£16,062 University of Sussex 2022 EPSRC DTP PhD Studentships in Building Interpretable Generative Models of Images in UK

Written by David on May 29, 2022

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

    Computer Science
  • Country of the Scholarship

    United Kingdom
  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Ph.D. scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    > 12000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    University Of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH, United Kingdom. +44 (0)1483 300800

In recent years, there has been remarkable development in the field of computer vision regarding the utilization of deep learning to generate descriptive representations of image data. Because the learned representations are optimized particularly for the tasks at hand, these methods have made it possible to make accurate predictions from images, such as classification and segmentation, amongst other things.

Although they are successful in a variety of contexts, such methods may have difficulty generalizing to new examples, particularly in cases in which the new examples’ data is drawn from distributions that are distinct from those of the training set. In addition, learned representations do not feature either direct interpretability or uncertainty, which restricts our capacity to comprehend or address the factors that led to an unsuccessful outcome. This project’s objective is to develop a machine learning framework that is capable of learning representations of images that are human comprehensible. In this framework, variations are explicitly decomposed into distinct semantically meaningful components such as shape, identify, pose, texture, lighting, and so on. Developing appropriate model formulations, effectively integrating prior knowledge into the learning process, and investigating how to capture the uncertainty or ambiguity of describing an image using these explicit factors are important considerations. This research project will make use of cutting-edge deep learning techniques in order to advance our understanding of how interpretable image representations can be learned and used for both discriminative (such as classification) and creative (such as image editing) tasks. These tasks will be accomplished through the application of deep learning techniques.

The precise field of application for this project is open to interpretation and will be determined by the student’s areas of interest. The examination of photographs of human or animal faces or bodies, landscapes and cityscapes, as well as the construction of models of neurodegenerative diseases based on MRIs of the brain are all examples of possible topics. This is a computational project that would be ideal for a student who is proficient in mathematics and programming and has a strong interest in computer vision and probabilistic machine learning. Students will be expected to present their work at prestigious conferences in the fields of computer vision, medical image analysis, or machine learning, such as CVPR, ICCV/ECCV, MICCAI, NeurIPS, etc. 


About Scholarship Provider

Guildford, England is the location of the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom. In 1891, the Battersea Polytechnic Institute became the first public research institution in the United Kingdom to be established as a not-for-profit organization. It was named after the neighborhood in which it is located. A “College of Advanced Technology” was established in 1956, which was ten years after the region first started placing an emphasis on science and technology. The Battersea College of Technology was subsequently formed after that. The college had considered moving to Guildford in 1962, but ultimately decided against it. The Robbins Report, which was conducted in 1963, suggested that Battersea College develop into a full-fledged university. In 2016, the educational establishment celebrated its 125th anniversary and was recognized by the Sunday Times Good University Guide as being the best of its kind in the country. Stag Hill and Manor Park are its two separate campuses, neither of which is connected to the other.

As a result of the Stag Hill school being insufficiently large, the Manor Park campus was established. The Veterinary Medicine Program and Surrey’s Sports Park both call this institution in Surrey, British Columbia, their home. The more than 100 businesses that call the Surrey Research Park, which first opened its doors in 1985, are responsible for providing employment to close to 2500 people. At the University of Surrey, there are three faculties, and within each of those faculties there are schools and departments that are further subdivided into 22. The other two schools that make up the university are those that deal with health and medical sciences.



In addition to that, the academic institution has established two relevant departments in order to provide assistance to the faculties (department of higher education and department of technology-enhanced learning). Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE) and the Surrey International Institute-DUFE collaborated to found a joint institute in 2006. The year 2006 marks the anniversary of the institute’s founding (SII-DUFE). The undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the institution encompass a diverse assortment of topics, allowing a broad spectrum of students to derive educational value from those offerings. Additional physics research classes may cover topics such as chemistry, creative writing, clinical psychology, computer science, economics, law, and politics, although this list is not exhaustive. Students from other countries can apply for grants and scholarships among the many other forms of financial assistance that are available to them. In addition, students can further their professional development by enrolling in shorter courses offered at the university level. Research, teaching, administrative and professional services, as well as experimental and technical research are just some of the career paths that can be pursued at the University of Surrey.


The alumni of the university come from a wide variety of different walks of life and make up the majority of the network of the university. Ann Keen, a member of parliament for the Labour party, and Kay Swinburne, a member of the European Parliament for the Conservative party, are two of the prominent people. Other prominent people include Hassan Diab, who serves as the Minister of Education for Lebanon, Rilwan Lanre Babalola, who serves as a Cabinet Minister for Nigeria, Tony Attwood, who works in psychology, Susan Blackmore, who works in parapsychology, and Sarah Tan. In addition, another well-known name on this list is Behrouz Afagh (BBC executive). The natural splendor of Surrey is home to a number of educational institutions, including one of the best universities in the country, the University of Surrey. It wasn’t until 1891 that the Battersea Polytechnic Institute, which would one day become the University of Surrey, was established. The Polytechnic Institute became a college of advanced technology in 1956, which catapulted the school to new heights of prominence. In 1957, the institution formerly known as Battersea College of Technology received its new name officially. In 1963, in response to the recommendations included within the Robbins Report, the College was upgraded to the status of a university.


There are a lot of partnerships between Surrey University and other educational institutions. This joint project is being carried out in collaboration with the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in Dalian as well as the Surrey International Institute –DUFE (SII-DUFE). There are programs in both business and tourism management that are of a very high standard. The Guildford School of Acting (GSA), an institution that provides training in both acting and musical theater, is also connected to the school. Aside from that, the educational institution offers a broad spectrum of classes in a variety of fields, including but not limited to the fields of business, management, health sciences, psychology, and many more. Students are in a position to excel in their chosen fields of study because of this, which allows them to concentrate solely on those subjects. The intellectual prowess of the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom is well-known throughout the country. In order to attract students from other countries, this college has been given a ranking that places it among the top universities in the United States.

This university gives you a lot of leeway to choose where you want to study if you’re thinking about going overseas. There is a diverse selection of educational opportunities open to students, ranging from undergraduate study through graduate school to post-graduate research and professional development. More than 120 different countries are represented at Surrey University’s student body. As a consequence of this, the student body of this university now represents one of the most diverse in the UK. Because of the robust support system and comprehensive range of services, a large number of students from other countries choose to enroll at the University. It is estimated that the huge campus of the University of Surrey is worth a total of £400 million. More than $130 million will be allocated toward the improvement of student housing, $236 million will be allocated toward the improvement of Surrey Sports Park, and $4.5 million will be allocated toward the Ivy Art Center.


Scholarship Sponsor(s): University of Sussex

Scholarship Country: United Kingdom

Scholarship Worth  £16,062

Study Level: PhD

Nationality: International Students



Scholarship Offer:

The university will provide a research training grant in the amount of £1,650 per year, a research training stipend in the amount of £16,062 per year, and will pay full tuition fees up to the overseas rate for the duration of the 3.5-year program. 


Eligibility for Scholarship.

  • The applicants’ applications will be evaluated based on whether or not they satisfy all of the following criteria:
  • Candidates must have a 2:1 degree or an equivalent in a field that is related to the position in order to be eligible.
  • You must be a resident of the UK, the EU, or an overseas country. 




The  University of Sussex 2022 EPSRC DTP PhD Studentships in Building Interpretable Generative Models of Images in UK is open to all International Student


Students from outside the United Kingdom who are enrolled in one of our Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting programs are eligible to apply for a scholarship of £3,000. There are five different scholarships up for grabs.


Application Procedure

  • Are you interested, and do you qualify?
  • To submit your application to the University of Sussex, please visit www.sussex.ac.uk.
  • Use our detailed application instructions to submit your application for a PhD in Informatics with full-time study online at Sussex (http://www.sussex.ac.uk/study/phd/apply).
  • In this section, you will also find information regarding the requirements for joining our organization.
  • It is imperative that you make it perfectly clear on your application form that you are applying for the EPSRC DTP 2022. 


Application Deadline

The application deadline  for University of Sussex 2022 EPSRC DTP PhD Studentships in Building Interpretable Generative Models of Images in UK Is June 10, 2022

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