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Written by Stuart Ray on March 22, 2023

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What can students expect when they decide to study in Libya? What about the academic abilities or potential work study and internship options that are readily available? We will cover all of these aspects and show international students what can be used to gain a higher education and a better understanding about studying in Libya. Below we will show universities, work study/internship options, living options and monthly budget.

Main languages will also be covered in this article about what language is the main spoken in that country but also the best one for students to learn before or after arriving. Most countries have language classes ready that are free to international students.

Universities in Libya:

  • University of Benghazi
  • University of Tripoli
  • University of Libya
  • Sebha University
  • Misurata University
  • University of Zawia
  • Libyan International Medical University
  • Sabratha University
  • Al Asmarya University for Islamic Sciences
  • Omar Al-Mukhtar University
  • Sirte University
  • The Higher Institute of Computer Technology
  • Al-Arab Medical University
  • Az-Zawiyah Engineering college

There is the potential for at least one permanently closed university, so students should double check when they are looking for universities in Libya to attend.

This is not a complete list of all of the available public and private universities that are located in Norway.

Annual Tuition Cost in Libya

What can students expect from paying an annual tuition cost to continue their studies in Libya? What students can expect is a student’s union fee which will need to be paid in full. At this time, this is the only college fee that is needed to be paid in full. There are no other fees mentioned. This complete amount is around the total of

With a university, they will range around $1,026 USD and $2,000 USD per year if the student is studying at Benghazi. All students should look at the programs to see when they will gradually rise in cost because their Master’s programs do cost slightly more than that of bachelor or undergraduate programs around the world.

Living Costs in the Country – Monthly Budget

What can students expect when it comes to figuring out a monthly budget when they are living and staying in Libya. For a single student they can expect to pay around $370 USd to the maximum of $450 USD for students to live comfortably. The $330 USD is without rent, rent would be added to a total of $370 USD. while living comfortably in Libya. Students will see that import products can fluctuate in price throughout the seasons.

The cost can definitely fluctuate throughout the course of the student’s stay, solely based on economic issues. Which means food and utilities do tend to rise occasionally but Libya is still 89% less expensive than the United States.

The total listed above is the total a student would need to pay per month while they are living in Libya.

Main Languages Spoken in Libya

What is the main language in Libya, are there multiple languages? The main language in Libya is Arabic. However, there was another language that is commonly used called Egyptian Arabic and Tunisian Arabic. Although Arabic, is recognized as the national language in Libya. So, it would be expected that international students should learn some basic levels of Arabic.

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