$50,000 Stockholm School of Economics 2022 MBA Scholarship Program for International Students

Written by David on June 10, 2022

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    Master's scholarship
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    > 12000
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This scholarship is provided by Dagens Industri, utbildning.se, and the Stockholm School of Economics. It pays for the recipient’s complete tuition for the SSE MBA Executive Format program. A person is selected to receive the scholarship if it is believed that they would be able to effectively represent Sweden through their leadership and the development of responsible business practices. In particular, we look at the candidates’ potential and how much experience they have in the following areas:

  • generating new value by means of business startup or corporate intrapreneurship
  • fostering environmentally responsible commercial practices within an international setting


About Scholarship Provider

Students and researchers with a thirst for knowledge from all over the world flock to the Stockholm School of Economics because it is a leading academic institution on the international stage. Since its founding, the Sloan School of Management at MIT has made it one of its primary missions to broaden the horizons of its students and alumni by working in tandem with business organizations and other members of the community. We are regarded as one of the most prestigious business schools in all of Europe, and our connections to the local business community are unrivaled by any other institution. 

Our research has been acknowledged on a global scale, and a number of our researchers are widely regarded as being among the most accomplished professionals in their respective fields. The Stockholm School of Economics celebrated its first students in 1909, making that year its 110th anniversary as an educational institution. During the decades surrounding the turn of the nineteenth century, Sweden saw a period of substantial industrial boom, which, in turn, produced a demand for well-trained managers and personnel in the country’s growing industrial sector. It was common knowledge among influential figures in Swedish industry and trade that individuals with such backgrounds would call for specialized instruction in the practices and theories of business. In 1906, these business leaders (among whom were K.A. Wallenberg, Olof A. Soderberg, and Joseph Nachmanson, amongst others) rallied the city’s business leaders, and the Stockholm School of Economics Association was formed with the sole purpose of making Sweden’s long-held dream of establishing a business school a reality. The Stockholm School of Economics Association was established in order to bring Sweden’s long-held dream of establishing a business school into reality. It wasn’t until three years later, in 1909, that the formal doors of the Stockholm School of Economics were opened for the very first time. This was made possible thanks to the aid of the City of Stockholm, money from the government, and gifts from private endowments. 


The first course of study, which lasted for two years and consisted of a mix of political science, economics, and business, was meant to accommodate a total of 110 students and was offered in a classroom setting. The Stockholm School of Economics began its journey in Brunkebergstorg, a place in the middle of Stockholm. The school was initially established in a commercial building in the center of Stockholm that was formerly known as the Brunkebergs Hotel. Because of the hotel’s long-term lease on the entire third floor, classes were held there for nearly twenty years. This was made possible by the hotel’s business strategy. On the other hand, SSE eventually outgrew these buildings and commissioned Swedish architect Ivar Tengbom to build the current headquarters for the firm. The School relocated into these new quarters, which are still located at Sveavagen 65, which is the address that serves as the mailing address for our primary building to this very day. As a result of the generous donations that have been received over the years, a number of additional buildings have been constructed in the vicinity of Tengbom’s original structure. 

The older building is now surrounded by more recent buildings, and a number of more recent buildings are now under construction in the area. Over the course of the subsequent decades, SSE went through a period of rapid expansion. After moving to its new home in Sveavagen in 1929, the School built its first research institution the following year, which welcomed its first students the following year. The Economic Research Institute was founded with the intention of conducting research in the fields of economics and business that is of the highest international standard. The name of the institute was chosen quite carefully. In due time, similar initiatives will be undertaken by other institutes, such as the Institute of Business Leadership (IFL). In its early years, the Institute for Leadership was only tangentially connected to the SSE, although it did provide educational programs in business management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. As a result of their achievements, IFL would later come to be associated principally with the School, which is where they had their first encounter.


As a result of the success that the school has had on a national level, there has been a push in recent years to establish the SSE as one of the premier business schools in the world. The School became a member of CEMS, also known as the Global Alliance in Management Education, in the year 1991. This organization is widely recognized as a benchmark of excellence in the field of management education. Only a few years later, in 1999, the School of Social and Political Science (SSE) was awarded the EQUIS certification, indicating once again that all programs and research have shown to be of quality on an international scale. 2007 was a pivotal year in the annals of university history all over the world as a direct result of the agreement that was reached as part of the Bologna Process.

This agreement set a consistent level of quality and comparability throughout the entirety of Europe. The programs leading to a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree—which we are all familiar with—have been substituted for the structure of the SSE’s program structure. One year following the relocation, SSE expanded its program portfolio by purchasing a retail-oriented program from Detaljhogskolan I Norrtalje. This action brought about the expansion. The program, which has been renamed the BSc Program in Retail Management and is completely supported by the retail industry, is one of the most distinctive in the academic environment in Sweden because of this. The School has placed a significant emphasis on enhanced internationalization, which is a priority that has existed in the past and continues to exist today. Already in 2001, the SSE Business Lab was formed as a start-up incubator. Its purpose was to bring prospective student and alumni start-ups together with industry specialists. Through the years, the SSE Business Lab has been of assistance in the construction of a wide variety of prosperous businesses by assisting with the development of ideas from the stage of conception all the way through to the stage of implementation.


Scholarship Sponsor(s):  Stockholm School of Economics

Scholarship Country:  Sweden

Scholarship Worth: SEK 495,000 ($50, 000)

Study Level:  Masters

Nationality: International Students



Scholarship Offer:

  • This scholarship is made possible through a collaboration between Dagens Industri, utbilding.se, and the Stockholm School of Economics, and it pays for the full tuition fee of SEK 495,000 plus VAT for the SSE MBA Executive Format.
  • The training will begin on December 5, 2022, and will last for a total of 18 months while participants continue working in their regular jobs. There are also opportunities to go internationally for academic purposes.


Eligibility for Scholarship.

Applicants must have a three-year college degree and at least five years of relevant work experience in order to be considered for the program. A strong command of the English language is also required.




The Stockholm School of Economics 2022 MBA Scholarship Program for International Students  is open to all International Students


The University acknowledges that in order for students to complete their educations, they will need to make a significant financial investment in themselves. Scholarships for Egyptian undergraduate and graduate students based on merit Students who believe they meet the qualifications for receiving a student scholarship can submit an application for it at our Dubai office.


Application Procedure

  • Are you interested, and do you qualify? To submit your application, please visit utbildning.se on campaign.bbmbonnier.se.
  • To submit an application for this year’s MBA scholarship or to propose someone else for it, fill out the form that can be found at DI and send it in by the deadline of June 16, 2022. Those who are chosen to move forward in the process of selection, which is limited to a maximum of fifteen people, must subsequently submit an application to the Stockholm School of Economics that is complete. From among these, five finalists are chosen and given the opportunity to participate in further testing and interviews. A panel of judges comprising individuals from Dagens industri, ungdom.se, and the Stockholm School of Economics selects the candidate for the position of research fellow.
  • You are more than welcome to submit another application for the scholarship, even if you have already applied for it in past years but were not selected to get it. Do not pass up the chance to secure funding for the most difficult endeavor of your life.


Application Deadline

The application deadline for Stockholm School of Economics 2022 MBA Scholarship Program for International Students  Is  June 16, 2022. It should be worthy of note that this scholarship is renewable each year. 

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