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We will go through the different available options when it comes to looking at scholarships from and to study in Armenia. International students will be happy to know that Armenia does have a wide range of bachelor, master’s and postgraduate level scholarships as well as internships available to apply towards.

What can both international students and domestic students expect from scholarships to study in Armenia? We will cover the various scholarships that are available through different colleges and higher vocational colleges.

Scholarships in Armenia:

  • 50,000 AMD Monthly Isahak Isahakyan Scholarship for Armenian Citizens
  • The AIWA Scholarship Program – Awarded to female students who are Armenian or from Armenian descent
  • International Scholarship (Study in all countries outside U.S., excluding citizens of Armenia studying in Armenia) – Funded by the Armenian General Benevolent Union
  • Performing Arts Scholarship – Funded by the Armenian General Benevolent Union
  • Religious Studies Fellowship – Funded by the Armenian General Benevolent Union
  • Helen C. Evans Scholarship for Armenian Art and Culture – Funded by the Armenian General Benevolent Union
  • ARS Scholarship Fund (Includes the “Eremian,” “Jizmajian,” “Baghdoyan,” “Baloonian,” and “Kalaydjian” Funds) – Funded by the Armenian Relief Society
  • Undergraduate Scholarship – Funded by the Armenian Relief Society
  • Lazarian Graduate Scholarship – Funded by the Armenian Relief Society
  • Armenian Professional Society of San Francisco Armenian Scholarship
  • Armenian Studies Scholarship
  • G. Franklin Antoyan Endowed Scholarship
  • Nerces and Ruth Azadian Armenian Memorial Scholarship
  • Kirkor & Mary Bedoian Armenian Memorial Scholarship
  • Clara Bousian Bedrosian Armenian Scholarship
  • Norma and Bob Der Mugrdechian Armenian Memorial Scholarship
  • Donald Garabedian Endowed Scholarship
  • Albert and Isabelle Kabrielian Memorial Scholarship
  • Koren and Alice Odian Kasparian Armenian Scholarship
  • Charlie Keyan Armenian Endowed Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Koojoolian Memorial Scholarship
  • Thomas A. Kooyumjian Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Yervant, Rose, and Hovannes Levonian Armenian Educational Grant
  • Charles K. and Pansy Pategian Zlokovich Armenian Scholarship
  • Pete P. Peters Armenian Studies Scholarship
  • Haiganoosh (Agnes) and Simon D. Peterson Family Scholarship
  • Robert V. Saroyan Family Scholarship
  • Walter Sepetjian Armenian Memorial Scholarship
  • Genevieve Tatoian Armenian Scholarship
  • Telfeyan Evangelical Fund Armenian Scholarship
  • Armenian Studies Scholarship – Funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
  • Eurasian Regional Language Program – This scholarship program would be pursued in what is now known as Eurasia. This is a summer program where students will take their studies to Armenia.

Specifically, the Calouste Gulbenkian Funding looks for students that have a defined knowledge in Armenia culture, history, and overall studies that would like to further their higher education by going to study in Armenia is they are already not a citizen of the country.

Armenia has become known as one of the best kept secrets when it comes to earning a quality higher education but at an affordable tuition price. Luckily, international students will be happy to know that studying for a bachelor’s degree tuition happens to cost no more than $830 to $8,000 USD, depending on the actual study field. Of course, medical studies will be near the $8,000 mark however, that is extremely more affordable than in other countries.

Latest Active Scholarships from Armenia

Armenia scholarships

Scholarship Name: 50,000 AMD Monthly Isahak Isahakyan Scholarship - Armenia 2023

4 min read

Country: Armenia

Description: This Scholarship Is A Competition-based Opportunity, That Is Available From The ABCFinance Group. Where The Central Bank Of Armenia Has Helped To Fund This Incredible Moment For Students Who Are Interested In Applying. There Are Three Different Universities That Support This Scholarship In Armenia. The...

Date Published: 14 June 2022

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