Novus Biological $1,500 Scholarship, 2024

Written by Michael Nz. on August 15, 2023

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

  • Country of the Scholarship

    United States
  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Bachelor's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    $1000 - $3000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

    Private sponsor
  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    USA Office   Novus Biologicals, LLC   10771 E Easter Ave,   Centennial CO CO 80112 Phone: 1-888-506-6887 | [email protected] | Fax: 303-730-1966

The Significance of Science and Technology: A Vital Path to Progress

The importance of science and technology is immeasurable – its impact on individuals’ lives, including students, is consistently evident. The research itself is a pivotal pillar in propelling the community of life sciences. The aim is to foster scientific accomplishments, particularly among students aspiring to embark on careers in the realm of science.

Science has undoubtedly bestowed tremendous benefits upon the global community, touching various dimensions of life. This is precisely why certain platforms and providers of grants are channeling substantial investments into scientific research. Their goal is to augment the ongoing contributions of science within our society.

One such initiative is the Mobil Scholarship. This scholarship is designed to support science researchers, serving as a driving force for science students to delve deeper into research and contribute to advancing our scientific landscape. The commitment of this scholarship is showcased through the award of a $1500 scholarship, bestowed twice a year.

The mission of Novus Biologicals, LLC is centered around hastening scientific discoveries by crafting and introducing distinctive products for the life sciences. Moreover, they contribute back to society through the Novus Biologicals Scholarship.

As you read through this article, provided by the PickAScholarship team, you’ll discover all the essential information required to partake in the NOVUS BIOLOGICALS SCHOLARSHIPS. Your journey towards scientific exploration and contribution awaits.

About the Novus Biologicals Scholarship

Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program: Novus Biologicals

Image Source: Novus Biologicals

The Novus Biologicals grant platform stands with pride, celebrating its substantial contributions to the realm of science through this remarkable scholarship. The influence of their financial support on the global scientific landscape is truly monumental and cannot be overstated.

This scholarship rightfully earns the title of a world scholarship owing to its inclusivity across numerous countries. Unlike scholarships limited to specific regions, this opportunity extends its reach far and wide, welcoming students from around the globe.

Designed to embrace undergraduates, graduates, and high school students with a passion for science, this worldwide scholarship program is a beacon of opportunity. Research remains a cornerstone in the growth and progress of the life sciences community, and Novus Biologicals is dedicated to fostering scientific accomplishments by aiding aspiring science professionals.

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Recipients of the scholarship program are granted up to $1,500 twice a year as a token of recognition for their dedication to the field.

This scholarship shatters those limitations in a landscape where many scholarships are restricted to U.S. students or those studying in Europe. Its focus is solely on the field of science, making it accessible to any student worldwide who shares this passion. Regardless of race, nationality, or heritage, graduates and undergraduates can apply.

Expressing an interest in pursuing a science-related course is sufficient to be considered for this scholarship. However, the scholarship providers are also eager to delve deeper into the aspirations of their applicants. A brief composition of around 150 words is required, delving into the applicant’s favorite scientist. This write-up should encompass the scientist’s character and their influence on the scientific realm.

Furthermore, applicants are tasked with crafting a concise essay spanning no more than 500 words. This essay should illuminate the impact the applicant aspires to make in the world of science and outline the paths they intend to tread to enhance and progress within the realm of science.

The Novus Biologicals Scholarship is more than just financial aid; it’s a catalyst for nurturing future scientific leaders on a global scale.

Level/Field of Study

In the landscape of scholarships, concerns have been raised about certain programs being deemed exclusive or even biased. This perception stems from the selection criteria that often limit eligibility to students at a specific academic level. Unfortunately, this approach inadvertently excludes students pursuing different educational paths.

However, the Novus Biologicals Scholarship stands apart as a beacon of inclusivity. It breaks down the barriers that have cast a shadow on some scholarships. Unlike its counterparts, this scholarship is not confined to a narrow bracket of students. Instead, it extends its arms to embrace graduate and undergraduate students, offering a fair chance to those aspiring to excel in science-related fields.

Whether a student is embarking on their graduate journey or pursuing an undergraduate degree, the Novus Biologicals Scholarship remains an open avenue of opportunity. The reach of this scholarship goes even further; it welcomes graduate students dedicated to majoring in any science-related field.

To clarify, here’s a list of courses aligning with the scholarship’s eligibility criteria. If your chosen course falls within these categories or shares relevance with any of them, you’re well on your way to being a potential recipient.

Course List

1. Agricultural extension
2. Agronomy
3. Animal Science
4. Animal breeding and genetics
5. Animal Nutrition
6. Animal nutrition and biotechnology
7. Animal physiology
8. Animal production
9. Animal production and fisheries
10. Animal production and health
11. Animal production and health service
12. Animal Science
13. Animal science and fisheries
14. Animal science and fisheries management
15. Animal distribution science and management
16. Animal science and technology
17. Animal and environmental biology
18. Animal and environment
19. Anthropology (biological)
20. Applied Microbiology
21. Applied Biochemistry
22. Applied biology
23. Applied biology and biochemistry
24. Applied biology and biotechnology
25. Applied Botany
26. Applied Chemistry
27. Applied ecology
28. Applied geology
29. Applied geophysics
30. Applied mathematics with statistics
31. Applied microbiology and brewing
32. Applied statistics
33. Applied Zoology
34. Aquaculture and fisheries management
35. Archaeology
36. Archaeology (single honor)
37. Artificial intelligence
38. Bioinformatics
39. Biochemistry
40. Conservation and use of biodiversity
41. Biological sciences
42. Biology
43. Biotechnology
44. Botany
45. Botany and ecological studies
46. Botany and microbiology
47. Construction technology
48. Cell biology and genetics
49. Chemical sciences
50. Chemical and industrial chemistry
51. Chemistry
52. Chemical and industrial chemistry
53. Cognitive science
54. Communication and wireless technology
55. Communication technology
56. Computational analysis
57. Computing and economics
58. Computing and mathematics
59. Computing and communication sciences
60. Computing with the Islamic religion
61. Computer science
62. Computer science and accounting
63. Computer science and informatics
64. Computer science and information science
65. Computer science and mathematics
66. Computer science with economics
67. Computer science and information technology
68. Computer with electronics
69. Computer with statistics
70. Conservation biology
71. Crop science
72. Cybersecurity science
73. Earth sciences
74. Ecology
75. Ecology and environmental studies
76. Electronics
77. Electronics and computer technology
78. Energy and petroleum studies
79. Energy studies
80. Engineering physics
81. Environmental biology
82. Environmental biology and fisheries
83. Environmental management
84. Environmental management and toxicology
85. Environmental science
86. Environmental science and technology
87. Exercise and sports science
88. Fisheries and aquaculture
89. Fisheries and aquatic biology
90. Food science and technology
91. Fisheries and aquatic environmental management
92. Fisheries and aquatic resources management
93. Fisheries and wildlife management
94. Fisheries management
95. Fisheries technology
96. Forensic science
97. Genetics and biotechnology
98. Geography
99. Geography and environmental management
100. Geography and geosciences
101. Geography and planning
102. Geological sciences
103. Geology
104. Geology and earth sciences
105. Exploration of geology and geophysics
106. Geology and Geophysics
107. Geology and mineral sciences
108. Geology and mineral sciences
109. Geology and mining
110. Geology and petroleum studies
111. Geology/regional planning
112. Geophysics
113. Geosciences
114. Hardware and networks
115. Home Science, nutrition, and Dietetics
116. Human biology
117. Industrial and environmental chemistry
118. Industrial Chemistry
119. Industrial Mathematics
120. Industrial and applied mathematics and statistics
121. Industrial mathematics and computing
122. Industrial Microbiology
123. Industrial physics
124. Industrial and applied physics geophysics
125. Application of physics/electronics/industrial computing
126. Industrial physics and renewable energy
127. Information and communication sciences
128. Information and communication technologies
129. Information sciences
130. Information sciences and media studies
131. Computer technologies
132. Laboratory technology
133. Library and information sciences
134. Livestock production technology
135. Management information system
136. Development of management software
137. Marine biology
138. Marine biology and fisheries
139. Marine environmental science
140. Marine science and technology
141. Mathematical sciences
142. Mathematics
143. Mathematics and economics
144. Mathematics and Geography
145. Mathematics and statistics
146. Mathematics with computer science
147. Mathematics with Management Science
148. Mathematics with Physics
149. Mathematics with statistics
150. Mathematics and computer science
151. Mathematics and statistics
152. Mathematics/statistics/computer science
153. Medical laboratory science
154. Medical laboratory technology
155. Meteorology
156. Microbiology and biotechnology
157. Industrial microbiology and biotechnology
158. Molecular biology
159. Natural and environmental sciences
160. Natural and environmental studies
161. Science and management of natural ecosystems
162. Oceanography
163. Operations research
164. Optometry
165. Organizational and industrial psychology
166. Parasitology and entomology
167. Petrol-chemistry
168. Petroleum chemistry
169. Physical sciences
170. Physics
171. Physics and applied physics
172. Computer physics and electronics
173. Physics electronics
174. Engineering Physics
175. Physical science
176. Physics with electronics
177. Physics and astrology
178. Physics and computational modeling
179. Physics and computer science
180. Physics and industrial physics
181. Physics and materials science
182. Physics and solar energy
183. Plant Biology
184. Plant breeding and seed science
185. Seed and breeding technology
186. Plant physiology and crop production
187. Plant Science
188. Plant science and Biotechnology
189. Plant science and crop production
190. Plant science and forestry
191. Plant science and Microbiology
192. Project management
193. Pure and industrial chemistry
194. Pure physics
195. Pure and applied biology
196. Pure and applied chemistry
197. Pure and applied mathematics
198. Pure and applied physics
199. Pure/industrial physics
200. Science lab technology
201. Software development
202. Soil science
203. Soil science and environmental management
204. Soil science and land agro-climatology
205. Soil sciences and land management
206. Soil science management
207. Sports sciences
208. Statistics
209. Statistics and biometrics
210. Statistics and informatics
211. Statistics and demography
212. Topography and geoinformatics
213. Telecommunications and wireless technology
214. Telecommunications management
215. Telecommunications sciences
216. Textile science and technology
217. Transport management
218. Veterinary science
219. Water resources and agrometeorology
220. Water resource management
221. Wildlife ecotourism
222. Wildlife management
223. Wood science
224. Zoology and animal systematics
225. Zoology and aquaculture
226. Zoology and environmental biology

Host Nationality

Most scholarships in the United States are usually only available to people who are citizens of the United States. But this scholarship is different.

Even though the scholarship’s main location is in the United States, it’s also open to students from other countries.

The United States is a country that has gained a lot from science and technology. Because of this, they want to make research in these fields even better. They also want young students to be a part of this and keep benefiting from it.

There are even some countries around the world that would work really hard to support this kind of learning. That’s why the United States is happy to be the country offering this scholarship.

So, while the scholarship is based in the United States, it’s a chance for students from different places to participate.

Eligible Nationality

The scholarship can justifiably be termed an open scholarship because it is one of the few scholarships open to students from different countries.

Novus Biologicals Scholarship Scholarship Worth

The most money a student can get from this scholarship:

$1500. This scholarship money will be given out: Every semester.

This scholarship covers a few things:

You can use the scholarship money for living expenses. The scholarship money can also be used for housing. But you can’t use the scholarship money for airfare or travel expenses.

The scholarship doesn’t include money for caring for a spouse or child. It also doesn’t cover medical expenses.

One student will get $1500 (or money in their country’s currency) for both the fall and spring semesters.

Novus Biologicals 2024 Scholarship Requirements

Entry Requirements: Applicants can apply for this scholarship if they meet the following requirements: Applicants must have a stated major in a science (medical) related field. Enrolled or accepted for enrollment (baccalaureate, graduate, associate degree, or diploma)

Open Worldwide English Language Requirements: Applicants from outside their home country must often meet specific English or other language requirements to study there.

How to Apply for the Novus Biologicals Scholarship in 2024

Here’s how you can apply for the scholarship:

1. Complete the scholarship application form.
2. Provide a transcript of all the courses you’ve taken in college or after high school. If you’re in high school, give your high school transcript.
3. You can use an official or unofficial copy of the transcript.
4. Write a short statement of about 140 characters (like a tweet) about your favorite scientist.
5. Write a personal statement of 500 words or less. Talk about how you want to use your degree to improve science in the area you’re interested in.

Scholarship Link

Everyone who wants to apply for the scholarship should send all their application stuff to this email address: [email protected].

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