McConnell Foundation $30,000 Scholarship Program for Undergraduates, Canada 2024

Written by Michael Nz. on May 21, 2023

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    Bachelor's scholarship
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    > 12000
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    Private sponsor
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We are excited to unveil the prestigious McConnell Foundation Scholarship Program 2024, which is currently underway. This esteemed scholarship holds a remarkable value of $30,000. Kindly review the eligibility and qualification criteria provided below.

Table of Contents.

  • A brief history of McConnell
  • What You Need To Know About The McConnell Foundation Scholarship Program 2024
  • McConnell Foundation Scholarship Program 2024
    • Level/field of study
    • Host Nationality
    • Eligible Nationality
    • Scholarship Worth
    • Eligibility for the McConnell Foundation Scholars Program 2024
    • How To Apply for The McConnell Foundation Scholarship 2024
    • McConnell Foundation Scholarship Application Deadline 2024
    • Scholarship Application Link

A brief history of McConnell

Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr., born on February 20, 1942, is an American hailing from Kentucky. Presently, he is married to Elaine Chao and is blessed with three children named Elly, Porter, and Claire. Within the realm of politics, McConnell holds the distinction of serving the longest tenure in the US Senate.

Commencing his political journey in 1984, McConnell has garnered a formidable reputation as a skilled strategist and tactician, owing to his significant roles during the administrations of Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

His initial marriage spanned from 1963 to 1980, and his three children are from this union. Subsequently, McConnell entered into a second marriage with his current wife, who was appointed Secretary of Transportation by former President Donald Trump.

During her election campaign, McConnell actively supported her, resulting in her receiving the majority of votes. As a Republican, McConnell has undergone considerable transformation, embracing a staunch stance on filibusters. He consistently spearheaded efforts to impede Barack Obama’s presidency by rejecting his nominees for Supreme Court justices and advocating for a one-term limit for the former president, among other endeavors.

McConnell proudly recalls delivering a public speech on this matter, deeming it one of the most pivotal decisions of his political career. Initially, he refrained from endorsing Donald Trump, only doing so after his preferred candidate withdrew from the race and fellow Republicans rallied behind Trump.

While McConnell chose Trump as his preferred candidate, he never hesitated to express his disagreement or non-support for certain decisions made by the former president on certain occasions.

What You Need To Know About The McConnell Foundation Scholarship Program 2024

The program is a form of social investment that recognizes a distinctive quality shared by all academics. Although they may express it in different ways, this quality entails a genuine commitment to giving back for the betterment of others. As they succeed in their respective fields and personal endeavors, they contribute to the success of others, thereby fostering sustainable growth and development in the nation.

The foundation envisions an improved Canada where the well-being of both indigenous and non-indigenous people is enhanced through advancements in economic and social systems. It aims to unlock the inherent creativity of individuals and organizations across all sectors by providing optimal support. For additional ongoing Canadian scholarships, please feel free to explore further.

The foundation is located in Redding, California.

McConnell Foundation Scholarship Program 2024

Level/Field of Study

The scholarship program welcomes applications from eligible candidates who fall into any of the following categories:

1. Exceptional students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance.
2. Individuals who would be the first in their families to attend college.
3. Resilient individuals who have overcome significant challenges without allowing them to hinder their progress.
4. People of strong character and integrity who have a positive influence on young people and their community.
5. Individuals who are committed to making meaningful contributions and giving back to society.
6. The program also supports students facing physical disabilities, homelessness, individuals in foster care, and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, provided they have shown exceptional dedication to serving others.

Students can utilize the financial support offered by the program at regionally accredited institutions, including:

– Non-profit institutions

– Institutions that uphold principles of non-discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, color, sexual identity, sexual orientation, political ideology, age, pregnancy, or disabilities unrelated to course requirements. These factors are protected by law during the hiring process, admissions, and provision of services.

– Institutions with a physical presence that primarily offer in-person courses in the United States of America.

Host Nationality

This scholarship opportunity is available for individuals who wish to pursue their studies in the United States. If you are interested in exploring scholarships to study abroad or discovering other recently available scholarships in the USA, you can click on the following links.

Eligible Nationality

The McConnell Scholarship is exclusively available to students who are citizens or residents of the United States. The scholarship funds can be utilized at various colleges and universities that meet the eligibility criteria, including:

– Public community colleges like Shasta College, College of the Siskiyous, Klamath College, and others.
– California State Universities, such as CSU Chico, Humboldt State University, Sonoma State University, and more.
– University of California campuses like UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and others.
– Public universities across the United States.
– Additionally, many private universities also meet the qualification requirements.

Scholarship Worth

The scholarship program provides a range of support, including financial assistance, mentoring, and conferences.

Financially, the program offers students a substantial sum of thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) to support their pursuit of academic excellence. Each year, students have access to approximately seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500), with any unused funds carrying over to the following year. This financial support can last for up to six years, allowing students the opportunity to pursue higher degrees if desired.

Dave Tanner, the program officer, serves as a mentor and offers tutoring services to scholarship recipients. He provides valuable guidance and support throughout their academic journey, prioritizing their overall well-being.

Tanner’s interest lies in how the university experience can positively transform and impact students as they explore their aspirations and search for their identity. He focuses on identifying and nurturing their strengths, helping them accept and align their talents, abilities, and interests with their academic goals.

Every year, on the second weekend of August, both current and past scholarship recipients come together for a three-day conference organized by the students themselves. The conference is designed to facilitate learning and growth, covering various topics through workshops.

These workshops encompass areas such as fitness and nutrition, studying abroad, finding internships, stress management, and financial literacy, among many others. In addition to equipping attendees with practical knowledge for life beyond college, the conference also fosters the development of a supportive network of friends and peers who can stand the test of time and provide ongoing support to one another.

Eligibility for the McConnell Foundation Scholars Program 2024

The application for the McConnell Scholarship Program 2024 is open to individuals who meet any of the following criteria:

1. Students who reside or attend high school within the designated service area, which includes places like Mordor, Trinity County, Lassen County, Humboldt County, and others.

2. Students who are planning to re-enter a college or university in the upcoming fall semester and have not yet obtained a bachelor’s degree.

3. Students who are enrolling at a qualifying college or university, such as public community colleges like Shasta College, state universities within California, public universities, and numerous private universities across the United States of America.

4. Applicants whose expected family contribution towards education is eight thousand six hundred dollars ($8,600) or less.

5. Individuals who have not been convicted of a felony or have completed their sentence as required by law.

6. Applicants who do not have direct familial relationships with any board member or community volunteer associated with the scholarship program.

If you meet any of these categories, you are eligible to apply for the McConnell Scholarship Program 2024.

How To Apply for The McConnell Foundation Scholarship 2024

To apply for the McConnell Foundation Scholarship Program, please follow the steps outlined below:

1. The application process for the McConnell Foundation Scholarship Programs begins online every year on November 1. You can create an account and start the application process at that time.

2. Starting from October 1 of the following academic year, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the California Dream Act Application becomes available. It is recommended to complete and submit either of these applications.

3. Once you have received your Student Aid Report (SAR) from the FAFSA website or the Dream Act Student Aid Report (DASAR), upload it to your scholarship application for the McConnell Scholarship.

4. After submitting your FAFSA or California Dream Act application, it usually takes about three business days to receive your SAR or DASAR. Ensure you have these reports ready before proceeding with your McConnell Foundation Scholarship application.

5. The deadline for the McConnell Foundation Scholarship Programs application is always March 5 at 9:30 pm Pacific Standard Time. It is important to submit your application by this deadline as no applications will be accepted after this time, even in the case of internet or computer issues.

6. Once submitted, all completed and eligible applications are assigned to reading groups based on region. Each application is reviewed and ranked by at least three trained community volunteers.

7. The highest-ranking applicants from each group will be invited to a regional interview, where the final selections for the scholarship will be made.

By following these steps, you can complete your application for the McConnell Foundation Scholarship Program.

McConnell Foundation Scholarship Application Deadline 2024

Scholars can begin registering for the scholarship program around November 1 of each year, with applications due March 5 of the following year.

Here is the McConnell Foundation Scholars Program Official Application Link

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