UNESCO / OWSD PhD Scholarships for Women, 2022

Written by Michael Nz. on February 27, 2022

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

  • Country of the Scholarship

    United States
  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

  • Scholarship amount given

    $5000 - $7000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

    Private sponsor
  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Organization For Women In Science For The Developing World (OWSD) https://owsd.net/ Email: [email protected] Phone: +39 040 2240-492, -325, -682, -662 Fax: +39 040 2240-689 Mailing Address: OWSD Campus ICTP Secretariat, Adriatico Guesthouse, 7th Floor, 34151 Trieste, Italy For General And Media Inquiries Contact: Owsd@ Owsd.net Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Swedish Intentional Development Authority - SIDA) Address: 105 25, Stockholm, Sweden Tel.:+46 (0)8 – 698 50 00 (phone) Email: [email protected]

Doctoral scholarships for women scientists from lagging countries in science and technology to carry out their doctoral research in an academic institution located in a country of the Global South.

The doctoral scholarships for women scientists from science and technology lagging countries to carry out their doctoral research at an academic institution located in a country of the Global South are offered to women scientists from science and technology lagging countries (STLC for its acronym in English) to conduct their doctoral research in the natural sciences, engineering sciences, and information sciences and technologies, at an academic institution located in a country in the Global South.

Please note that at the time of submitting your application, the applicant must not have an active World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) fellowship or have applied to a TWAS program during the same year.

Only one application per year is possible for all TWAS and OWSD programs.
Applicants will not be eligible for TWAS “Visiting Professor” programs during the year they apply for the fellowship.

The only exception is for the Director or Head of an institution who has invited an external academic to share her experience within the framework of the TWAS “Visiting Professor” programs. Only this Director or Head of the inviting institution could apply to another program.

You can find a list of frequently asked questions at: https://owsd.net/owsd-doctoral-scholarship-frequently-asked-questions. Please review this list of answers to frequently asked questions before submitting your questions to the OWSD Secretary.


The program is supported by funds generously provided by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and is offered in collaboration with host institutions throughout the developing world.

The general purpose of this scholarship program is to contribute to the emergence of a new generation of women leaders in science and technology and to promote their effective participation in the scientific and technological development of their countries.


To improve access to educational and training opportunities in science and technology for young and talented women, from countries lagging behind in science and technology, who have university degrees.

Increase scientific productivity and the creativity of women scientists in countries lagging behind in science and technology.
Empower a new generation of talented women to take on leadership roles in science and technology.

Encourage women scientists to contribute to the sustainable development of their countries of origin.

Enable women scientists from the South to collaborate and network at regional and international levels.


1. Full-time scholarship (maximum 4 years of funding), where the research is carried out entirely in an academic institution in a country of the Global South.

2. “Sandwich” scholarship, where the candidate – being a doctoral student registered in her country of origin – carries out part of her studies at an academic institution in another country of the Global South.

The sandwich fellowship is awarded for a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 research visits to the host institution. The minimum duration of the first visit is 6 months. The total number of months spent at the host institution cannot exceed 20 months. The financing period cannot exceed 4 years.

OWSD encourages candidates to particularly consider the “sandwich” option, as it allows them to pursue their Ph.D. in their home country while accessing specialized researchers and teams abroad at the host academic institution.

The financial support of the scholarship is only provided while the student is at the host institution.


Due to scientific and economic changes in a number of developing countries, OWSD has intensified the focus of its program and has selected a group of countries in which science and technology are significantly lagging behind.

The immediate effect of this selection is that, since 2017, the OWSD Doctoral Fellowships have been open to candidates from these lagging countries in science and technology.
to. Bolivia
b. El Salvador
c. Guatemala
d. Haiti
e. Honduras
f. Nicaragua
g. Paraguay

Previously, the OWSD had a list of eligible countries that included all least developed countries (LDCs) and additional countries in sub-Saharan Africa. With this new list, some countries are no longer considered low-income and are no longer eligible to receive scholarships.


The Organization of Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) is an international organization founded in 1987 and headquartered at the offices of the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), in Trieste, Italy. It is a special programs unit of UNESCO.

OWSD is the first international forum uniting eminent women scientists from the developing and developed worlds with the aim of strengthening their role in the development process and promoting their representation in scientific and technological leadership.

OWSD provides research training, professional development, and networking opportunities for women scientists throughout the developing world at different stages of their careers.

1. A monthly allowance to cover basic living expenses such as room and board while in the host country.

2. A modest annual subsidy, to be used at the discretion of the student, to cover expenses associated with her research.
3. A round-trip ticket from the country of origin to the host institution for the agreed research period.
4. Visa expenses to travel to the host country.
5. An annual contribution for medical insurance expenses.
6. The opportunity to attend regional workshops on scientific communication, on a competitive basis.
7. Study fees (tuition and academic rights) according to the chosen academic institution (which is also expected to contribute).


a. Fees for the use of facilities (for example, laboratories) and consumable materials.
b. Support for language training, before or during the scholarship program.
c. Shipping costs for research samples.
d. The purchase of a personal computer or software of any kind.
and. Family subsistence support.
F. Additional tickets to travel to the country of origin for personal reasons.

Application Deadline

Deadline to apply: April 15, 2022

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