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It can be a difficult processing time when a student is researching which scholarship best fits the qualifications they have garnered since they graduated high school. Some scholarships require exam grades, grade point average minimum scores, or essay’s detailing a specific question or a personal antidote about who they are as an individual. However, it shouldn’t be a hard choice to flip through what available scholarships there are via a scholarship database.

Below there will be a list of scholarships that is available for students to study in Monaco and for citizens of Monaco a to either study abroad or at a university nearby. Also, we have placed in what top degrees are receiving praise and are deemed the ‘top degrees’ that are being pursued by students in Monaco.

Student Visa and Work Permit Are Needed for International Students to Study in Monaco

The student visa process for students to legally work and be paid in Monaco is in fact can take some time to process. We suggest that students send in the necessary information as quickly as possible and months ahead of their arrival date to Monaco. Students would just need to send in their information and the acceptance letter of the university they were accepted to. To so that they intend to study and work in the country. This is the best way for students to be admitted back into the country under legal protocol.

A student visa is a must need for any country. A student that is not from the EU will need a student visa before the even arrive at their school destination.

The scholarship list below included both Monaco international student scholarships and domestic scholarships for individual who are Monaco citizens and residents.

Scholarships in Monaco:

  • IUM Monaco Scholarship
  • Papyrus Association Private Scholarships
  • Foreign Language Development Grant from the Government of Monaco
  • Monaco Government Grants for Work Experience Placement
  • Monaco Government Study Grants for Dependent and Independent Students
  • The International University of Monaco – For business international students looking to receive proper training for international business relations. Scholarships are valued at 1,000 EUR to 5,000 EUR.
  • The Archaeology Institute of America – This opportunity allows students to study at locations in Monaco based on the Harriet and Leon Pomerance Fellowship.
  • The Soroptimist Club of Monaco Art Scholarships – A number of these scholarships are readily available to art students.
  • Monaco Government Study Awards – Covers tuition costs from 40% to 100%.
  • Papyrus Associations Scholarships – Private scholarship
  • Monaco Foundation Awards – This scholarship is a perfect fit for students who are researching environmental sciences or sustainability.

When it comes to English proficiency IELTS exam for international students, there will need to be a qualification round so that international students are proficient in the English language. A lot of Monaco’s courses are taught in the English language.

Along with other test scores accepted are the TOEFL, DET, and CAEL exams. The more an international student can provide with exam scores, the best chance they have at being admitted to a Monaco university.

Latest Active Scholarships from Monaco

$100,000 Deep Ocean Exploration Researchers Grant in Monaco, 2024

Scholarship Name: $100,000 Deep Ocean Exploration Researchers Grant in Monaco, 2024

3 min read

Country: Monaco

Description: The $100,000 Deep Ocean Exploration Researchers Grant In Monaco, Set For 2024, Opens A Gateway For Marine Science Enthusiasts To Explore The Uncharted Territories Of The Deep Sea. This Significant Grant Underscores A Commitment To Pioneering Research In Ocean Exploration And Conservation. It Is An...

Date Published: 02 April 2024

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Scholarship Name: $5,500 Undergraduate Scholarship at the University of Monaco, 2021

2 min read

Country: Monaco

Description: Deadline: 03/29/2021 Do You Want To Welcome The New Year With Other Goals And Dreams To Fulfill? The International University Of Monacohas The Perfect Program For You. The Prestigious Institution Of Higher Education Located In The Principality Of Monaco Is Offering A Set Of Global...

Date Published: 07 January 2021

View Details

Scholarship Name: IUM Undergraduate Merit-based Scholarship

1 min read

Country: Monaco

Description: In Order For The Students Assess The Financial Costs Of Studying At IUM, They Must First Be Informed Of The Tuition And Other Related Fees Of The Program They Wish To Take For Themselves. While Doing This, They Must Also Take Into Account The Living...

Date Published: 28 December 2017

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