ICETEX Fully Funded Scholarship – Colombia 2023

Written by Michael Nz. on August 8, 2022

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

    All, Accounting, Aerospace, Agriculture and Related Sciences, American History, American Jewish History, American Literature, American Politics, American Studies, Architecture and Environmental Design, Area and Ethnic Studies, Art History, Imaging Science/ Color Science, Information Technology, Intensive English, International Development, International Education, International Law, International Management, International Relations, Islamic Studies, Journalism, Law
  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Bachelor's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    9000 - 12000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

    Private sponsor
  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    Colombian Institute Of Educational Credit And Technical Studies Abroad ICETEX, A Colombian Institution Designed To Promote Higher Education In Colombia. Address: Carrera. 3 No. 18-32 (Reception Of Correspondence) | ZIP Code: 110321 | PBX: (57-1) 382-1670 ICETEX Bogotá User Service Lines: (57-1) 417-3535 National Toll-free Line: (57-1) 018000-916821 (complaints And Claims Line) Business hours Service Lines: Monday Through Friday From 7:00 Am To 9:00 Pm Depending On Each Of Our IES Service Channels, Monday Through Friday From 8:00 Am To 5:30 Pm.

The credit scholarships of the Álvaro Ulcué Chocué Indigenous Communities Fund – ICETEX are part of the Fund created by the national government, which opens its registration for young people from indigenous communities to study undergraduate or postgraduate. Since 1990, the national government, through the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Interior, with the support of ICETEX, has managed the Álvaro Ulcué Chocué Fund with which 28,000 young people from the indigenous population have studied their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees with educational credit.

This fund provides the benefit of forgiveness to young people who finish their studies and complete a community project that benefits their town.

For 2022 there will be 2,250 new students beneficiaries of this program through the call that opens in the month of July.

The program grants forgivable (non-reimbursable) credits to members of indigenous communities registered with the Directorate of Indigenous, Minority and Roma Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior.

The Fund is aimed at applicants from indigenous communities at the national level registered and reported in the updated Census by each community before the SIIC Indigenous Information System of the Ministry of the Interior, with the purpose of facilitating the entry of Colombian indigenous undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Higher Education institutions that are registered with the MINISTRY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION THROUGH THE SNIES – National Information System for Higher Education Institutions.

The fund grants the final benefit of forgiveness, that is, the student does not have to pay the resources drawn for his studies, as long as he meets the established requirements such as obtaining his graduation and developing a project that benefits his community.

This program will select 2,250 new students for this year.

Undergraduate: at a technical, technological and university level, in face-to-face, semi-face-to-face and distance learning.
Postgraduate: at the specialization, master’s and doctorate level, only in the face-to-face mode.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the Fund does not contemplate changes in academic cycles, so the program that you register in the form will be the one that must support the process of legalization, renewal and/or forgiveness if your application is approved. .

What benefits do the Álvaro Ulcué Chocué – ICETEX Indigenous Communities Fund offer?

The selected young people will obtain financing that covers tuition and living expenses during the duration of their academic program. This funding begins in the second half of this year.

a. Those who are selected will have covered expenses corresponding to 2.5 Current Legal Monthly Minimum Wages (SMMLV) per semester for tuition and/or support expenses. In addition, it grants an additional semester to cover expenses related to the degree work, if required.
b. In no case, the semi-annual financing must exceed 2.5 SMMLV

What are the requirements to obtain one of the Álvaro Ulcué Chocué Indigenous Communities Fund Credit Scholarships – ICETEX?

1. Be Colombian
2. Belong to an indigenous community, duly registered with the Directorate of Indigenous, Minority and Rom Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior.
3. Register for the call in accordance with the established procedure. For this case, 2022-2.
4. Submit and register the community work to be carried out in the community during the study period with its respective Endorsement from the community to which it belongs.
5. Present the act of socialization of the project before the community.
6. Be admitted or studying at a Higher Education Institution -IES- within the period for which the credit is requested (second semester of 2022).
7. If you were a beneficiary of the fund and did not complete your studies and wish to apply again, you must repay all the amounts previously drawn and apply for a new call; You can only benefit from the fund once.
8. Not having a professional degree (for undergraduate applicants).
9. Not having a graduate degree (for graduate applicants).
10. You cannot be a beneficiary of two or more credits from the Fund at the same time.
11. Does not require Co-signer.

How do I apply?

1. The applicant enters the ICETEX website, selects Student- THE LINK of credits, Funds in Administration, search for “Special Programs” and select “Alvaro Ulcué Chocué Indigenous Communities” and read each one of the following for your information:
1.1. Requirements.
1.2. Community work.
1.3. Selection criteria.
1.4. Award Calendar/schedule.
1.5. Call 2022-2.
1.6. Instructions for the application.
1.7. Operating Regulations
2. The procedure to participate in the calls and that must be carried out by applicants for credits granted by the Special Fund for Educational Credits for students of the Indigenous Communities, is as follows:
3. Each applicant must have their own email account, easily accessible for the registration process (account activation).
4. Each applicant and her proxy (Minors) must have an active cell phone number.
5. Fill out the corresponding form, enter the ICETEX website, select THE LINK for credits, and Funds in Administration, search for “Special Programs” and select “Alvaro Ulcué Chocué Indigenous Communities”, then click in “Application Form.
6. Select Call 2022-2 “Alvaro Ulcué Chocué Indigenous Communities, undergraduate or postgraduate.

a. Please, before entering data, carefully read the information requested in the form, be precise with the data you register, after which no changes will be accepted.
b. Each applicant must have their OWN email account, easily accessible for the registration process (user activation).
c. The assigned user and the password you register are for your only access to the completion of the form, please memorize them.
d. Enter the number of your identity document correctly, completely and updated, as well as the type of document ID or Identity Card.
and. Check beforehand which call you are applying for (Call 2022-2 Indigenous Communities Fund 120004).
F. The form must be completely filled out, this will allow you to review the information as many times as necessary before saving it completely.
g. Please have the information you are going to register updated, including wrong data in the form will not be subject to correction and could generate NO legalization in the event of being an approved applicant.
h. Once the data of your application has been registered, verify all the information registered in the form modules and CLICK on the complete application button.
Yo. You must select the backup and/or community data to which you belong, entering different information could cause future inconveniences (renewals), if your application is approved.
J. The academic program must be active in the National Higher Education Information System (SNIES). Likewise, you must know exactly the academic semester you will study for the current period of the call (2022-2)
k. Your contact information must be truthful.
l. Provide a brief description of the community work project (maximum 2000 characters including spaces or 15 single-spaced lines, without quotation marks or signs that alter the text) that you will develop or have been developing during your academic program and before your community.
m. Remember that registration is open until August 31 through

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