$35,000 Merit Scholarship Program for International Students in Canada, 2024

Written by Michael Nz. on October 22, 2023

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The Québec Government Merit Scholarship Program for the year 2023/24 is currently welcoming applications. This distinguished scholarship initiative, designed for international students, aims to foster the internationalization of research activities within Québec’s higher education institutions. Its purpose extends beyond borders; it seeks to attract the most promising foreign researchers and students while promoting Québec’s universities and their Centres for the Transfer of Technologies (CCTT) globally.

This scholarship is designed to help you study in Canada for free.

Before embarking on this transformative journey, one must acquaint oneself with the scholarship’s eligibility criteria, application prerequisites, and significant details. This article provides a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this opportunity and grasp the essence of this prestigious award.

Unveiling the Québec Government Merit Scholarship

The Québec Government Merit Scholarship Program holds a holistic view of higher education by providing CCTT researchers and administrators the opportunity to engage in research and academic activities actively. In broader terms, these scholarships for foreign students are designed to foster cultural connections and facilitate collaborative scientific research projects. This program is also a crucial instrument for the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Québec (MEES) to support the scientific policy of the Québec government.

The Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students is divided into three main components:

  1. **Doctoral Research Scholarships (V1, 1B, 1C, 1I, 1IS, 1M, 1W)
  2. Postdoctoral Scholarships (V2, 2B, 2C, 2I, 2M)
  3. Short-term Research or Professional Development Scholarships (V3, 3B, 3C, 3I, 3IS, 3M, 3W)

Who Qualifies for the Québec Government Merit Scholarship?

These scholarships are intended for foreign students or researchers hailing from various research sectors, including health, humanities and social sciences, arts and letters, natural sciences, and engineering. They should be preselected by a Québec university, Synchronex, the China Scholarship Council (CSC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico (SRE), or the National Council on Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT). The program does not prioritize any specific research sector, ensuring a broad scope of opportunities.

Scholarship Details and Value

The Québec Government Merit Scholarship offers various scholarships, each with its unique value and duration:

  • Doctoral Research Scholarships: Awarding $25,000 annually, these scholarships span three years, with a possible extension of up to 12 months (providing a monthly allowance of $1,000).
  • Postdoctoral Scholarships: Valued at $35,000 for one year, these scholarships are not renewable.
  • Short-term Research or Professional Development Scholarships: Offer $3,000 per month for a period of up to four months.

In addition to the financial benefits, MEES provides scholarship recipients with exemptions from higher tuition fees for foreign students and medical insurance coverage through the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ).

Selection Criteria and Restrictions

To be eligible, applicants must meet specific criteria:

  • Satisfy all eligibility conditions at the competition’s closing date.
  • Be preselected by a university or Synchronex (a CCTT).
  • For the Québec-China scholarship, preselection by the CSC is necessary.
  • Must not have previously received a Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students from MEES, FRQNT, or the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC).
  • Should not be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
  • Must not have applied for permanent resident status under Canadian immigration law.

Additionally, certain program-specific restrictions apply.

How to Apply for the Québec Government Merit Scholarship

Detailed application requirements are available on the Award Webpage. To initiate your application, click on the provided button.

Application Deadline

Please note that the closing date for this scholarship application is 1st November 2023, at 4 PM. Ensure you adhere to this deadline for the 2023/24 academic year.

The Québec Government Merit Scholarship opens the door to exceptional opportunities for international students in a world of global knowledge exchange and collaborative research endeavors. It’s a chance to expand your academic horizons, engage in cross-cultural research, and contribute to Québec’s scientific progress. As the application window approaches, prepare to embark on this transformative journey toward academic excellence in the heart of Canada. Your academic future awaits.

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