of promoting their knowledge and skills in the aforementioned area, this important remote project is promoted.

This international practice opportunity focuses on diversity and cooperation; aimed at people who have been victims of discrimination, gender prejudice and also at people who are from little-known communities. Provide a boost to their careers by earning benefits from this program.

One of the most important features of the Outreachy Programming Internship is that you do not have to travel to another nation to be eligible as a winner, therefore it is a remote project.

Outreachy was formed due to the huge momentum generated in large part by Google Summer of Code. These practices paid in full at a distance are designed to empower the group of people with limited resources. 

The program serves as a link between mentors who are already working successfully on the free software organization’s projects and initiates.

Open Source initiative known as free and open-source software allows users to use, study, change and even distribute the source code to anyone, offering complete authority to work on any project. 

It is a program that is designed in a collaborative public way. It also provides the opportunity to modify the software according to your own personal and/or professional needs and demands.

Without a doubt, this Outreachy award also represents an excellent career leap because it will be in an environment where the largest companies on the planet in the development area are interested in high-level students who represent added value.

Remote Paid Internship at Open Source

Institutions where the studies will be carried out:

Outreachy program.

Levels and areas of studies:

Open Source internship and training.

Who can participate?:

Students and/or professionals with programming knowledge.

The endowment of the scholarship:

All participants who are selected will receive a total stipend of $6,000 for the time of three (3) months. To this benefit is added the support they will receive from world-class tutors.

Conditions that participants must meet:

  • Be a student from any part of the globe, over 18 years old.
  • Registration dates vary depending on the location area.
  • Submit your application to participate in the remote paid internship at Open Source through the online system of the Outreachy program. This procedure must be carried out two (2) to three (3) weeks before the end of the process because it is a bit extended.
  • You do not need to be a programmer to apply. Some projects focus on non-programming work. Those may involve design, documentation, user experience, merchandising, or event planning.
  • Mentors are willing to teach you a new programming language if you know at least one other programming language.
  • Have availability of forty (40) hours per week to be able to fulfill their work with the Outreachy program.
  • Candidates taking leave from their full-time job cannot apply.
  • Candidates already completing an internship at Google Summer of Code are not allowed to apply.

Instructions to apply:

Present the following supporting documents at the time of registration:

  • Essay where you answer the following questions:
  1. In which country will you live from December 2021 to March 2022?
  2. Are you part of an underrepresented group?
  3. How are you underrepresented?
  4. What systemic bias or discrimination would you face if you applied for a job in the tech industry in your country?
  5. Does your learning environment have few people who share your identity or background?
  6. What systematic bias and discrimination have you faced in building your skills?
  • Among other details, you must submit a curriculum, transcripts, and academic records. If you need to know each requirement in-depth to be a potential winner of the Remote Paid Internship for Latinos, visit the official website of the Outreachy Program.


Until September 3, 2021

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