$28,854 Flinders University 2023 Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship

Written by David on April 3, 2023

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

    Policy Research
  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Ph.D. scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    > 12000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Sturt Rd, Bedford Park South Australia 5042

The purpose of the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships (International), more commonly known as AGRTPS, is to provide financial assistance to international students who are enrolled in a Higher Degree by Research program at Flinders University. The Australian Government Residency and Training Support Program (AGRTPS) provides participants with a living stipend, an offset for international tuition fees, and support for overseas medical costs. Please be aware that the AGRTPS is considered a Commonwealth Sponsored Scholarship for the purposes of obtaining a visa. There are up to five accessible AGRTPS each year, but the competition for these scholarships is fierce because there are only a limited number available.

Candidates must demonstrate an exceptional propensity for conducting independent research in order to be considered for the AGRTPS. Academic merit, academic research instruction, research indicators and performance, and overall research performance are the determining factors for AGRTPS consideration. The scholarship can be held for a maximum of two years for a Research Master’s degree and three years for a Research Doctorate degree. In order to be considered for this scholarship, applicants must be willing to devote their entire time to academic pursuits and must be starting their first research-based higher degree in Australia.


About the Scholarship Provider:

Flinders University is a model of the sort of innovative, alumni- and student-centric university that has come to characterize the modern university. Students at Flinders University are encouraged to “seize the day” whenever an opportunity presents itself. Everything you need to succeed academically is right here on campus. When compared to other elite universities, Flinders University holds its own. Graduated from one of the top universities in the globe. You’ll find a community of learners at Flinders University who share your passion for education and unquenchable curiosity. To look outside the box, you need to be inquisitive, imaginative, and proactive. Your research’s results are used to evaluate Flinders University’s performance. As Australia’s largest employer of new college grads, we couldn’t be happier about this honor.

Our graduates enjoy numerous opportunities to advance their jobs through internships, practica, and mentorship programs, and our degrees are widely respected in the academic community. According to Times Higher Education, Flinders University is ranked #271/271 overall and #43 in the Asia/Pacific area. (THE World University Rankings 2020). As we grow, we hope to have an even greater positive effect by deepening our ties to the neighborhood and encouraging foreign collaboration in fields like science and education.


Flinders University consistently places highly in worldwide rankings for its degree programs. These individuals appear to have bright futures as new college grads. Several well-known businesses, including CISCO and BAE Systems, may have their roots at Flinders University. You can learn a lot about the modern business world by interning at one of these businesses. Flinders University’s primary campus can be found in the middle of Adelaide. The neighborhood surrounding Greater Bedford Park. This modern hotel is conveniently situated near the heart of the city, making it simple to reach the beach, the best shopping, and the thriving business district. This projection includes expenditures for the Student Hub and Plaza. This building will serve many purposes, including as a place of education, retail, dining, and even drinking. The unique shops, exciting cultural events, and state-of-the-art research facilities in Flinders Village position it to become a flourishing urban hub. Flinders University acknowledges that the depth and breadth of its academic tools are closely related to the success of its students.

Flinders University offers international students a variety of orientation programs and other resources to help them settle into living in Adelaide and Australia. Our foreign students have access to a full range of support services, from orientation to after they graduate. Ninety percent of our international students say that they would suggest attending our school to a friend. As part of the Flinders Village development, a new train station and line will open in 2020, greatly improving access to our university medical center, Flinders Medical Centre. On a daily basis, commute times into the central business district will be cut by 22 minutes for locals, students, and employees. You’ll have to put in significantly less effort and time overall. Flinders University’s primary campus is located in Bedford Park, which is about 12 kilometers south of Adelaide’s city center. From here, you can see the entire port and metropolis in all their splendor.


Stunning scenery, including a lake and native Australian vegetation, complements cutting-edge construction. The beautiful and practical neighborhood of Bedford Park is home to Flinders University. Everyone seems to concur that Adelaide is a first-rate metropolis that won’t break the bank. The city’s proximity to world-famous wine regions, its abundance of green space, its selection of excellent restaurants, and its one-of-a-kind metropolitan culture all add to (Global Liveability Study 2016). Flinders University is committed to creating a welcoming and challenging atmosphere for its students to reach their academic and personal goals.

We at Flinders University are committed to enhancing many facets that are important to our pupils. Students at Flinders University have access to a wealth of resources, including financial assistance, academic advising for major choice and budgeting, and a wide variety of extracurricular activities. In 2020, the New Flinders Rail Station will open, providing a direct connection by train between the main campus, the Tonsley innovation zone, and the city center of Adelaide. Flinders Village’s thriving commercial core has expanded greatly over the past year thanks to new construction.


SeNSS is one of only 14 Doctoral Training Partnerships in the United Kingdom that is sponsored by the ESRC, and they will be offering a handful of fully-funded ESRC doctoral studentships beginning in September 2023. SeNSS is one of the only 14 Doctoral Training Partnerships in the United Kingdom that is sponsored by the ESRC.


Scholarship Sponsor(s): Flinders University

Scholarship Country:  Australia

Scholarship Worth: $28,854

Study Level: Postgraduate

Nationality: International Students


Scholarship Offer:

  • A tax-free stipend in the amount of $28,854 per year is provided by the AGRTPS. This amount is determined by the standard rate established by the Australian government. (2022 full time rate). In addition, the AGRTPS comes with a Research Training Program place (RTP), which allows for a reduction in the cost of education for a period of up to four years.
  • An AGRTPS student who relocates to Adelaide from another country is eligible for an establishment allowance (after arriving at Flinders) of up to $1,485 to assist with relocation costs and airfares, provided that the student can present receipts for the expenses incurred.


The Gustafsson & Skrondal Visiting Scholarship is administered by the University of Oslo’s Centre for Educational Measurement (CEMO). As part of the visiting scholar program, CEMO and the University of Oslo host a number of young researchers from Norway and elsewhere each year.


Eligibility for Scholarship.

  • In most cases, awards will be made accessible to only those individuals who:
  • be a citizen of any country located outside of Australia and New Zealand, with the exception of New Zealand, and not possess citizenship in Australia, permanent resident status in Australia, or citizenship in New Zealand; and
  • intend to enroll in a higher degree by research program in Australia for the very first time in the year that the prize is scheduled to be given out and study there on a full-time basis. Students who started their higher degree by research in the previous year but were unable to apply for an AGRTPS in that year due to the timing of their application for admission and subsequent enrolment are eligible for consideration; students who started a higher degree by research and terminated that enrolment within six months of starting that degree are also eligible for consideration; and students who started a higher degree by research and did not complete that degree within one year of starting it are also eligible for consideration.
  • intend to enroll in a research specialization program in a specific field.  These are the areas in which the University excels, where it has focused the majority of its academic resources, and where it has been successful in attracting funding from outside sources; and
  • To be eligible for a higher degree by research, you need to fulfill all of the entrance requirements, including reaching a certain level of English proficiency as outlined in the English Language Proficiency Requirements for HDR Candidature.
  • For a complete list of registration requirements, please refer to the Conditions of Award.
  • The Scholarships Committee will choose the recipients of the awards based on scholastic merit and potential for further research. 
  • The rankings of the applications will be determined in accordance with the University’s Guidelines for Ranking Applications for Postgraduate Research Scholarships.
  • Students who are beginning their pursuit of a higher degree by conducting original research will be given precedence status at the university.
  • For a complete list of selection parameters, please refer to the Conditions of Award.



The Flinders University 2023 Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship  is open to all International Students


If a student enrolls in one of the degree programs offered by SOAS University of London, they may be eligible to receive a fee waiver award in the amount of £5,000. This award is available to students who are interested in receiving a degree from SOAS University of London.


Application Procedure

  • You will need to activate your account by entering the Student ID that was provided to you during registration as well as the date of birth that you supplied during registration at the following website: https://activate.flinders.edu.au/main.
  • After you have finished activating your account, you will be given a Flinders Authentication Name (FAN), and at that point you will be able to send in your application to be a part of the international HDR scholarship program.
  • Flinders University encourages you to utilize the quick links located on their website to register in to your OKTA dashboard. 
  • Choose the Student System option.
  • Go to the option labeled “My Scholarship”
  • Click the button labeled “Create a new application for a scholarship.”
  • Choose the year 2023 from the drop-down menu, then choose the RHD International Scholarship Group.
  • If you attended Flinders University but graduated more than a year ago, you will need to reactivate your FAN through the FAN reactivation website in order to access your alumni benefits.  You will then be able to submit your application for a scholarship via the Student Information System in accordance with the instructions provided above if you have a current FAN.
  • You will be able to reactivate your FAN by going to the FAN reactivation website if you have previously applied to study at Flinders. On this page, you will be required to input your first name, last name, date of birth, and student ID, which can typically be found on any documents sent to you by the university.  If you are able to input your student ID, the system will be able to identify you with a higher degree of precision.
  • Your application will be evaluated after it has been submitted in its entirety, including responses to all mandatory inquiries and supporting documentation.  After the registration period has ended, we will start the review process.
  • The application period will end on Friday, August 4, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. local time in Adelaide, Australia.
  • If you have any inquiries about how to apply for the scholarship, please contact the Student Finance Office by sending an email to [email protected].
  • If you have any inquiries regarding the procedure for applying for candidacy, you should send an email to the International Centre at the following address: [email protected].


Application Deadline

The application deadline for  the Flinders University 2023 Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship  is August 4, 2023


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