€5,264 Scholarships in Venice, Italy 2022-2023

Written by Michael Nz. on January 12, 2022

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The application for scholarships 2022-2023 in Venice, Italy is ongoing!

This scholarship is worth € 1,987.00, € 2,905.00, € 5,264.00 for ‘On-site Students, Commuter Students, and Off-site Students, respectively. Prizes can cover tuition fees and include allowances, free or discounted services, accommodation, meals in university canteens.

In order to apply successfully, kindly read this article to know all the details about this scholarship: the eligibility criteria, the requirements, the application deadline, and more. This could be an opportunity for you to become a scholar of this prestigious award. The following table will give you an overview of what to expect.

Venice Scholarship Award Benefit

They can cover tuition fees and include allowances, free or discounted services, accommodation, meals in university canteens.

Depending on the student’s status, there are 3 different maximum amounts, paid in 2 installments:

  • Students on site: € 1,987.00
  • Traveling students: € 2.905,00
  • External students: € 5,264.00

Who can apply for scholarships in Venice?

To apply for a regional scholarship, students will need to meet  all of the following criteria :

  • ISEE  for an amount less than € 23,626.32 and ISPE for an amount less than € 36,399.72 (ISPE is included in ISEE)
  • Be enrolled in one of the Iuav study programs

To meet the requirements of regional scholarships, students must earn at the least 20 college credits before 30th  November 2022 otherwise they will be returned the total amount:

  • Do not benefit from other Italian or international scholarships / grants
  • Meet the conditions for obtaining a visa for Italy (non-EU students who have not yet enrolled)
  • Meet the criteria of merit and additional requirements (for example, students who enroll in 2 nd  year need 25 credits academic career before the 10/08/21, there is a bonus of 5 credits available)

How to apply for scholarships in Venice

Students can apply online through the  Student Web Service Area – SpIn by completing the “application for benefits”. 

Scholarships in Venice- Application Deadline

The deadlines for the online application are:

  • 30th  September 202 2 for students enrolling in 2nd  or 3rd  year
  • 15th  October 202 2 for students enrolling in 1st  year

International students can submit their ISEE until  November 30th, 202-2 and it will be added to the ranking list upon receipt.

Click on the BUTTON below to apply.

Application link

Applicants can also check ACTG 2022 Academic Scholarship for African Scientists worth up to $4,000 per scholar anually.

The offer of scholarships is competitive according to the current rates in the public and private universities of Africa. Up to $ 4,000 are available per scholar per year for up to 4 years. Scholarships can be applied to tuition, accommodation, study-related trips, and other study-related activities.

Before applying, we recommend that you read this article to know all the details about this scholarship: who is eligible for the scholarship, the value of the scholarship, how to apply, the application deadline, and other important information.

Eligible Nationality


Study school

African Center for Translational Genomics

Level of study


Eligibility Criteria

To be considered eligible for the ACTG Academic Scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Open to African graduates with a passion for research and excellent academic results.
  • It is for students enrolled in full-time doctoral programs and who are committed to completing their program within the three- or four-year period of their study as defined by their academic institutions.
  • Applicants must be admitted to study molecular genetics or genetic epidemiology or related fields.

How to Apply for the ACTG Academic Scholarship

Follow the application procedures below

  • Applicant’s statement of interest showing academic qualifications, research interests, suitability to work with the NCD-GHS, and career goals (one paragraph for each criteria). Additional information about previous research projects, activities on or off campus, and achievements that would help the Committee make its decision may also be included (maximum 2 pages).
  • Applicant CV
  • Summary of the research proposal in genetic epidemiology or molecular genetics of the NCDs highlighted above (maximum 4 pages)
  • Letter of support from the applicant’s department director or faculty supervisor stating the student’s academic qualifications and achievements, career goals, and reasons for selecting the candidate (maximum 2 pages)

Apply here

What are the selection criteria for the ACTG Academic Scholarship?

All applicants who meet the eligibility criteria as of the close of the application deadline will be shortlisted for an interview. At the interview stage, successful awardees would be selected based on the following criteria:

Outstanding academic record

Since ACTG’s goal is to empower the next generation of African genomics researchers, a good academic record is a must for fellows. This can be demonstrated through the graduation endpoints received by the bachelor’s degree applicant.
Exceptional performance in a master’s degree can compensate for moderate first-grade performance.

Other evidence of high academic achievement may include individual grades on student transcripts; evidence of previous college awards or recognitions; information about your general position within your cohort; and publications. We hope that the program directors or supervisors will only support the applications of the most outstanding students for this scholarship.

Applicant’s suitability for the program and potential for future genomic leadership.

The applicant’s future academic potential and aptitude for the proposed doctoral program is considered. This can be assessed by reviewing references and research proposals to determine the evidence of an applicant’s suitability for research and the likelihood of significantly contributing to the field of study.

Direct Ph.D. applicants (and MPhil / Ph.D. applicants) will need to contact a potential supervisor with whom they will develop a research project, a summary of which is part of the application. Publications of the applicant’s master’s thesis, especially in genomics, will be an advantage.

Student motivation

This is evaluated through the evidence of the applicant’s commitment to the proposed course and the evaluation of the personal statement and the reports of the referees.

ACTG Academic Scholarship Application Deadline

The entry for this scholarship application has not been officially announced. We will keep the site updated when the date is known.

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