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Written by David on October 30, 2022

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Mathematics  is a fundamental skill for anybody to have in today’s world. It’s a powerful tool for learning about the world around us and developing a broader understanding of the formidable difficulties we face as individuals, families, businesses, and governments. Studying mathematics can help you develop skills that are valuable in many different careers.

Do you want to go to college for mathematics? If that’s the case, you should start researching additional funding options right now. In this piece, we compile a list of the most competitive mathematics-related fellowships open to international  students from around the globe. If you’re a college student or graduate student, you can use these awards to help pay for your education. While many mathematics scholarships are open to students studying any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) discipline, some are designated specifically for mathematics majors.

1. Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize

Once a year, the Association for Women in Mathematics gives an award to a deserving undergraduate female student majoring in mathematics at a school that is a member of the AWIM (AWM). The Association for Women in Mathematics’s Executive Committee has created a brand new award in her honor: the Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize (AWM). An exceptional female undergraduate student in mathematics will get this award.

Established in 1990 and named after Alice T. Schafer, a past President of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) and one of its founding members, the Alice T. Schafer Prize in Women’s Mathematics recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of mathematics by women. Alice T. Schafer has done a great deal for the equality of women in mathematics during her career. Only students who have been nominated by a math teacher or other industry professional will be considered for the scholarship

It is a one-time award for outstanding academic performance awarded to undergraduate women studying mathematics. A student’s academic record, demonstrated desire in pursuing a career in mathematics, level of mathematical proficiency, and results in mathematics-related competitions are all important factors in being chosen. A copy of the nominee’s academic transcripts must be included in the nomination package provided to Math Programs.org in.pdf format.

2. Woodcock Family Education Scholarship Program

The Woodcock Family Education Scholarship Program, which is financed by the Albuquerque Community Foundation (ACF), is a sort of financial aid that belongs to a particular category. This category is indicated in the documentation that is sent along with the grant. Anyone who has excelled in mathematics or science in the past should apply, as should anyone who plans to attend a university that is either publicly or privately funded on a full-time basis. Both a minimum score of 30 on the ACT or a score of 600 on the SAT Math section as well as a minimum grade point average of 3.8 are required.

The Albuquerque Community Foundation is thrilled to share the news that the Woodcock Family Education ScholarshipProgram is now open for applications. Participation in this program requires that applicants be currently enrolled in an officially recognized higher education institution on a full-time basis. The student who comes out on top in this scholarship competition will receive $10,000.

Scholarships are awarded through the ACF Woodcock Family Education Scholarship Program based on a variety of factors, including academic excellence, diversity and inclusion, athletic ability, and financial need, among other considerations. Typically, the criteria that are used to award scholarships are reflective of the values and ideals that are embodied in programs like the ACF Woodcock Family Education Scholarship Program.

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3. Bell Freshman Mathematics Scholarship Award – Washington State University (“WSU”)

Each spring, the Bell Freshman Mathematics Scholarship Award is given to an outstanding first-year mathematics student at Washington State University who intends to continue their education at the university into their second year. Since 1978, the Douglas and Michele Bell Scholarship has been presented to deserving students at Washington State University. This scholarship was established in recognition of the Bells’ significant contributions to the university during their time as students in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The scholarship was initially founded because to the substantial contributions made by the Bells, who are known as philanthropists. It is possible that the prize will be presented to more than one student at the same time.

In order to be eligible for consideration for this award, applicants must demonstrate that they meet each of the following requirements: The applicant must meet all of the following criteria: • Have a strong aptitude for mathematics; • Plan to earn a doctoral degree in mathematics; • Be in need of financial assistance. We do not accept direct applications for the scholarship because the Scholarship Committee is in charge of the procedure for selecting recipients.

4. Abel Visiting Scholar Program

The Abel Visiting Scholar Program offers mathematicians from developing countries the chance to work on joint research projects with their international counterparts for a period of one month. Applicants must provide proof that they will be provided with funds by the hosting organization to cover any portion of their living costs beyond the first month of their stay. The program is geared towards post-doctoral mathematicians who are just starting out in their professions. The goal is to give mathematicians the opportunity for a “research sabbatical,” an essential adjunct to teaching and other academic duties for those who want to keep up a robust research program while also juggling other responsibilities. Availability of this option is planned.

The International Mathematical Union’s Commission for Developing Countries administers the Abel Visiting Scholar Program and receives full financing from the Abel Prize in Mathematics (IMU). The annual number of grants ranges from zero to three. To that purpose, the Niels Henrik Abel Board and the International Mathematical Union are presently seeking applications from mathematicians working in developing countries who would like to spend one month undertaking research with a partner in another country.

Essential Qualifications: Prospective participants must

  • having earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics prior to applying,
  • the candidate must be presently based in a country that is classified as “developing” at the time of application.
  • twork for an organization that promotes learning or conducts scientific investigation

Applicants should: 

  • be just starting out in their chosen fields of work or, more specifically, be in the early phases of their chosen careers.
  •  You need a working contract at a college or university but not yet be a full professor.
  • As of the application due date, you must be under the age of forty.

5. HSF/Procter & Gamble Company Scholarship

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (“HSF”) and the Procter & Gamble Company created and fund this award. Its goal is to help deserving Latino undergraduates pay for college while they major in science, technology, engineering, or business.” Procter & Gamble’s partnership with HSF enables us to realize the company’s mission of making a positive difference in the lives of as many underprivileged children and their families across the United States as possible. Tens of millions of dollars in scholarships and services have been granted to the Hispanic community as a result of the organization’s ability to organize strategic friends on their behalf. I have had the privilege of seeing firsthand the impact that HSF is having on the lives of current and future Latino community leaders through my work at Procter & Gamble, where so many successful HSF alumni have previously worked.” Edgar Sandoval is the Vice President and Brand Franchise Leader for Global Feminine Care.

  • An applicant must be of Hispanic ancestry and a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident with proof of permanent resident status (such as a permanent resident card or an I-551 stamp in their passport). 
  • To qualify for this scholarship, the applicant must have maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 and intend to enroll as a full-time student in a degree-seeking program at an accredited institution in the United States, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, or Guam in the upcoming academic year.
  •  It is necessary to submit an FAFSA. In the upcoming 2009 academic year, the program will launch.

6. Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarships

For the academic year 2022/23, the Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Maths Scholarships will provide financial support for a number of deserving students from outside the European Union who are majoring in mathematics. These students must be nationals of a non-European Union country. The annual worth of these awards is £5,000, and they are renewable indefinitely so long as the student continues to make outstanding academic achievement.

A student is considered to have made Satisfactory Progress each year in which the school has given the student a grade of “Progress” or “Conditional Progression” and the student has not been placed on academic probation. During any given school year, if a student is not making sufficient progress, the award will be revoked.


  • In order to be considered for a scholarship, applicants must have been offered and accepted full-time admission to a Bachelor of Science degree program in Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh and have International or EU fee status.
  • A current student in the program will not be considered for the scholarship. This opportunity is also unavailable to students who are taking mathematics classes as part of a degree program at another School within the University.
  • Applicants should have applied to the University of Edinburgh through UCAS (University and Colleges Admissions Service), although they need not wait until they have received an offer before applying for scholarships.

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7. AIMS Structured Master’s in Mathematical Sciences Scholarships

The AIMS Structured Master’s Program is designed to be completed by students over the period of three academic semesters. The first phase of the AIMS curriculum focuses on developing the student’s foundational abilities in estimating, calculation, approximation, modeling, data analysis, and statistics. These are the skills that may be applied to any problem, so it is important that these foundational abilities are developed well. Students have the opportunity to put these skills to work in some of the most exciting areas of science during the period of optional review that is provided to them.

Later on in the AIMS program, students are given the opportunity to undertake independent research and compile a scientific report on a subject of their choosing. This process takes place under the direction of an experienced scholar. A significant portion of the research that was initiated within these projects extends beyond AIMS into studies at the graduate level.

Reasons to Apply:

  •  Not only are the lessons taught by highly regarded professionals hailing from Africa and other parts of the world, but there is also an excellent in-house tutoring staff to support these instructors.
  • Students and teachers alike will call permanent classrooms their homes for the duration of their time there.
  • A classroom in which students are actively encouraged to participate by asking questions and sharing their own discoveries with the rest of the class.
  • 24/7 access to dedicated computer laboratories and internet connection is always available.
  • A minimum of thirty percent of the total number of Pan-African students must be female.
  • AIMS graduates go on to flourish in competitive postgraduate programs and careers across Africa and the rest of the world. AIMS is an acronym for the African Institute for Management and Strategic Studies.

Applicants are required to provide all necessary materials.

  • A four-year degree in mathematics or another science or engineering field that features a strong mathematical component is required of applicants who wish to participate in the AIMS training program. Applicants must either already possess this degree or be on track to earn it by the time they start the program in order to be considered eligible.
  • It is important for a candidate’s background to demonstrate their aptitude in areas such as mathematics, leadership, and involvement in the community.
  • Applicants who self-identify as women are strongly encouraged to submit their applications.

8. Morehead State University (“MSU”) Computer Science & Mathematics Scholarship

With the assistance of a grant from the National Science Foundation, this prize was established with the intention of increasing the number of graduates from Michigan State University who find employment in the information technology industry. In order to accomplish this objective, the fund awards renewable annual grants in the amount of $3,125 to incoming freshmen, transfer students, and current students who are majoring in either computer science or mathematics at a four-year college or university that has received accreditation.

Candidates that are selected will have the following:

  • In order for the applicant to be considered for federal financial aid from the United States Department of Education, they must satisfy the following requirements: 
  • You must be a citizen of the United States, a national of the United States, a refugee in the United States, or a permanent legal resident of the United States when you submit your application. 
  • You are required to demonstrate a financial need. To be eligible for need-based financial aid at Michigan State University, you must: 
  • Demonstrate outstanding scholarship by means of high school GPA, recommendation letters, and/or ACT/SAT scores; and 
  • Have a family contribution determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that is less than the total cost of attending MSU. In order to be eligible for need-based financial aid at Michigan State University, you must:
  •  Demonstrate outstanding scholarship by means of high school GPA,
  • Students who are continuing their education as well as those who are transferring into the school should strive to have a GPA of 2.75 or above. An applicant may still be asked for an interview despite the fact that they do not completely meet the profile, and candidates who come from groups that are underrepresented may be given additional attention.

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In conclusion, mathematicians have always known that problem-solving is crucial to their field since without a problem there is no mathematics, it is safe to say that this is one area in which mathematics excels. Learning how applied mathematics addresses real-world problems is an important skill for every math student to acquire.

Some of the world’s most intractable issues are being tackled by mathematicians. What’s more, a degree in mathematics can open doors to exciting and unexpected professions. ..

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