50% Tuition Fees Flinders University 2022 Go Beyond Scholarship

Written by David on September 7, 2022

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Bachelor's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    > 12000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Sturt Rd, Bedford Park South Australia 5042

Flinders Go Beyond Scholarships are awarded to overseas students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and have the potential to make a significant contribution to Flinders University as well as the global society. The chance to pursue their educational and career aspirations is made available to overseas students through our Go Beyond Scholarships. This enables these students to go beyond the ordinary and achieve the extraordinary in their lives.


About the Scholarship Sponsor:

Flinders University will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for future success. You can do a great deal with Flinders’ help. Flinders University of South Australia (Flinders) is renowned for its modern, student-centered, and career-focused learning environment. At Flinders University, students have the option of studying in state-of-the-art facilities alongside classmates who have similar interests and support one another to achieve excellence and beyond expectations. Impacting the world positively involves boldness, innovation, and a fair amount of risk-taking. The academic performance of our students is a significant indicator of the university’s own success, and we are quite concerned about this. We are thrilled that so many recent graduates from Australia have opted to seek jobs in the United States. When you complete one of our courses, you will be prepared to enter the workforce in the field of your choice. The reason for this is that they possess the essential knowledge, expertise, and industry connections.


Internships, mentoring programs, and other chances for professional development are also offered. In terms of academic repute, the University of Flinders is now ranked 271st internationally and 43rd in the Asia-Pacific area (THE World University Rankings 2020). We are interested in sustaining partnerships with organizations, industries, and areas worldwide. We also wish to strengthen relationships between the research and educational sectors worldwide. Gaining a degree from Flinders University, which is renowned and esteemed worldwide, will position you for success in your chosen area. In the commercial sector, CISCO and BAE Systems are two of the most notable companies that partner with Flinders University.

This suggests that you will have access to internship opportunities in the real world, providing you an advantage over your classmates when you enter the workforce following graduation. Many people believe that the facilities and technology utilised at the Bedford Park campus of Flinders University are cutting-edge. Its proximity to the city’s business hub, beaches, and major shopping establishments makes it an ideal location. Student Hub and Plaza will also be created at a cost of $63 million. There will also be places to eat, shop, study, and relax with a drink at the bar.

At Flinders University, student services are emphasized heavily. Because the futures of our students depend on it, we spend extensively in it. We provide a number of orientation and orientation-related programs and services to help international students acclimatize to life in Adelaide and at Flinders University. International students are encouraged to utilize the university’s outstanding international student services upon arrival and during their time here. Our support services have received overwhelmingly good responses from international students. Approximately 90% of international students at the university are satisfied with the support they have received. The institution known as Flinders University. Next to the Flinders Medical Center, a new train station and track will be developed in the Flinders Village development. The average commuting time for residents, students, and employees in 2020 will be 22 minutes. Flinders Village will be home to cutting-edge universities, nightlife, and retail. In addition, it will act as a bustling metropolis. There are around 20,000 additional Australians enrolled at Flinders University.

There will be more than six international students present, allowing you to extend your perspective. Our organization has greatly extended its internet offerings. It’s wonderful to learn that Australian schools provide children with the academic and social support, motivation, and resources they need to flourish. In addition to its state-of-the-art Tonsley campus, the University of Adelaide maintains a presence in the city’s central Victoria Square. The Flinders New Venture Institute, a global pioneer in the study of entrepreneurship, provides support to university projects that promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Several honors have been awarded to the student center on the Bedford Park campus, whose mission is to develop an environment favorable to student engagement and the exchange of information through the use of contemporary technology methods.


With the aid of industry partners, Flinders University’s courses are continually updated to reflect the most latest scientific and technological developments. It would be advantageous to offer students with additional financial aid and to add substance to existing courses. Flinders University specializes in research in a variety of sectors, including molecular and cellular science and technology, the military and engineering, water and the environment, and water resources management.

Health and medicine (including mental health and human behavior), molecular and cellular science and technology, and water and environmental science are further disciplines. It performs substantial research, the quality of which continues to improve. According to ERA4, at least 90 percent of American research is of the best quality worldwide. Our researchers are driven by a desire to address global, national, and regional problems in order to improve the lives of people and the world at large. They accomplish this by vigorously opposing conventional ideas, attempting unique techniques, and exploring the limits of our understanding in pursuit of new views and life lessons.


Scholarship Sponsor(s):  Flinders University

Scholarship Country: Australia

Scholarship Worth: 50% reduction in tuition fees

Scholarship Type: Undergraduate

Nationality: International Students


Scholarship Offer:

The tuition and fee costs will be reduced by half for the duration of the program.


Eligibility for Scholarship

  • Accessible for commencement in the first and second semesters of the year 2022.
  • Only new students are eligible to get this offer.
  • students from foreign countries who pay their tuition in full (citizens of Australia and New Zealand and Australian Permanent Residents or other permanent visa holders are ineligible to apply).
  • International students of any nationality are welcome to apply.
  • Open to applicants who are enrolled in one of the relevant courses, as specified in the Terms & Conditions.
  • In addition to completing basic admission requirements such as English language requirements, any topic pre-requisites, or work experience, students are required to fulfill the entry requirements outlined for each scholarship they wish to apply for.
  • Students must continue to maintain a grade point average of 5.0 and attend classes full time in order to be eligible for the program.
  • These scholarships are awarded based on a competitive application process, and the recipients are chosen from a pool of candidates. As part of the process for awarding the scholarships, applicants will be informed of the outcome of their submissions. Applicants who have a chance of being awarded an alternative scholarship will have their application packages upgraded to include the scholarship automatically.
  • The successful applicants will be required to take part in the Flinders International Ambassador Program and provide active support to Flinders University in the university’s efforts to promote Flinders around the world.


Awarding international students with tuition waivers for the 2022-2023 school year in select degree programs, the University of Innsbruck in Austria is committed to removing financial barriers to education. This award is for international students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Scholars of all levels are urged to apply for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year at the university.



The Flinders University 2022 Go Beyond Scholarship is open to all International Students


Application Procedure

Please visit the website of Flinders University for further information.


Application Deadline

The application deadline for Flinders University 2022 Go Beyond Scholarship   is December 31, 2022

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