9 Benefits of Studying in France 2023/2024

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Numerous universities and other forms of higher education institutions in France are often regarded as some of the best in the world. It’s no secret that many international students each year make the decision to attend university in France rather than their home country.

There are several academic and professional advantages of studying in France that you should seriously consider. The importance of having international work experience grows as the world gets more interconnected. Research from other nations has revealed that graduates with international study experience are more likely to find work in their field.  The diversity of French culture, food, history, and landmarks never fails to impress tourists, and as a result, France continues to be a top destination for thousands of international students every year. France is known for its worldwide respected educational institutions as well as its active college campuses.

The following are the top 10 reasons why France is regarded as one of the best countries in which to pursue higher education.

1. Affordable and Quality Education

France is home to a growing number of international students every year because of its many world-class research and academic institutions. There is a good reason why the Université Paris-Sorbonne and Sciences Po are considered two of the world’s best universities.

High regard is held around the world for this country’s educational institutions due to their superior excellence. France’s remarkable international reputation in this field is in large part due to the exceptional quality of education provided at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Cross-border ties in Europe have also contributed to the growth of a vibrant, international academic community.

2. Cultural Heritage of France

France’s culture has always been admired for its uniqueness and intrigue. Cultural and historical pursuits abound, guaranteeing to pique any visitor’s attention. Everything from its delicious food and wine to its fascinating history, cutting-edge culture, and sophisticated aesthetics can be found in France. Artistic expression and cultural immersion are highly prized in the French way of life.  France is an authentic nation in every way. France is an extraordinary place to learn about French history and the history of the rest of the world, with its world-class art museums, royal palaces and castles that preserve France’s opulence and imperial history, and plaques affixed to typical, everyday structures that mark significant events in history.

The country’s world-class cultural landscapes make studying there an interesting and educational experience in and of itself, exuding individuality and sophistication. France is, and for centuries has been, the origin of many of the world’s most talented and renowned artists, which is to be expected. Artistic manifestations of the country range from architectural wonders to the best quality works of art, photography, music, graphic arts, music, new media, etc. Paris, the global capital of style, will also allow you to witness its world-famous sophistication firsthand. 

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3. Europe at Your Doorstep

It’s not hard to hop on a plane or train and see the rest of Europe; in fact, the TGV will take you throughout France in a single day. Taking advantage of Ryanair’s inexpensive flights is a great way for students studying abroad to see the continent.

France’s central location in Europe makes it an ideal starting point for exploration of the rest of the continent. France is bordered by several other countries that are well worth visiting in their own right: Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. Bordeaux lies near some of the Atlantic coast’s largest beaches, is surrounded by oak and pine forests, and is only about an hour’s drive from Saint-Emilion, home of some of the world’s finest wineries. Visit the nearby Médoc wine region, the coastal towns of Arcachon and Cap Ferret, Biscarosse Lake, the castles of South Gironde, the quintessential Basque villages, and more from this convenient starting point. 

4. Student Support & Financial Benefits 

Studying in France is a great option because of the assistance given to foreign students. Financial aid in the form of scholarships is widely available from both official and non-official institutions. Attending a public institution has many advantages, one of which is the low cost of tuition. 

Due to the substantially lower cost of living in France, going to university there is far more inexpensive than going to college in the United States. The average annual budget for an international student is estimated to be around 8,000 Euros. France offers an excellent level of living and low costs for extracurricular activities that might help international students advance their careers. Students from other countries can enjoy France’s excellent standard of living thanks to the country’s generous student discounts.

5. Strong Employability

France has access to the markets of all European countries and has one of the world’s largest and most prosperous economies. Graduates from abroad study alongside some of the most successful French and worldwide companies in operation today and have the opportunity to work in a variety of business disciplines after graduation.

Studying in France not only provides students with an excellent education that will boost their employability after graduation, but it also teaches them valuable social skills like flexibility, independence, and cultural sensitivity. Employees who can succeed in situations outside of their “comfort zone” are in high demand from companies of all sizes and from startups to MNCs.

 The three major European cities of Bordeaux, Paris, and Marseille are home to KEDGE Business School’s main campuses. All of these scenarios are ideal for making new contacts. The country also offers a “post-study work stream,” under which it issues a specific number of work visas to international graduates each year so that they can remain and find job in France, so long as they meet the necessary criteria.

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6. Language Skills

 Learning a new language is a great way to stand out to potential employers since it shows you are open to new experiences, adaptable, and interested in learning about other cultures and ways of life. Learning French is a great way to prepare yourself for a future career that could take you all over the world, as it is spoken by 220 million people on five continents.

In France, being able to speak French is regarded as quite crucial. This makes it a great place to push yourself to learn a new language, as you may have fewer opportunities to communicate in English or your native tongue than you would in other European nations where English is more widely spoken. The availability of French courses at many universities and business institutions is another perk.   French-speaking countries, as well as the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, and the emerging economies of French-speaking Africa, have a strong need for graduates with interdisciplinary skill sets and fluency in the language. However, the English proficiency level is high, especially among students at the nation’s colleges and institutions.

The benefits of studying French are extensive and varied. To begin, learning French will put you in touch with some of the world’s nearly 300 million native French speakers.

7. A Supportive Environment

France has more than 65 million consumers, making it the third-largest economy in Europe. Research and development opportunities abound in the country, with the capital city of Paris serving as a nexus for creativity and the birthplace of many successful software startups. In addition, France is the birthplace of numerous cutting-edge industries and industry leaders, such as the energy provider Total, the aerospace company Airbus, the pharmaceutical company Sanofi, the luxury goods manufacturer LVMH, the cosmetics and food producer L’Oréal, and the food producer Danone.

Submitting an application for a student visa will allow you to continue working while researching universities and programs in France. Getting a job in a different nation is a terrific opportunity to improve your financial situation, meet new people, and develop your independence.

If you want to improve your chances of being accepted to programs or finding work in your field of interest, it will be crucial for you to become actively involved in the local academic community. Look for a position where you will be able to learn relevant skills and network with others in your sector. Finding work outside of your area may be helpful, but if you want to further your career, you should look for a job in which you can learn relevant skills and network with individuals in your sector.

Food, high technology, energy, and fashion are just some of the many fields where entrepreneurs might launch successful ventures. When conditions are good, entrepreneurs can prosper thanks to factors like a healthy ecosystem for new businesses, ready access to capital, and a solid legacy.

In addition to these business-friendly conditions, a number of powerful actors are also helping to recruit new talent and spur innovation. France’s exponential rise as a digital powerhouse is thanks in large part to the efforts of public investment banks, private investors, and government programs.

8. Variety of English Programs

Despite French being the official language, there are over 1,600 English classes for international students to choose from in France. This is a great opportunity for everyone to practice English, especially those from a country where it is not the official language. By enrolling in degree programs conducted in English, you will be able to study in a multicultural environment and interact with foreign students from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. As a result of the country’s push to globalize its education system, students can now enroll in one of more than a thousand specialized degree programs delivered entirely in English. Learning this language, which is often referred to as the global language, is very important when attending school in a distant nation.

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9. Exquisite Dining

 In France, there is no shortage of exciting cultural events to attend. You may learn a lot about France, its numerous regions, and even its history through its food and wine, both of which play an integral role in French culture. The arts, fashion, history, literature, and a well-balanced approach to work and personal life are also important aspects of French culture in addition to the cuisine.

Whatever your taste, France provides a wide range of restaurants to satisfy your cravings. Café culture and an abundance of fine dining options have made Paris famous worldwide. The cuisine in Bordeaux is primarily influenced by the fare of the southwestern area of France, and the city boasts the world’s largest selection of wines. Regional specialties, Mediterranean fare, and dishes influenced by various European and North African cuisines come together in a fascinating way in Marseille’s cuisine.

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