Best Architecture Scholarships Around the World for International Students

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If you want to learn more than just how to design plans, a degree in architecture is for you. In this field of study, they concentrate on concepts that have a significant impact on our current world, such as how different cultures handle the use of space or what qualities a perfect society should have. Anyone who takes advantage of the chance to study architecture at an accredited institution will get invaluable knowledge and experience.

And yes, to a large extent, architects determine how well people live in a given community. Architects play a significant role in the creation of the spaces in which people spend their time living, learning, and having fun. Examples of such buildings include dorms, campuses, and community centers.

Those who decide to study architecture will embark on a fulfilling and stimulating career path. But to become an architect, one needs time and money to invest in the best architecture schools. College tuition and living expenses are on the rise for all majors, including architecture.

This time and financial investment may lead many students into significant additional student loan debt. The good news for individuals considering an education in architecture is that there are a number of ways to offset the costs of college. These grants and scholarships can help students cover some of their college costs and keep their debt to a minimum.

Check out  the top 10 architecture scholarships available from various nations if you wish to study abroad.

1. Sherwin E Small Endowed Scholarship 

The College of Architectural at the Illinois Institute of Technology provides many scholarship opportunities for students interested in architecture and design. The Sherwin E. Small Endowed scholarship is one of the options available. Undergraduate architecture students who are in their junior year and want to continue their education overseas are eligible to apply for this fellowship. In order for students to be eligible for the award, they must demonstrate not only a financial need but also great creative ability.

 Manufacturers of construction materials around the country might take heart from Sherwin-Williams’ commitment to improving diversity, inclusion, and charity in the architectural industry. “We are committed to advance these vital and long overdue pathways in the profession,” Sherwin-Williams said. We’re determined to push forward these vital and long-overdue avenues in the industry. Companies like Sherwin-Williams, one of the world’s biggest paint manufacturers, might pave the way for improvement.

The Architects Foundation puts out an annual request for applicants for its Diversity Advancement Scholars program.

2. Rotch Travelling scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to the winner of a design competition, and the winner receives a paid travel of up to six months’ duration to study architecture at any accredited institution of their choice, anywhere in the world! The Rotch Traveling Scholarship is an annual competition with two stages that awards one winner the opportunity to study architecture anywhere in the world for six months on the company’s dime. The winner is given the title of Rotch Scholar and receives a cash prize. The initial round of the selection process consists of a preliminary design competition that lasts all weekend long and spans a time period of 48 hours (during the span of a single weekday or weekend). Those who have advanced to the final round of this competition will next compete in the second round, which is a 10-day competition that will culminate in a design presentation before an esteemed jury.

 If you are awarded the scholarship, you will be expected to provide an itinerary for review along with an explanation of the focus of your research.  The person who receives the scholarship is expected to maintain a diary or blog while traveling in order to record the amazing experiences and exciting activities that they have while away from home. This ensures that when you return home, you will also have something to think about and reflect upon!

3. RIBA Norman Foster Scholarship

The opportunity to spend an entire summer traveling throughout Europe and investigating buildings and locations that Norman Foster had previously only encountered in literature was presented to him. To be eligible for this fellowship, students must be enrolled in and have completed the first year of a professional diploma in architecture at a school accepted by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

A single application on behalf of a current student from each invited school is permitted for the scholarship, and the method by which each school chooses its applicant is entirely up to that school.

Students who had previously only dreamed of having the opportunity to study architecture in another country can now make that wish come true thanks to the scholarship that he established. The purpose of this research is to investigate the factors that contribute to the success or failure of cities and towns in today’s world. You should submit an application for this award if your interests in this area are comparable to those of the other recipients.

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4. Architects Foundation- Payette Sho-Ping Chin Memorial Academic Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Sho-Ping, FAIA, who served as a principal at Payette for a very long period and was also the healthcare practice leader there. Sho-Ping was a gifted and compassionate architect who was adamant about designing the most advanced possible healthcare architecture for individuals who were in need. She was also an excellent teacher, and she created in her teams a sense of camaraderie as well as a dedication to design. Sho-Ping played an important role in shaping the national conversation for women in design in part because she was the original leader of the AIA Women’s Leadership Summit, which is held every two years.

This gift in the amount of $10,000 is presented in memory of Sho-Ping Chin, FAIA, who made significant contributions to the ongoing national discourse on the role of women in architecture and design. The grant is open to undergraduate female architecture students who are in their third or fourth year of study and female graduate architecture students who are at any level of their education and are enrolled in a program that is accredited by the NAAB.

In addition to receiving a monetary award, applicants for scholarships are given the opportunity to be paired with a Payette senior who will serve as a mentor for the period of their scholarship.

5. Architecture, Construction Surveying Merit Scholarships 

The architectural design scholarship at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen is well-known. The scholarship is open to graduate students from anywhere in the world. Students seeking either a Master of Science in Construction Project Management or a Master of Science in Commercial Practice for the Energy Sectors would do well to consider this program.

A perfect GPA and appropriate job experience are prerequisites for this award. Each of the selected candidates will get a 2,500 GBP scholarship.

The application procedure requires filling out the form, which can either be done electronically or by hand. If they are going to write the form out by hand, it needs to be done so legibly, cleanly, and in black ink. In addition to that, students should include:

  • A scanned copy of the academic qualification with the highest level
  • A scanned copy of your IELTS or TOEFL certificate, as well as any other English language credentials you may possess
  • A scanned copy of the letter of offer from the university (or email if they have not received letter)
  • If you are applying for a PgDip or an MSc in Architectural Studies, you will need to submit a portfolio of relevant work.

6. Harvard GSD Wheelwright Prize in International Competition for Early Architects

Each year, outstanding young architects from all over the world are given the opportunity to compete for the Wheelwright Prize, which is a traveling scholarship worth a total of one hundred thousand dollars and is given to those who propose particularly remarkable research and exploration itineraries. 

The Wheelwright Prize recognizes the importance of doing field research to one’s professional development and confirms Harvard GSD’s dedication to fostering investigative methods to contemporary design. Applications for the prize are accepted on an ongoing basis.

The applicant is required to have graduated from an accredited school of architecture that is well-known in the industry within the previous 15 years in order to be considered for this position.

  • If an individual has previously been given a fellowship of this type, they are ineligible to apply for the Arthur Wheelwright Traveling Fellowship.
  • Those who are given the Wheelwright Prize are not eligible for any other fellowships during the time that they hold the Wheelwright Prize.
  • Individuals are the only ones who are eligible to compete for the Wheelwright Prize; entries from teams or businesses will not be taken into account.
  • Members of the Harvard GSD faculty, teaching staff, and staff who are currently employed there are not eligible for this position.
  • Winners are expected to have their primary residence in the United States of America, but they are also obliged to complete a portion of their education outside the nation.
  • It is not possible to utilize the Wheelwright Prize as a credit toward the price of attending a university due to the fact that it is intended to be used for self-directed learning. On the other hand, the reward can be applied toward the payment of registration fees for attending conferences or seminars.

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7. TU Delft Architecture & the Built Environment Scholarship

The Delft University of Technology established this fellowship with the intention of assisting exceptionally talented students from all over the world in their pursuit of master’s degrees in science.

The Netherlands’ Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, in collaboration with Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences, offers a scholarship known as the Holland Scholarship. Students who wish to pursue academic pursuits, research endeavors, or internships outside of the European Economic Area are eligible to apply (EEA). The countries of the EU, along with those of Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway, make up the EEA. Exchange students will have the opportunity to compete for one of six scholarships that will be awarded by the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

This fellowship is available to up to six students who are currently enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. In order to be eligible, you must satisfy both the general prerequisites as well as the requirements listed below:

  • Selected to participate in a semester-long exchange program at one of our partner universities
  • Excellence in conjunction with Grade Point Average (your CGPA should be at least 7,5)
  • Broad interests, as well as progression
  • The connection between the program that is being considered for implementation overseas and the program that is being implemented at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

8. Jim Boyce Memorial Scholarship

This memorial scholarship will be awarded in memory of Jim Boyce as well as all of our past APA members and supporters who have left an indelible mark on the field of accessibility compliance. We expect that we will be able to further promote accessibility in the built environment if we encourage students to incorporate accessibility into the development of their professional careers.

Students who are currently enrolled in an accredited higher education institution in the United States and who are interested in applying for this scholarship must be studying toward a degree in architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering, construction management, interior design, or another degree program that is closely related to accessibility and universal design. Students are required to have a grade point average of at least 2.5 and to exhibit a significant interest in accessibility in both their design portfolios and their potential job aspirations.

Scholarship applications are accepted each year up until the end of March, and winners are notified in May through the financial aid office of the university that they attended.

9. Steedman Fellowship in Architecture 

One of the oldest and most distinguished honors in the United States is the James Harrison Steedman Fellowship in Architecture, which has been given out annually since its inception in 1926. The award of $75,000 is given out on a biennial basis to a young architect in order to assist their travel expenses for 6-12 months spent abroad conducting architectural study. The fellowship is accessible to anybody, anywhere in the world, who has achieved an approved degree in architecture within the last eight years. It is jointly managed by the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis and AIA St. Louis.

Through the Steedman Traveling Fellowship, graduates of professionally approved architecture degree programs from across the world are given the opportunity to travel internationally for the purpose of conducting architectural research and study in other countries for a period of nine months. The winner of the Steedman International Design Competition will be presented with a fellowship worth fifty thousand dollars. The award is determined by the caliber of the competition design submission submitted by the person who was chosen as the winner; however, the candidate’s research plan is also taken into account.

Candidates are required to have graduated from an architecture program that has been granted accreditation, and they must either be working in the office of a practicing architect or have had at least one year of practical experience working there. No matter how old they are, candidates can enter the competition up to eight years after receiving their professional degrees if they meet the eligibility requirements. All nationalities are welcome to submit their applications for consideration for the Fellowship.

10. Architecture International Excellence Scholarship at the University of Salford UK

You need to be a current student at the University of Salford in order to be eligible for one of their architectural or design scholarships. This is because the award is presented only by the University of Salford. Those who have an interest in architecture will discover that the University of Salford in Manchester, which is located in England, is a wonderful source of information. The institution contains a wide variety of buildings, some of which date back to the 1800s and have interesting architectural styles.

It is open to students from any region of the world to submit an application for the grant. Students are required to provide documentation that they are enrolled in an architectural undergraduate or graduate degree program at a university, in addition to having obtained confirmation of admission to their respective degrees. Additionally, students are required to be enrolled in an architectural undergraduate or graduate degree program at a university.

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Scholarships in the field of architecture are often awarded to deserving students, but the competition to win one is severe. This may lead exceptionally talented people to conclude that securing financial support to pursue architectural training is crucial to their long-term success.

For me, the opportunity to study architecture abroad is a realization of a long-held dream, and exploration of new locations is enriching in and of itself. However, your ambition may become a reality if you apply for even one of these fantastic scholarships. These fellowships can help you study architecture abroad for free, whether you need a little more help paying for a program you’ve already decided on, or you want to design your own trip worth $50,000. You can use these awards to help pay for a program you’ve already decided on, or you can use them to pursue a fellowship if you need even more financial assistance. These grants will help you get started on the road to a bright future.

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