$1000 to $2500 Scholarship Prizes for Video Contest

Written by admin on February 10, 2019

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One of the things that students really prepare for early on is their college education. In terms of their grades or GPA, they prepare for it so that they could enter the degree program or online universities they want since most of them tend to have a requirement for the GPA. High school students also prepare for the transition of depending on your parents since your birth to suddenly being independent and being responsible for almost everything in your life. That means you’re the one who would be earning money to pay for your expenses the moment you go to college. In relation to that, students also should prepare for the tuition fee expenses or costs they would face for their college education.

Entering a degree program you want can be easy but finishing it is not. Likewise, it is easy to enter or enrol in online universities but it is finishing your degree there that would be difficult. Why? It is because these two things require a lot of money to be finished. If you’re only going to start saving money or earning money for your college tuition now, then there are chances that you would have to heavily depend on student loans. That isn’t good either because too much student loan can lead to having student debts, which you still have to pay even when you have already graduated and are working. That is why as early as possible and even if you are still a high school student, you should learn how to save and earn money for your tuition.

The State Farm Fan Favorite Award is useful for that. This is an award made by the State Farm Insurance for their contest on making a commercial that will help educate and inform middle school students of the dangers of underage drinking while driving. This commercial should be 30 seconds long and will be judged according to the creativity and persuasiveness. The winning team will receive $1,000 and their entry will be featured during the National Teen Driver Safety Week. However, the Fan Favorite Award is related to this award.

The State Farm Fan Favorite Award entails that the commercial or the entry with the most likes will win. The winning team will receive a $1,000 scholarship and a $2,500 cash prize will go to the school to further improve and enrich their Courageous Persuaders program. To learn more about this program go to http://courageouspersuaders.com/scholarships-awards/

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  1. thank you for this opportunity,so I need a scholarship to study in management and administration i can’t lose this chance I really want it because I don’t have as much as enough financial to pursue my studying in a good way,thank you in advance

  2. Thanks so much and its my prayer always to find a way of going back to school since I am defeated in paying my tuition I just request that you consider me

  3. I’m realy need this schoolarship , because i have an important projet that i want to realize and it’s an big opportunity to come out this projet .

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