$45,000 Soccer Scholarships in USA 2023-2024 | APPLY NOW

Written by Stuart Ray on July 21, 2023

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Are you a dedicated soccer fan who is considering applying for a soccer scholarship? You’re going to have a thrilling journey, then! Soccer scholarships at American universities have opened up doors to success for many outstanding professional soccer players.

Just consider the exemplary careers of Carlos Bocanegra, Maurice Edu, and Clint Dempsey, who excelled in college and proudly represented the United States on the world stage.
Soccer scholarships in the USA are highly sought after and competitive at Firstpoint College.

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      1. First of all I want to thank all of you for giving me this opportunity as a worker these are the kind opportunity we are looking for if only you take me thanks for everything pi

      2. Hi
        I am Abolfazl gholami football player Iranian estoy interesado en información sobre becas en Estados Unidos.

        1. Hola Abolfazl,

          ¡Es genial que estés interesado en obtener información sobre becas en Estados Unidos! Lamentablemente, como asistente virtual no puedo visitar sitios web externos, pero estoy aquí para ayudarte con cualquier pregunta o información que necesites.

          Las becas deportivas en Estados Unidos son muy populares y ofrecen a los estudiantes-atletas la oportunidad de combinar sus habilidades atléticas con una educación universitaria. Existen diferentes tipos de becas deportivas, incluyendo aquellas para el fútbol.

          Algunos pasos que puedes seguir para buscar becas en Estados Unidos son:

          1. Investiga las universidades y colegios que tienen programas de fútbol en Estados Unidos.
          2. Ponte en contacto con los entrenadores y coordinadores de reclutamiento de esas instituciones a través del correo electrónico o llamadas telefónicas.
          3. Prepárate para brindarles información sobre tus logros y habilidades como jugador de fútbol, como estadísticas de tus partidos, videos destacados y referencias.
          4. Asegúrate de cumplir con todos los requisitos académicos y deportivos establecidos por las instituciones educativas.

          Además, es recomendable consultar sitios web especializados en becas deportivas en Estados Unidos. Puedes buscar “sitios web especializados en becas deportivas en Estados Unidos” en un motor de búsqueda para encontrar opciones confiables.

          Recuerda investigar cuidadosamente cada oportunidad antes de solicitarla y no dudes en comunicarte directamente con las instituciones educativas para obtener más información sobre las becas disponibles.

          ¡Te deseo mucho éxito en tu búsqueda de becas deportivas en Estados Unidos!


    1. Hello sir/madam, how are you?
      I hope you are fine.
      I am very happy to contact with you and inform you that I need a full scholarship sponsoring from you to study in your beautiful University
      Please help me
      Thank you

  1. I would love to join your soccer academy to learn and achieve my goals and fulfill my talents

  2. Application for scholarship in any of the following fields
    1) soccer
    3) physical education

    1. Getting a scholarship is an excellent way to help fund your college education and save money on tuition costs. However, the process can be daunting – there’s a lot of competition for limited funds, and often it can be hard to know where to begin when trying to secure a scholarship. To give yourself the best chance at earning a scholarship, here are some tips:

      Start early – The earlier you start your search for scholarships, the more time you have to find ones that fit your needs and qualifications. Plus it takes time to write effective essays and complete any required applications or forms needed. Additionally, many grants require transcripts or teacher recommendations so make sure you stay on top of that paperwork as well!

      Research – Do some research about available scholarships in order to identify potential options that align with your interests and goals. There are plenty of websites dedicated to helping students locate scholarships based on their specific criteria (such as GPA or major). For example sites like College Board and Fastweb provide comprehensive databases of eligible opportunities from thousands of sources across countries!

      Apply strategically – While there may be hundreds or even thousands of opportunities out there, don’t limit yourself; apply for multiple types and amounts of scholarships whenever possible! Also keep an eye out for local organizations which may offer smaller awards but have fewer applicants competing against you compared to larger national grants; this can greatly increase chances at success!
      Make use of free resources online – There are tons of great resources online aimed at helping students succeed in applying for scholarships such as articles offering advice from experienced professionals who have been through this process before as well as webinars providing guidance on how best approach certain topics related with writing amazing essays!

      Stay organized – When filling out long applications make sure records remain organized by keeping track in one place all due dates related materials received etc…By doing this not only will completing applications become easier but also finding additional information should one need it down the line such as contact info if follow up conversations become necessary during selection processes definitely come in handy too!

      With these five tips plus determination perseverance dedication anybody has good chances succeeding towards getting those desired scholarships into each’s future educational endeavors—all they got left do now? Get cracking!!

    1. Applying for a soccer scholarship is an exciting opportunity, but it can be daunting and intimidating to submit the application. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks you can utilize to make this process easier.

      The first step in applying for a soccer scholarship is researching potential schools and clubs that may have openings available. Look into what kind of requirements each school has so you can determine if you’re eligible or not. It’s also important to review the existing scholarships that each team offers, so you know what time frame your applications must follow in order to qualify. Researching these components will give you an idea of what type of expectations they have from candidates as well as providing useful information when filling out the scholarship forms themselves.

      When creating your application form for a soccer scholarship, it’s important to work on presenting yourself professionally. Make sure all questions are answered honestly – remember that any false information given could lead to disqualification from the competition or even rejection from consideration altogether! Provide supporting documents with relevant qualifications and references whenever possible, too-this helps enhance credibility while showing initiative on your part in being prepared for submission day (or email!). Additionally, consider having someone proofread both your written portion of the application details as well as checking over any other paperwork before sending them off – this ensures accuracy throughout all elements of your entry so no missteps occur upon submitting!

      Lastly, always double check deadlines before submitting anything! Often times deadlines might have changed due to extenuating circumstances without prior notice – don’t let that stop you from earning a spot on the team by missing out on this critical detail! Most schools/clubs usually offer extensions depending on how much advance notice they get beforehand about needing extra time; either way make sure Double check dates several times just make sure nothing gets lost in translation like typed wrong numbers etc., since some deadlines are shorter than others based upon when their opening tryouts start up after receiving applications & processing them efficiently).
      All in all , good luck with finding success via obtaining a Soccer Scholarship – if done right & with proper preparation then there’s no reason why one shouldn’t be able find success within their end goals ! Best wishes !

      1. Hi am fred from Uganda but currently leaving in United Arab emirate dubai l graduated college 2011 but I couldn’t manage to continue due Financials. I would like to continue sturdies and earn degree

        1. Hi Fred, all what we can tell and try to help is that maybe a scholarship could help you to continue further your studies in United Arab Emirates.

  3. Hi I am Musa John Ballah from Liberia, and I am looking for a fully funded scholarship, I have not been able to start collage since I graduated sure to fanicial depression, and really wanting to go back to school and get my degree. Please can any help me🙏🙏

    1. Congratulations on your graduation, Musa John Ballah, and for taking the initiative to pursue higher education.

      We understand that financing a college education can be a challenge, so first and foremost we want to encourage you to explore all of your options in terms of scholarship programs available in your home country. The Republic of Liberia has multiple initiatives set up specifically for this purpose – such as the National University Scholarship Program – which offers partial or full tuition coverage depending on individual need and merit. Additionally, there are numerous international scholarships offered by independent organizations and trusts that are open to students from countries like yours – such as the David Wagoner Scholarship and the Harambee Student Exchange Program.

      It is also worth investigating fully funded online degree programs with reputable universities; these programs often come with their own financial aid packages ranging from student loans to grants, all readily accessible through the university’s website or admissions office. For instance, you may be eligible for an online degree program offered by one of Liberia’s top universities such as Cuttington University College or African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU). Both schools offer low-cost tuition plans designed to help make college more affordable and accessible for students in developing countries such as yours. Our research indicates that many colleges offering online courses may also provide some form of discount based on where you reside geographically – so it is definitely worth inquiring about such things when evaluating different school options!

      Finally, don’t forget that securing external funding could also be a way forward;such avenues include philanthropic donations via crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe or LaunchGood; private sponsorships through groups like Talent Ease Africa who specialize in providing financial assistance for young people looking to pursue higher education opportunities outside their home counties; even reaching out directlyto NGOs/ charities within your local community which might have specific initiatives devoted exclusively towards sponsoring educational causes/endeavours abroad!

      Whatever route you’re considering take this opportunity seriouslyand remember that hard work coupled with dedication will always yield positive results- both academically & financially! Good luck & stay encouraged!

    1. Hi Ernest, you have to watch the video on youtube and then follow the link in the description of the video.

  4. I am currently in Lesotho and interested in the scholarship but I haven’t taken and IELTS yet so I just wanna know in I can qualify

    1. Congratulations on your interest in pursuing higher education through scholarships! Lesotho offers numerous scholarship opportunities that are available to international students from both public and private institutions.

      The first option you should consider when looking for a scholarship is the Lesotho International Student Scholarship (LISS). This program was established by the Government of Lesotho in 2017, specifically designed to offer support and financial assistance to international students from all over the world who wish to pursue their studies in Lesotho. The LISS covers tuition costs as well as other expenses related to study abroad such as accommodation, meals, transport, books and others. To be eligible for this program, applicants must meet certain criteria which include having an excellent academic record and passing a competitive selection process with evidence that they can contribute positively towards the national development of Lesotho. It is also important to note that there is no IELTS requirement but some courses may require them or other forms of English proficiency tests so do check beforehand before applying for admission into any course.

      Apart from LISS, there’s also an array of other scholarships offered by several universities across the country tailored mainly toward various disciplines like engineering, medicine and technology among many others. You can find relevant details about these programs on each institution’s website or contact their admissions office directly if you have any queries concerning eligibility criteria or application processes required. Additionally there are choices available through private organizations like civic groups which offer grants or loans depending on individual needs; it would be wise though so seek detailed information prior moving forward with such programs due to varying terms attached which could greatly reduce chances at getting accepted into them successfully given your current circumstances .

      Overall securing a place at one of Lesotho’s various universities via scholarship requires investing time into extensive research about available options best suited for each person’s individual academic goals along with meeting all required conditions set out in order apply successfully thus giving necessary facts needed decide wisely when making final decision regarding educaiton choice you want commit yourself too . Good luck!

  5. I’m a player from a Nigeria i play very but nobody to assist me my family is too poor my dad has an accident over 15 years now I have been planning on how to make it to be a great player but my dad always tell me to forget about football that i can’t make because nobody to help i said no that i will look for scholarship

    1. Football can be an incredible opportunity for many people from all backgrounds and circumstances. As a player from Nigeria, you have the potential to develop your skills and devise strategies that could make you an outstanding athlete.

      Though it may seem daunting to pursue your dream of playing football without the support of family members, there are ways to achieve this goal. One key component is researching scholarships available specifically tailored towards athletes in African nations like Nigeria. With some hard work and dedication, you can find options that provide financial assistance as well as opportunities for additional training.

      Additionally, it is recommended to seek out mentors who specialize in different aspects of the game—such as tactics & strategy or physical conditioning —to help perfect your craft and gain valuable insights into how football operates at different levels.. You can also join youth clubs or academies in order to network with fellow players who share similar passions and goals. Not only would this environment give you access to countless resources but will also provide a community where you can fellowship with other aspiring athletes who are dedicated towards achieving excellence on the field. Finally, be sure to stay persistent in developing yourself physically through intensive workouts and drills so that when the time comes, your body is prepared for any challenge thrown its way!

  6. I really need a football Scholarship to further my studies and keep on playing football.


    Mahirwe Israel.

  7. What is the requirement for one to apply towards this scholarship and is it international can someone from africa apply for it and any age limits?

    1. Hi Humbu. You have to check that for each particular scholarship presented in this video, because there are more, it’s not just one scholarship and each scholarship has its own conditions.

      1. I really interested in it i wish one day to get a chance in this part may the Allah help me to get this scholarship from you

    1. I’m called Antonio dumingu from Namibia In a town called Rundu. I would love to apply for soccer scholarship in USA as stated. My reason being is to fill full my dream as the best player.

    1. I am very brilliant soccer fan who is looking for opportunity like this to come,am up and well ready

    1. Hi Solin, you just have to watch the video closely and then follow the link in the description of the video that will lead you to the corresponding article. You will find more information there on how to apply.

  8. I do have a talented younger brother who really love playing soccer but unfortunately he was still a high school student.

  9. I’m a die hard soccer fan and I’m hoping to play professionally in a Pitch one day and also be a source of hope to o other aspiring fans. How can I make this dream a reality

    1. Making your dream of playing professional soccer a reality is an achievable goal, but it takes commitment, dedication, and a lot of hard work. To begin, you must become an excellent player. That means training consistently and continuing to improve every aspect of your game: technical ability with the ball, physical conditioning (speed, agility & stamina), tactical knowledge and understanding of the game (formations & strategies), mental toughness (confidence & focus). You should also be dedicated to working on any flaws in your game that you have identified and never stop learning about the sport.

      The next step is to find quality coach or team that can help bring out the best in you as a player. Many talented players go unnoticed or don’t reach their full potential because they lack proper guidance from knowledgeable coaches who truly understand how to help them maximize their skills. With top level instruction at select teams/clubs like IMG Academy or La Liga Football Schools USA – which are available nationwide – you can take your skill set to the next level while being exposed to scouts who could potentially give you an opportunity at pro clubs worldwide.

      Additionally having resources like film footage showcases for highlight reels will demonstrate why coaches should consider giving you chances further down the line when it comes time for tryouts later on in life or post-college if necessary . It’s also important that attending these camps reflect well upon how passionate one is about making his/her dream come true by showing up taking initiative then delivering results regardless of what scenario he/she might face during their time participating .
      Finally , staying active in supporting causes related to soccer especially ones promoting youth development will help build credibility when attempting recruiters looking specifically for leaders not just good players . This can include volunteering coaching local teams organizing tournaments leading camps etcetera . All these tips combined with consistent practice determination ambition strong support system family friends mentors etcetera are all key ingredients needed ultimately make this dream come true !

    1. Applying for a full-funded scholarship can seem like an intimidating process. However, with careful planning and research, it is possible to be successful in applying for these scholarships and achieve your academic dream! Here are the procedures you should follow to have the best chance of success:

      Identify Your Financial Aid Options: Start by researching eligible scholarships that fit your needs. This could include government loans, grants, merit-based awards or other funding sources tailored to specific backgrounds or educational goals. Understanding all available options will help ensure you get the most advantageous package of financial aid possible.

      Build Your Academic Portfolio: Make sure that your high school curriculum reflects the type of scholarship you’re applying for – whether it includes taking challenging courses or getting involved with community service activities, take steps to make yourself stand out from applicants who are competing against you!

      Network Effectively: Leverage mentorships, internships and even informational interviews into opportunities to not only learn about potential scholarships but also gain invaluable experience on how best maximize a particular program’s selection criteria when building applications – this may involve writing essays as well as leveraging letters of recommendation from teachers or employers who can vouch for your hard work ethic and commitment towards achieving success in higher education studies..

      Pay Attention To Deadlines: Make sure to pay close attention to deadlines associated with different scholarship programs; try setting calendar alerts at least two weeks ahead so that all required materials are submitted on time and without any last minute scrambling during busy periods such as finals week! Additionally keep track of any submissions made so they’re easily found when needed further down the line for verification purposes (in case awards committees need additional information).

      5 . Prepare For Interviews : If awarded one , be aware that some donor institutions might ask interviewees questions related candidates ‘ areas interest , motivations , long – term professional plans & personal life circumstances which necessitated them seeking financial aid . In order prepare effectively , practice answering common questions beforehand with peers family members & advisors – they’ll provide constructive feedback based on their respective experiences before finalizing responses .

  10. My names rahim ramazani I’m Afghanistan I’m looking for work place cen you help me please I’m looking for work 🙏 0093728288776???0093774383764

    1. Hi Rahim. Sorry, but we are not exactly a jobs site. We are a scholarship website, which is a different thing, just that you will know.

      1. I really need a fully Funded scholarship To fulfill my dream of being a soccer player and have advanced education am from Zambia 🇿🇲

  11. I am a soccer lover I always looking forward for such a scholarship opportunities and I hope I got this.

  12. Please how can I apply? , I am a female who have passion in soccer and I would love to be part of the program…

    1. Congratulations for having a passion towards soccer and wanting to be part of the program.

      In order to apply, you will need to meet certain criteria that is required by the program, which may vary depending on the particular organization or team. Some basic requirements can include:

      • Having good physical health and fitness level – Strength, endurance, speed and accuracy in playing sports are essential qualities that one needs in order to play soccer
      • Knowledge in patterns and strategies of playing soccer – It is important for you to know different formations like 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 so as to adapt with tactics during play time
      • Ability in controlling the ball – You should have good skills when it comes to dribbling a ball with your feet, passing it accurately between players and shooting goals successfully
      • Professional attitude – Having good discipline both on & off field such as adhering with rules & regulations along with displaying sportsmanship at all times

      Once you have these qualifications checked off your list, you can begin registering yourself for any available programs. Depending on what type of program it is (i.e., youth league or professional team), there could be certain forms that need to be filled up before being accepted into the squad. After submitting all necessary documents/requests (testimonials from coaches etc.), they will review your application form then do an interview/trial session where they evaluate how well do you perform under pressure situations when competing against others. If successful after this stage then congratulations on becoming part of their team!

  13. Hello my name is kennie, I’m Rwandan, I hereby asking full funded scholarship because I want to continue my lesson in your university but I don’t have any support in order to achieve on my goals but whenever I can that scholarship I hope that my future will be very well and I will appreciate you.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Congratulations on your ambition and determination to continue your studies! Securing a fully funded scholarship can help make that happen, but it also requires plenty of hard work.

      The first step is researching what scholarships are available for Rwandan students. Visit websites like Scholarship-Positions.com, Scholarships for African Students (www.africanscholarshipsonline.org), or the University Grants Commission Rwanda (www.ugc-rwanda.org) and create a list of potential opportunities you may be eligible to pursue based on your academic background and nationality as a Rwandan student. Additionally, you should talk to a counselor at your current school about any scholarships they know about that would cover an international education experience such as yours – there may be some specific grants or funds available through the school itself that could apply to you in this case as well!

      Next comes applying for these scholarships which, depending on their requirements, could include gathering letters of recommendation from mentors/professors who have seen you succeed academically in prior courses; preparing essays detailing why you deserve the award; preparing transcripts from all secondary schools attended previously; submitting official financial documentation showing proof of need; etc… It’s essential to carefully read over all instructions provided by each institution offering a scholarship before completing applications – poorly completed forms will likely result in rejection even if you meet other criteria set forth by those offering them up!

      Finally, when writing out responses during the application process especially with essay questions keep in mind both quality quantity is important! Good writing must show evidence of thoughtfulness usually best achieved through detailed examples rather than general statements so discuss events/accomplishments that showcase the traits outlined by questioners — taking time crafting anecdotes highlighting different qualities unique to yourself can go further toward granting committees than general statements declaring one’s overall capabilities since more detail ensures deeper understanding throughout selection processes! Good luck with achieving success here Kennie – don’t hesitate reaching out if there’s any way we can help provide additional guidance along this journey getting into college overseas?

  14. To be honest with you I’m a soccer player and
    I really love it. And believe it is my opportunity.

  15. AOA sir
    I am From Pakistan,What are procedures to be following in order to succeed to apply full funded scholarship

    1. Congratulations on your decision to apply for a full funded scholarship! There are many different types of scholarships available and the procedures for each can vary, but here are some general steps you should follow to ensure success in your application.

      Research: It is important to research and identify which scholarships best fit your skills, interests, and financial needs. You should also make sure that you meet any academic or other requirements necessary for the scholarship program.

      Prepare an application package: Most scholarship applications require various pieces of supporting documentation such as resumes, essays, transcripts, recommendation letters etc., so it is important to make sure that all materials submitted are accurate and clear representations of who you are as a prospective student. Additionally, there may be specific instructions from the provider that must be followed closely in order for your application to be considered.

      Network: Reach out to friends or family members who can provide guidance on how best to approach the process; networking with contacts at places like universities or organizations relevant to your field of study could potentially increase your chances of success by providing additional insight into their particular process for selecting applicants.

      Follow Up: After submitting an application package it is important not only give yourself enough time before the deadline but also remain proactive after submitting in case more information is needed or if any revisions need made prior submission date; responding promptness throughout this entire process shows serious commitment towards achieving success with this opportunity .

      Following these 4 steps will help improve both the quality and likelihood of being accepted into a full funded scholarship program—but above all else patience and persistence will remain key throughout this endeavor! Good luck!

  16. I’m very happy when i see this opportunity right. I’m a soccer Man,it’s my Dream to become a grand légende.

  17. I am a soccer ⚽ looking for opportunities that can unite me with the game. I am ready to take any opportunity that will come from soccer scholarship opportunity.

  18. Hello Mr/Mrs, am LUKOOYA JOHNMARY from Uganda Africa and am a high school dropout due to lack of funds and am looking for scholarship to finish my studies, I got a good Samaritan who trained me practical plumbing work but I can’t get a job in any campany because I don’t have certificate, Diploma, degree etc so I need this scholarship ,am a footballer,am a Manchester United fun and Inter Miami fun thank you.

    1. Completing your education is an excellent goal, and it’s wonderful to hear you have a support system encouraging you in this endeavor. A bachelor’s degree in pharmacy could be a great opportunity for you, as there are many scholarships available that will allow you to pursue this course of study with full sponsorship.

      The first step to apply for any type of scholarship is to take your time researching the best options for yourself. Many programs specifically provide scholarships tailored towards students from countries such as Uganda, so make sure to take advantage of these opportunities when they arise. Additionally, make sure all qualifications required for each program are fulfilled before submitting your application—by doing so, you can improve your chances of receiving the desired scholarship or financial aid package.

      There are plenty of online resources which offer advice about how and where to look for potential sponsors who may be willing to fund part or all of your studies. Once you’ve done that, carefully compile the documents necessary for any applications while ensuring accuracy and attention-to-detail is maintained throughout the entire process—this could include things like transcripts from previous schooling or courses taken on a particular subject together with sufficient evidence showing why it’s beneficial both academically and career-wise if accepted onto the chosen program. Furthermore, writing a concise cover letter summarizing why exactly would one wish undertake studying pharmacy has been shown to increase chances significantly despite whatever criteria is applied by respective organizations in selecting candidates eligible applying within given deadlines

      In conclusion always remember that everyone’s journey towards entering college level education is unique – it important however ensure enough effort has gone into finding out what funding opportunities exist prior (and during) starting such process therefore increasing chances receiving more than generous financial help required completing such dream successfully someday soon!

  19. I’m a fan of football and I like playing it though am not a professional player, but I feel comfortable playing and watching soccer matches.

  20. Am a soccer player who thought his talent will just die like that but when I say this application I know my dreams will come true again

  21. I’m a fan of football and I like playing it though am not a professional player, but I feel comfortable playing and watching soccer matches. l like football

  22. Hello sir and madame am very happy and I hope you know I have any challenges in my study process in my family we are pool very well then I want to help me with there scholarships application

  23. Hello! Am Talemwa faisal from Uganda am in form three no scholarship for secondary school students because am looking for scholarship to help my parents they are in bad financial status. Thank you sir

  24. Please I just graduated from secondary school and I am from Nigeria. I really have passion for soccer and I have been looking for this kind of scholarship and opportunity. So please how do I apply?Thank you

  25. I,m from west Africa, Liberia and this is my wish that I been waiting for.i pray that this work at soon at posible.

  26. I will be glad if I am given this scholarship
    I have dream about become a professional footballer
    But my parents are poor
    Pls consider my request,I don’t want to waste this talent

  27. I’m Willie B Flomo from Liberia west Africa and I’m a soccer player. I’m also a high school graduate who need a scholarship. I need a soccer scholarship to play for the university.

  28. Please am so much interested in this fully funded scholarship it will help alot please assist me am in africa & i reaaly need this to reach greater heights

  29. Am 22 yrs of age, played for my school urban girls secondary school fegge Onitsha.
    Am playing for wing 9 and I also goalkeep.
    Thanks and God bless the organizer.

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