Best Canadian Schools to Study in 2021/22

Mount Royal:

The University Mount Royal is an institution of a public character, non-profit. Established in 1910 in the great city of Calgary, recognized by the Ministry of Education and classified as mixed. Its courses are aimed at training in various areas of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies. It has been in operation for more than 109 years and its admission policy is based on the academic history of international participants and the qualifications of courses previously taken.

British Columbia:

The British Columbia University is located in Vancouver. Founded in 1908 and recognized by the Ministry of Education as an institution of advanced skills and training. Its branch campuses geographically comprise the following location, Kelowna. It offers higher-level courses and programs in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in various areas of study. Its international student selection system is based on entrance exam results, academic history, and grades from previous studies.


Higher university institution of a public nature was founded on October 16, 1841, long before the establishment of Canada. It is characterized by its high level of research and its status as one of the country’s universities. It is geographically located in Kingston – Ontario. It began with a student population of 20 students and 4 teachers. The fact that it was one of the first universities to admit and train female students stands out. By 1888, extension courses began to be taught, its current student population is estimated to be over 20,000. It also has a center for international studies in the east of England.


The Calgary Public Purpose Research University is geographically located in Calgary – Alberta, Canada. It began its activities as an extension of the University of Alberta and as an autonomous foundation in 1966. It is in the first place in the ranking of the best universities in Canada, it houses more than 25,000 students between undergraduate and graduate studies, coming from more than 150 countries. It is made up of more than 14 faculties and around 90 research institutes and centers. It has financed research related to the field of research in different areas and concentrates the largest number of professional engineers because it has very close relationships with the oil industry.


Formerly known as Western University London in Ontario – Canada, currently corporately recognized as Western Ontario (UWO), it was established in 1878 on a public basis. Its main campus is surrounded by residences and the River Thames, it is made up of 12 academic faculties and intensive research schools. Initially, it operated faculties of arts, law and medicine to later join other faculties after the Second World War. Its active student population is around 20,000

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