$2,000 Scholarship Prize for Winners of Contest

Written by admin on February 1, 2019

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Parents, and authorities often tell children and the youth that college education is extremely important. That getting into a degree program would help you have a stable future. That college education doesn’t always have to be traditional college, there are online universities too. This is all true. However, there are also certain aspects of college that adults, especially parents and school authorities, tend to forget. This is the financial part. When a high school student becomes a college student, there are huge changes that they will inevitable experience. One of this is the sudden independence in most areas of your life. As a college student, you will be liable for your own expenses like tuition fees, food, apartment rent, and many more. And you would have to earn the money to pay for all those because in the eyes of society, you are now a fully functioning adult who can be a part of the work force.

However, entering and finishing a degree program or enrolling in online universities isn’t exactly cheap. In fact, there is an issue nowadays of how the tuition fee or the cost of college education seems to be continuously increasing. If you start to save up late, it would be difficult to pay off your student loans. And when student loans accumulate and are left unpaid, these will turn into student debts, which follow you even when you’re an adult and also grow as time passes by. This is why it is also important for parents to teach their kids to save money as early as possible. While there are limited chances or opportunities for high school students to earn money, there are other ways they can turn to like joining contests or getting a scholarship.

If you’re a high school student who has a vision for directing videos or has a talent for editing videos, then this is your chance. The Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) is holding a video contest with a grand prize worth $2,000. All you have to do is to make a 30 second commercial about the dangers or risks of driving while texting. Remember that the commercial’s target audiences are middle school students. If your video wins, not only do you get $2,000 but your video will also be aired in television and you and your team will have the chance to work with professionals in the industry to edit your video to fit broadcast. Learn more about how to apply for this at http://courageouspersuaders.com/scholarships-awards/

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