$1,500 Friends of Lindsey Renee Cianciolo Family Memorial Fund Award

Written by admin on February 4, 2019

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In the United States, one of the leading causes of death is car or vehicle accidents on the road. This consists of many kinds of variations of road accidents like drunk driving and the other similar incidents. This is why it is baffling as to why lessons about road and car safety are not part of the curriculum in a lot of schools. Most of the times, the curriculum in high schools and middle schools are more about gearing students for their college education like getting a bachelor degree or finishing their degree program.

Along with this, schools are also criticized for not teaching students necessary life lessons like this one, paying taxes, and the threat of student debts in college, among others. High school and middle school prepare students for a lot of academic subjects for their college education or so that they can finish their bachelor degree or the kind of degree program they should take but rarely do they prepare them for real life experiences like this one.

That is why foundations and programs like the Courageous Persuaders and the Friends of Lindsey Renee Cianciolo Family Memorial Fund Award do their best in educating and informing young students about the road accidents and road safety, specifically, about the dangers of underage drinking while driving. This is extremely important since young drivers are said to be involved in car accidents more often as compared to the older and more experienced drivers and adults.

 In fact, Lindsey, the namesake of the memorial fund award, died at the young age of 20 years old on January 5, 2005 due to a motor vehicle accident, which mostly happened due to underage drinking. In order to honour her memory, the Friends of Lindsey Renee Ciancolo Family Memorial Fund Award was created and ever since 2007, they have been contributing to multiple state and national scholarships. The first contributor to this was the law firm of Hickey, Cianciolo, Finn & Atkins, P.C. and ever since then, the fund award had been dedicated in their endeavour of raising awareness and denouncing the dangers of underage drinking while driving by being one of the supporters of the Dangers of Underage Drinking while Driving Award. To join this contest, you must create a 30 second or less video that will warn middle school students about the dangers of underage drinking while driving. The winning team will receive $1,500 and also possible other scholarship prizes too. To learn more, go to http://courageouspersuaders.com/scholarships-awards/

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