$25,000 The Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute Scholarship – United States 2022

Written by K Fisher on January 27, 2022

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Cisneros Scholars

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Scholarship details

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    United States
  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Bachelor's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    > 12000
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    E-Mail: [email protected]

The Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute was created in 2011 but has far exceeded future ideals in the best possible way. Around 2015, the endowment of the foundation by Gilbert Cisneros and his wife Jacki Cisneros. When students are approached or enroll university like GW, they do not have the same resources and support throughout their college years. Armed with this insight, they pledged to increase the enrollment of students with a dedicated commitment to the Hispanic community and create a dedicated environment that would ensure they thrive as George Washington students.

When it was announced that the University of George Washington received a highly generous donation of $7 million that was gifted from previous alumni students Gilbert Cisneros and Jacki Cisneros. The initial choice for this $7 Million was to help out this leadership institute which focuses on helping Hispanic students move throughout and graduate at the top of their class, from ivy league four-year colleges and universities.

The incredible scholarship offer is aimed at pre-college programs as well as,  high school juniors from all over the United States. That is with priority given Hispanic heritage students that have shared their commitment to leadership. Along with providing service within the Hispanic community. When a junior student in high school reaches the summer before their senior year, there is a workshop which takes place in Washington, D.C., Maryland. It is here where the selected students will experience the educated fundamentals of selective college enrollment. From there each student will engage in activities and work-study opportunities that will work towards expanding their knowledge. While broadening their horizons via interests in graduating at the top of their class from one of the top schools in the United States.

The primary focus is on Hispanic communities being able to count on a student who is actively interested in giving back to their community.

Based on potential future data claims, the university is looking for a minimum of 25 students to be enrolled as a Cisneros Scholar within five years. Students in each entering class will be granted scholarships totaling at least $250,000 that are renewable for four years. Originally the first class welcomed was in 2016 and has flourished since by expanding their original 25 students to hundreds of students that are currently enrolled and have become alumni.



  • Must be a junior in high school
  • Can be either male or female when applying
  • Must attend the workshop during the summer before a junior’s, senior and final high school year
  • There is a strict age-limit with this scholar scholarship program
  • Enrollment is necessary for every student before they can apply for the scholarship
  • TheComunicadores for the Future internship program is the work-study preparations that chosen students will need to take the summer before their senior year of high school commences
  • Students that apply must have a clean criminal record and no previous offenses
  • Students must be from a Hispanic heritage and community



The biggest requirement for students who wish to become involved in this scholars alumni program would be that every applicant needs to show excellent character and leadership skills. This goes beyond just writing about leadership, but the student must have shown from volunteer work or community work that they care deeply about humanities.

When applying for enrollment, students must not lie about their age or what high school they attend. All answers must be accurate and correct information. any incorrect information will automatically be disregarded and will not be apply in the future for falsifying information beforehand.


How to Apply

The way students can apply is by actually being enrolled as a Cisneros Scholar. Since they already have a class of 2025, they are looking for their 2026 class. Which means a junior or soon to be senior in high school now can apply to become a scholar.

The only way to apply or be entered for this scholarship is to be enrolled first as a scholar. That means students will then be picked and automatically in the running for the scholarship listed on this page.


Reward – Extra Benefits

The general award for this scholarship is $20,000 as a jump start but initially it’s to turn the student into one of the top 10% students at one of the best colleges in the United States. Essentially this can be looked at as a reward for a highly gifted and academically inclined student.

The internship program is an aim to look at the challenges the Hispanic community (especially students) seem to face when it comes to higher education opportunities.

The reason this scholarship if full coverage is based on the premise that students do not need to worry about excess money to afford a higher education experience. Instead students should be able to focus on studies without worrying about living expenses, room and boarding expenses and insurance. Instead the scholars program scholarship will cover everything.

Since it can be worrying to teenagers that being away from home for a whole month, this can take some time to get use to. This scholarship fund is to release certain worries so students can focus fully on their studies and community.

As a matter of fact, scholars from this program have gone on to attend Oxford University. Solely on the fact that the student is at the top of their class with excellent exam marks.



There are multiple deadlines for this, for instance, their is a Winter, Fall, and Spring deadline. Exactly like college semester services.

Any applicant should check ahead of time to see if their has been any deadline date change, update, or delay. So students should check the website frequently for any updates.


Open Submission Window Time Frame

There are three separate open submission window time frames per year. Since the deadlines are split up into seasonal (Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions) students can apply according to when they would officially leave high school.



This is an annual scholarship with a work-study program attached, multiple students are selected per year to attend George Washington University. This became an official annual scholarship around 2016 and has put hundreds of students towards a better career and future.

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